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      1. Indeed, my review is fairly safe, but I understand. ^_^ When I skip the process of vetting a book because I already know I want to read it, I also avoid reading its reviews so as not to be influenced by the opinions of others in my appreciation of it.

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      1. Hi Matthew, thanks so much for checking my blog out and for the ‘follow’ too! I post a new story every five days, and I think I can guarantee a few laughs with the one coming up next, on the 14th April, Heartless Desires!


    1. I enjoyed it, it seemed very well thought out, researched, and written. One thing that I would have been interested is more of your point of view on the matter, but it was a great piece regardless!

      Best wishes, Matt

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    2. Well thought out and put down. As someone outside the American political scene, I’ve always been interested to know how people see their current president.
      Feel free to browse through my page and share your thoughts on anything that interests you.

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    3. Nice piece, it looks like you spent a lot of time hunting for information and putting it all together. As an aside, though I’m no fan of Trump, the way some commenters and protesters are reacting by describing an “illegitimate” administration and waving “not my president” signs bugs me. It’s like dismissing the process out of discontent with the result.

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      1. Thank you! I completely see what you mean–as illegitimate as Trump may seem, he was ultimately elected by the same democratic process that elected Barack Obama and every other U.S. President. I guess the fact that there’s evidence of Russian interference, plus the fact that Trump didn’t win the popular vote (as most other presidents have) calls his legitimacy into question for many.

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      2. That’s pretty much my thinking; as for Russia, it’s easy to lose track of this in stories about the meddling — which is generally agreed on — but there is no real consensus between the CIA and FBI that it affected vote-counting.

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    1. Read your interesting article. A dear friend once said, “Getting older is not for sissies!” Health issues through some pretty mean curves.

      As to how your article works, it is really long. I’ve debated myself whether Parts A & B are better or “Just say it and get it over with.” IMO you could have broken it at the “But I digress” part and started into Part 2 in a second post.

      I was looking at your tags. You missed some of the most used ones: Mental Health, Health, Personal, Aging. But WordPress gets balky when bloggers use more than fifteen categories & tags total, so we have to choose wisely. I’d skip limited-interest tags like ‘Yellow Jackets’ and use those that more people are going to be looking up, like Health.

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      1. This is awesome feedback, thanks. I do go on and on, don’t I. I’ve toyed with the idea of part I/II posts, but when I see them on-line, I immediately steer away from them. Although I’m not sure I would read my long post either. I’m going to fiddle with my tags. PS – best community pool feedback I’ve gotten so far.

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    1. The layout looks good. You could try some widgets at the bottom like recent posts or something. Or maybe try a static front page?? Have a play around and check the tips on the theme that’ll give you my some ideas

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    2. Layout in general is good. I was reading on my mobile so it may be a different view on people who read on say a laptop. I would add a widget which shows past categories of posts so people can browse if interested. Not sure it is there. Keep it up though.
      Feel free to browse through my page and share your thoughts on anything that interests you.

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    1. All the more fun in discovering the answers along the way for sure. Nicely put.
      Feel free to browse through my page and share your thoughts on anything that interests you.

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    1. Your posts brings back some memories, but that’s a good thing! Your post has a lot of fun vocabulary and is plenty of fun to read aloud, too! I love when I see those with the skill to use some of the most beautiful words in the English language all in one poem 🙂 Very uplifting! 🙂 I love your layout as well, it definitely fits the themes of your blog!

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    1. I enjoy the ramblings you have on your blog. It’s interesting to read 🙂 The layout is simple and clean, which I feel is a good thing! Where did you get that neat “Follow Beautiful Mind” WordPress button? Is it a widget? I’m new to this blogging this, too. Check me out if you get the opportunity:

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      1. Yes it’s a widget.. WordPress follow widget – you will get it in the list.
        I’ll surely check your blog. Thanks for dropping by ☺


      2. I was going through your blog and I don’t know why I couldn’t find comment button. Maybe it’s because of layout or technical issue.. I like your presentation and clarity. But a bit concise post would be more interesting. And I guess you need to tweak the layout and organize in a prominent theme.
        Keep going ☺


      3. Thanks! I’ll look into getting that widget, it definitely looks like a useful one! The comment button should come up on the bottom of each individual article. I’ll definitely look into it.

        I started out with one of the free layouts, but definitely open to changing it to a different one. I’ll probably need to be on the hunt for a better one!

        Thanks for stopping by my blog, I appreciate it!


  1. Hey friends,

    So South Africa has had quite an interesting political week and different people responded and protested in different ways and so i wrote a post inviting people to Consistency – that one week of “making a difference” doesn’t really do all that much if it is not kept up. i’d be interested to hear a few perspectives from people outside of the country as to whether this post makes sense without expressly understanding the context… so if you have a few minutes…

    Also if you feel like there might be any overlaps with your country?

    Thanks so much
    love brett fish

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    1. Pretty good in terms of writing. I suggest add an about page, couldn’t find one. May be tell us about yourself and why write and stuff like that.
      Feel free to browse through my page and share your thoughts on anything that interests you.

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    1. I love the theme on your page. Nice doodles too. I like drawing myself so ofcourse I like doodles. 🙂
      Feel free to browse through my page and share your thoughts on anything that interests you.

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  2. Hello from a newbie,

    I kickstarted my blog on 1st March. Slowly discovering the gift of connecting with global audience of bloggers, readers, writers et al. whilst also writing for myself.

    Blog is developing into musings about my writing life, alongside fiction to accompany my photos–an enjoyable exercise instead of writing only for (print) publication. The blogworld is quite an addictive community pool in which to swim!

    This is inspired by The Daily Post—please have a read, comment/feedback is welcome:

    Many thanks,

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    1. Wow, I’m really impressed. I really like your writing.

      Mind if I ask a question? How’d you get so many followers so fast? I find I publish regularly, but get minimal returns.

      Thanks in advance!


      1. Thanks for the compliment about my writing.

        I don’t think I have many followers but am grateful for the smallest of positive nudges that I am reaching anyone. I’ll check out your blog now, cheers! EL