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    1. Love your photos in your blogs.

      I played around in the theme customizer a lot, literally pressing every button to see what impact it has. Just be careful not to click the save and activate by mistake, I did that once and had to set my page to private whilst I reversed everything including looking for my original theme as I forgot the name !!

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      1. Thanks Pauline! I love nature shots. I think there are a lot of stories about making mistakes on our new sites. Once I chopped off all the tops of my text somehow. I had to add everything back above the “read more” line in three of my posts.

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  1. Happy first day of spring…Truly here (that’s my name–don’t where it out 🙂 ). I’d be delighted and appreciative if you’d read my latest post –it is a straight forward read that reveals more of my sensitive side…it also includes a link to the post I wrote the day before…that one is my usual type of offering–all riddles and wordplay and whimsy. Thanks ever so much…I’l be sure to return the favor. And, thanks again, Community Pool….your a lifesaver (pun intended) 🙂

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    1. I really enjoyed reading your blog post – thank you for sharing those amazing pictures and your traveling adventure! For some reason though, I was unable to comment or like the post with my wordpress account?

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      1. Thanks for your kind words!
        I hope they are blessed with the strength to hold on and hope for a brighter tomorrow!
        Send my love!
        Be strong!

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  2. Hey, hey, hey, all of you bloggers and blog followers out there! There are brand-new posts that I have just published this past week, as well as a new DC Superhero Girls webisode from YouTube, all right here at that colorful blog called KALEIDOSCOPE, at!(Yes, I know that this message is a bit short, but you’ve got to follow WordPress’ Community Pool guidelines whether you like it or don’t!) With love-JW

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  3. On my blog Trump Weekly there was a new post published written by Jon Bochy, a good friend of mine. It doesn’t have much feedback nor many views. So be nice and leave some feedback:

    I still have some open questions:
    – Is the sidebar well ordered?
    – Are the lists of the articles good and easy to find? (I want to see if you can find them 😉 )

    Keep it up y’all 😀

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  4. Hi everyone! Please take a look at my latests posts, if you have a sec 😉 Here’s one about looove – , and if you’re more into personal development, here’s another one you may be interested in – .

    Enjoy and share what you think! To show my appreciation, I’ll certainly take the time to look at your blog, too – we should all support each other here! ❤

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      1. Then you know how hard it is to call it quits 😉

        Read your blog btw – didn’t expect a story with an innocent name like “The Beach” to be so creepy xD Fun! One thing though – it was a bit difficult to find the posts. The navigation at the top of the blog only shows the Home and About pages, it would be nice if there was a link to Blog there, too. Otherwise, readers have to look for the archives in the footer. Other than that, I enjoyed the visuals and the writing – keep up the good work! 🙂

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      2. Thank you, glad you liked it! 😀 Oh… I thought the post were on the front page. I did have a blog-folder at first, but since I chose to attach the posts to the front page the blog-folder were just empty. I will look into it 🙂👍

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  5. I’d like to invite everyone to stop by and check out my poem of the week, “For All That Is (And All That May.)” It’s a whimsical sing-song poem I discovered in an old notebook during the holidays and edited. Comments and feedback are always welcome, and please leave them in the comments section of the post page as well. If you like what you see, feel free to browse around, and follow along so you don’t miss anything as I post several times a week. Thanks in advance.

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