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    1. Your short stories are fascinating! I love them. They’re kind of mysterious and beautiful at the same time. I love how much imagery you use. Your poems are fantastic, too! You have a way with words. Keep it up:)

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    2. I read two of your poems. They were brilliant. In case of stories, divide them into small parts and post them separately. That way you’ll gain more readers. Recently, a fellow blogger had suggested me the same thing and it actually worked positively in my case. I think people lose interest in lengthy posts. So it was just a friendly nudge. Your writing is amazing. Keep it up. All the best 😊😊

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  1. Hi all! My blog finds a connection between my own photography and the music that I love. I like to find a musical ‘fit’ to a still photograph, same as a movie has a soundtrack. Here’s my latest featuring a wonderful musician named Ginny Mac and my love of the accordion-

    It being Monday, I also do a Monochrome Mondays every week-

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  2. Hello! My blog has a variety of topics…. one that I cover quite a bit is my battle with depression. This is my most recent entry focusing on the highs and lows of my depression:

    For the lighter side of things- I encourage giving this blog post a read. It’s an older post of mine, but it’s worth the read if you need a laugh. Sometimes I end up in the most hilarious situations….


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  3. Hi all:)
    I write about mental health, but I also have posts on other topics as well.
    I’d really appreciate it if you had any suggestions for a new theme for my blog website! There are so many, I have no idea which one to choose. I’d like one that is similar to my own but more interactive and elegant. Having a sidebar is important to me, and accessibility as well. Or maybe if you could comment what theme you use and your website below, I’ll take a look at your blog and also see what themes I might like.
    Also, does anybody know how to keep readers when you’re posting only twice a week? My views came down after I stopped daily posting. Thank you so much!! any response would be so kind:)
    my blog:

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  4. Super new to Blogging. I have just had a Facebook blog to put all my crazy life & mom stories in the past. I loaded a bunch up on WordPress and would LOVE some feedback!! I would also love to follow other people, but I have NO idea what I am doing because this is day #1!

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    1. I love the layout of your blog! It’s simple, yet beautiful. It makes everything easy to read and easy to find! (I wish I was able to make my blog look that nice on day 1 ahaha, it was a disaster for me until I got the hang of it!)


      1. It’s so overwhelming!! But luckily I just write about my kids being pains, so I can keep it simple:) I am excited to read your blog, and pretend I travel just by reading about it:)

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  5. I wrote down some thoughts about settling down, and then I hit publish, and then I realised that actually the post was showing up as being from 2010, so then I had to go back and figure out what I’d done wrong, and long story short, it’s Monday. The Mondayest Monday that ever was. I mean, earlier I yanked the fridge drawer open and got hit with a tidal wave of freezing water.

    It’s that kind of a Monday.

    I hope everyone is having a Monday that’s… a little less Monday than mine!

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    1. “The Mondayest Monday that ever was.” I just love that phrase! Sorry, that’s probably not very helpful feedback but I just had to let you know. Hope your Monday gets better, or at least dryer.

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    2. Loved it! Also love your sense of humour – I came across “They say consistency is key, but I’m always losing my keys, so I’m not sure that’s helpful” on your About page ahahaha, love it! Looking forward to your blog posts~

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    1. Rather than review things, I summarize them or create study guides for them. Of course, these are for non-fiction books. If I see errors or points of view that I think would mislead a prospective reader of the book, I do mention them. Other than that, I don’t rate the work in any way.

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  6. Hi fellow bloggers. Last week, I was moved to start a new category on my tennis blog…Fan Letters. Periodically, I will write a letter to a player, or maybe the chair umpire, the line judges…or whatever else moves me. (it will never be ugly or insulting, as that is not what my blog is about…always friendly, and hopefully funny) And then it gets posted to my Twitter account. Here is my first one. Let me know what you think. Thanks!

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  7. Happy Monday, loves. I have been a little MIA recently with our Disney vacation, but am back. I look forward to seeing new posts and sharing more with you all. Please feel free to check out my page and give some feedback on my posts. 😊

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    1. Hey! I don’t know if its something with your blog or just the link you posted, but that link took me to a re-direct page saying there was something misspelled in the URL. Might want to check it out!


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