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Welcome to First Friday, a weekly open thread where any new blogger can share a link to his or her very first post with the larger community. To share your first post with us, copy and paste the link right into a comment here. If you’re not new, you can still be a part of First Fridays: visit a link or two, and leave the blogger a like or comment.

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    1. I like the way the movies are grouped. I found quite a few I haven’t seen. Will check out “Invincible” this weekend. Thank-you.

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      1. You could possibly break the post into smaller posts by movie category. I find that smaller chunks of info is always easier to navigate through, and go back to find info if needed.

        Hope this helps.

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    2. Lovely posts… Looking forward to watch the ones I haven’t and check them out of the list… Maybe you can check out my blog as well, I’d love it if you provided some feedback as well… Thanks and Regards…😊😊

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    3. I laughed at myself cause I’m 32 and I’ve seen each and every animated movie on your list at least 4 times – Beauty and the Beast I’ve seen at least 111 times 😉 great list 👍🏽

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      1. Well the novel “A Clockwork Orange,” written in 1962 by Anthony Burgess, is the story of a teenager navigating a society of extreme violence and being subjected to equally extreme reformation tactics.
        The actual term “clockwork orange” is Londoner slang referring to something that appears to have characteristics of vibrant life, but is really just a clockwork toy to be wound up by a higher power (in the context of the book the higher power is the State).

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      1. Yes it’s handmade. I have drawn them all on my own. Thanks for the compliment. Sure I will check your posts. 😊 But I’m a honest critic.😂 Don’t mind. Just joking. 😂😂. I’ll love the way you have initivited.

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    1. I really like your blog! I honestly didn’t read a whole bunch of it right now, because I felt like I was doing homework. (I’m in the middle of my MBA), but that is a good thing, because I feel like I could use your stuff as a reference 🙂

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      1. Whatever pertains to my business classes at the time. A couple of class back I could have used the post you just wrote in regards to business planning. I could have referenced it in my assignment for school.

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      1. Checked your blog. Your first post is good except with the spacing issues (the space in between Paragraph is confusing), fixed it please.. as spacing will help the readers to pause and convey the emotion you want to instil . 🙂 You should also edit the “About” (Short description of yourself and/or your blog) and “Contact” page, put something on the widget tab or remove it if you have nothing to add. 🙂

        Goodluck with your blog! 🙂

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      1. Thank you for your suggestion. Yin yang is about balance found in opposites. It’s complicated and simple at the same time. I’m still learning myself. And yes, the lion will be heavy. Will write more when I actually experience it. Soon.

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    1. Welcome 🙂

      I noticed that you still have some placeholder text in your blog’s sidebar, on the right — you can remove or edit that by going to My Site > Customize > Widgets. Look for the Text Widget!

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    1. I made a blueberry compote filled, green tea cupcake a couple months back and it was amazing! I can only imagine what a chai tea cupcake tastes like. Sounds so yummy!!

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    1. Welcome!

      Look like you’ve posted a link to your preview, which only you can see — make sure you share the link to the public, published post! If you’re not sure how to get the correct link, just ask 🙂

      I also noticed that your footer (the bottom of our site) has a bit of placeholder text in it — you can remove or edit that by going to My Site > Customize > Widgets. Look for the Text Widget!

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    1. Welcome 🙂

      You’ve got a bit of placeholder text in your blog’s sidebar, on the right side of the page — you can remove or edit that by going to My Site > Customize > Widgets. Look for the Text Widget!

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  1. – I have not written anything as of yet.

    Hi everyone.
    Im Sam, If any of you writers have personal blogs or anything pertaining to Life,Books,Poetry,Relationships,Photography, Art, etc. Please like or comment. I would love to find new blogs to follow. Thanks.

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    1. I’m constructing a general thought space that includes rambling on things that matter to me, anecdital bits and travel stories, poetry and even poetry by a 7 year old! Lemme know what you think!

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    1. Sounds perfect. If you check out mine you’re in for a case study of sorts.i don’t ķnow my goal yet but it may help someone to avoid it happening to them self. Lol

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    1. Make sure not to put other punctuation around your link; it will keep it from being clickable — I’ve fixed this one up for you 🙂

      Also, I noticed that you still have some placeholder text in your blog’s sidebar, on the right — you can remove or edit that by going to My Site > Customize > Widgets. Look for the Text Widget!


    1. Welcome! FYI: that link goes to your dashboard, which is private, so people won’t be able to see your site. The simplest way to get the public link is to go to your blog’s main page and click on the post title. Then, copy the address you see in your browser’s address bar and use that. Here’s your site:

      Also, you’re using a lot of tags and categories on some of your posts. The Reader actually filters out posts that use more than 15 tags and categories (combined) as an anti-spam measure, so using this many tags actually makes it harder for folks to find your posts, which is sad! If you cut your tags down to the most relevant, you’ll actually draw more readers.

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