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  1. Hello Community Pool,
    James for James Proclaims here.
    If you enjoy the incoherent ramblings of a thirty-something bloke with nothing of value or interest to say, well then you’re in for a treat if you visit my blog.

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    1. I quite liked your latest post, not overly lengthy, and written in a humerous way and interesting, can’t go wrong really. It has been said that you CV is a list of things that you would rather not do anymore. True/Untrue? Its true for me.

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    1. Travel blogs always seem to catch the eye. Because of other obligations, many will never have the chance to travel and see the things you describe, but they can see these places through your eyes.

      However, your reason for traveling is unusual. Maybe your PSTD and the ringing in your ears will be solved one day. Maybe some kind doctor will take more time to help you. You have to be carrying a lot of extra baggage you need to shed.

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    2. I liked the post, I thought the tone was fine, quite an observational post I thought, I could imagine the place you are now (partly at least), I could of actually read a little more (and I tend to not like overly long posts… Not that yours is overly long).

      The Tinnitus sounds horrible, my missus suffered with it for a few years but then it went away of its own accord, perhaps you will get lucky in that regard.

      It does say on your site that your travelogue will be released late 2016, as we are in 2017 and I assume it isn’t relased you may want to look at altering that.

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  2. Hey all! Hope you had a great weekend!
    I blog about how to become better bloggers and authors, and about my own endeavors from time to time.

    I’d love for you to check out my blog! It’s still fairly new and I’d love some feedback. If you’re a fellow self published author, please stop by and introduce yourself!

    If I can return the favor, let me know!

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    1. I like your comments about judging a book by its cover. Much prefer a book to Kindle, etc. I’ve followed (as I love the subject) and appreciate if you wouldn’t mind checking my blog out. Thanks A 🙂

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      1. It’s an easy thing to fall into, I used to do it a lot in the past. Ever since I started writing about things OTHER people care about, my audience grew waaay more attentive!

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  3. Good evening readers and happy Monday from the UK!!

    My name is Mark and I am a relatively new writer. Having self-published my first novel early last year, I have been well and truly bitten by the writing bug!

    I am currently working on the first in a series of crime/thriller books which I hope to complete later this year. Please do stop by and follow if you can. Your support would be very much appreciated. I am keen to involve my readers as much as possible with my next book so do check out my latest post for an exciting opportunity to have your name up in lights!

    You can find me at

    Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Take care,


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    1. It’s really cool to see your journey! I followed your blog because I think seeing your progression will help inspire me to push myself more in my own wiring! Thanks for sharing!

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      1. Hi Beth! It’s great to hear from you and thank you for following! Good luck with your own writing. Inspiration is a magical thing and can be found in all sorts of way. Us writers often inspire each other so do keep in touch! Thanks again, Mark.

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    1. Hi Jeff, I don’t know if it was your intentionbut I laughed all the way through that post, I mean a proper out loud chuckle. That has to be one of the most accurate depictions of how I feel about my blog (I have 2 but that is not a story ill go into here). I loved the bit about mind control man, how he is better known than you.

      Of course if that was not your intention then I can only apologise. As for not getting followers, likes, comments or even just nominated for awards I cannot shed any light, I know in my case I don’t tend to follow authors on wordpress mainly because when I’ve done it in the past they never interact with me, so I feel it was all about them getting traffic. If you do interact back then that is what all the cool people say you must do in order to build up a following, but yeah, I’ve tried that angle too and it didnt work for me.

      Good Luck

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      1. Thanks for your comment. In almost all posts, I try to insert some humor (mostly directed at myself). Really, I try to not take myself too seriously, but this writing ‘hobby,’ that I take seriously.

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      2. Humour is good, I like humour. Writing, well for me I think the little stories I put up would fill maybe 1/3rd of some A4 (letter sizd) paper. I struggle to get what is in my head, which is very visual out on paper (real or virtual) in a way I am happy with, If you can do that then thats all good, even if your not getting the results you want on wordpress.

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    2. A very relateable piece. Im very much the same. The posts that are personal or im super keen and proud of get 0 attention and when i post about something more ‘girly’ it goes banana’s. Not sure how that works really.

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    1. I think the concept of blur is lovely.
      It is also good to know that you have started and have run the blog for up to a month.
      Keep up the good work of delighting your visitors with lovely posts.

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  4. Hiya Gamers, Readers, Geeks and Friends! I run a Gaming/Geek related blog and I would love if you could check it out. Feedback is always welcomed! I have weekly series that I write about revolving around fanfictioned battles, Netflix Series, Overlooked games, shows etc and Throwback items.

    Take a look at this week’s posts by clicking here

    Also check out the new Video Game Tag and answer the questions!

    It’s pretty fun and a great way to network and meet others! Let me know about your blog as well especially if you love games and tv shows!

    Thank you and have a fantastic week!
    -Luna 🙂

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      1. Yea, I’ve never played FarCry but I was tempted to get the newest one… I want to say FarCry 4. It looks awesome and reminds me of games like ESO. I’ll probably get around to playing it while I wait on some of this year’s games to release. Thank you for your comment!

        -Luna 🙂

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  5. Greetings fellow bloggers. This week here’s a link to a new post on my ‘flash fiction’ blog. It’s called ‘Having a Laff, – 20 Short Excerpts from the Humorous Side of My Blog.’ You can click any excerpt to read the full post. They are nearly all very short, 100-200 words.

    I also republished a short acrostic poem for Valentine’s Day, Love Let Us! See under ‘Recent Posts’ in the blog sidebar if you’d like to have a look. Each line begins with a letter from the word Valentine!

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  6. Hey folks,
    I write from the abyss of darkness,
    Pieces of my inner soul,
    Carefully put into words,
    Screaming to be unleashed by my bloodied ink,
    Bringing forth the pain held deep,
    With words stolen from yesterday’s storm!

    A visit would be highly appreciated!
    xoxo ❤✌

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  7. Happy President’s Day Monday, all of you bloggers and blog followers out there! Visit my blog, KALEIDOSCOPE( today and check out my brand-new look, just in time for the coming spring as well as the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day! And while you are there, be sure to check out my posts, both old & new; Any kind of good feedback would be greatly appreciated! My blog’s address once more is! With love-JW

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  8. Hi everyone,

    I write short stories, poetry and inspirational posts in my blog. Since I am an amateur and am dying to improve, I would really appreciate your feedback and comments on my posts.

    Here is the latest poem that I wrote:

    Here is the latest 100 word short story (A dark one!)

    I thank you for your time!

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    1. I was like .. “short stories, poetry and inspirational posts.. I’m definitely following this blog” and checked your name to find I’ve just followed you from your support on my posts!

      xoxo ✌

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    1. It’s a really nice blog. I just want to aay, how about giving your posts some elaborated headings? Like companion can be replaced with “Some Online Sketching Websites”. This way I will be more drawn towards the article. Hope that doesn’t offend you. Just a suggestion. 🙂

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    2. Interesting site. Love the ideas and the artwork you show. One thing I would suggest is to flesh out your About page a little more. Add a little about you, and what you are doing with your blog. I know you say that already, but I think you could expand on it a little more maybe.

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    1. I guess regardless how amazing a relationship is if there’s terrible sex then thers a big part that’s left incomplete so it wouldn’t be an excellent relationship after all!

      aand… regardless of how awful a relationship is if the two are intimately connected and have incredible sex.. the relationship isn’t as awful as it may seem!

      so.. I’d go with an awful relationship with know what! 😄

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    2. An excellent relationship with little or no sex beats either of those options. If I had to pick, bad sex with a good relationship beats great sex with a bad relationship. Why would you want to be intimate with some one physically if you can’t be so in all ways? But what do I know? I was just married for almost 23 years (she passed away last year.)

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      1. “Do you still remember? ” poem is so good, that touched my heart, because sometimes for me is hard to forget people, but for some people is so easy to go away and never look back…. Beautiful poem… It’s something true

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    1. Looks like something I’d look into! A glance at your blog and I like it already. However u might want to add http:// to the urls and select yourself an appropriate image/profile pic for your blog!

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  9. A week or so ago I asked friends on FB why they listen to music. Not just because it makes you happy or want to dance, but the reasons you actively want to listen. I got some great responses and put them together in this post. It being Monday, I also have another installment of Monochrome Mondays. Appreciate all comments!

    Liked by 13 people

      1. Thank you! Odd, I did not get notification of this comment on my phone so apologies for the late reply. Glad you liked the post though! The coffee simile came from one of my friends alas, so I cannot claim it! I just pulled some of the best comments I received together.

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    1. I thought this was a great post, I also think it would be helpful for new owners to realize what it takes to take care of their new cat properly and give them a life they deserve.


  10. Happy Monday everyone – looking forward to catching up – I’ve been away a few weeks from the pool!

    My latest offering is about when you say something but the person you say it to hears something different entirely. It’s very personal and very now!

    What is the language of your relationship? (are you both speaking it?)

    Be great to know what you all think! Has this ever happened to you?

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  11. Hi you guys! I was wondering about the design of my blog. I’d appreciate feedback on that. Please leave a comment somewhere on my blog if you have feedback ( I would greatly appreciate it.

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