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Welcome to First Friday, a weekly open thread where any new blogger can share a link to their first post with the community! To share your first post with us, copy and paste the link right into a comment here.

Posts should have been published within the last month, and should be your first post. We’ll remove other links to keep this space focused on new bloggers. If you’re not new, you can still be a part of First Fridays by visiting a link or two and leaving the bloggers a supportive like or comment.

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      1. Thanks for the compliment! You’ve shared some amazing facts and information on your blog, I like it. And in my opinion, everyone is creative in their own way and if you want to get traffic on your blog, the first thing you need to do is be original in your thoughts! Do what you’re good and talented at and try your best.I’m kinda new blogger too so that’s all I can advise you. Happy Blogging!! 🙂

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    1. I liked your post a lot but your format doesn’t have a like button? The only feedback I would say is that your post was really quite long, you might get more readers if you break them down into shorter posts. Have a nose at mine if you like. Great content though and welcome!

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    1. I enjoyed viewing your blog. I definitely will be revisiting. I’m a visual learner therefore the images on our blogs immediately drew my focus to it, compliment your blog content. I have just started working on my website/blog (see, I still have to learn how to change this into a URL) and will be posting my first blog later today. All the best with your all your endeavors.

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    1. Kailey, we’re all still trying to figure it out! 🙂 In fact, over at the Nostalgia Diaries, we think fondly back to our college days and remember that the figuring out part actually was fun – we had the potential to be whatever we wanted to be. How cool is that? But your post was great, and wishing you the best of luck — your students one day will be lucky to have you for a teacher!

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    1. Welcome 🙂

      I noticed that you still have some placeholder text in your blog’s sidebar (on the right) — you can remove or edit that by going to My Site > Customize > Widgets. Look for the Text Widget!

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    1. “As I have done, I want my kids to look back one day and be grateful for the time that we spent together and the memories we created. That’s precious time that you can’t get back.” YES! Absolutely loved your crocheting post; it was fantastic. We have a similar take on our own blog, which is all about using our own pasts to help make our lives and our kids lives better today and tomorrow. Great stuff!

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    1. One thing — I noticed you’re using a lot of tags on your posts. The Reader actually filters out posts that use more than 15 tags and categories (combined) as an anti-spam measure, so using this many tags actually makes it harder for folks to find your posts, which is sad! If you cut your tags down to the most relevant, you’ll actually draw more readers.

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      1. Thanks for this information. What a help that will be! I really appreciate the feedback. Also, the Daily Post is really awesome. Love seeing all the different contributors and writers. It’s inspiring to a new blogger such as myself!

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    1. Welcome 🙂

      I noticed that you still have some placeholder text in your blog’s footer (at the bottom) — you can remove or edit that by going to My Site > Customize > Widgets. Look for the Text Widget!

      You’ll also want to give you site a title — you can do that by going to My Site > Customize > Site Identity.

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      1. you will want to complete your “about” page and add a custom instruction to your “contact” page. You can do this by visiting each page and clicking on “edit”. Then click save. Love the design/theme you have chosen. Which one is it?

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    1. your posts are great but all of your pages need to be cleaned up with pertinent info about you, so you will need to remove the placeholder text that appears on your “home”, “About” and “Contact” pages. Click each page and click the edit button to create unique text relevant to you. Also remove placeholder text on your footer through the customizer. WordPress Blogging University has great tutorials if all this sounds foreign. That is how I learned and I have only been blogging for a few months :). Great start!!

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    1. Welcome 🙂

      I noticed that you still have some placeholder text in your blog’s sidebar — you can remove or edit that by going to My Site > Customize > Widgets. Look for the Text Widget!


    1. Wow… what a great story. Also read the post about you and your daughter’s nighttime chat. She is lucky to have such a wonderful, beautiful role model like you. I, too, tell my daughter the most important thing we can do is be kind. Thank you for your brave words and your stories.

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