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  1. Hello! I’ve posted in CP the last couple of times, plugging my new flash fiction blog, To Cut a Short Story Short. Many thanks to all those who checked it out and for the constructive comments! If you haven’t seen it yet please take a look:

    The main reason for posting today is that I’m starting a fortnightly 300 word story group. If you might be interested in joining please PM me through the site for details. The rules are simple: a starting word and two words to be included are selected at random and you can write in any genre. The deadline is on a Sunday evening and I’ll then e-mail all the stories out. The first deadline will be Sunday 16th October. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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      1. Hi Shane, thanks for your comment, and for the follow! If you (or anyone else reading this) are interested in receiving the fortnightly story collections just to read them (with the option of contributing if ever you wish to do so) then please drop me a line via my contact form and I’ll be pleased to send them.

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    1. love the short stories you have written!!! I love the style, reading them has been such a joy 🙂 I write as well, would be cool if you checked it out!! not sure if I should join the group, but its appealing!

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      1. Hello, I’m so pleased you enjoyed the stories! I had a look at your blog and see you are a new blogger too. I wish you every success with your site! The poems were nice but there wasn’t a ‘like’ button! (you can add one via ‘sharing’ on the menu).

        If you’d be interested in receiving the story collections with a view to maybe contributing just drop me a line via my contact page. Or have a go anyway, you’ve nothing to lose!


      1. Thanks so much, and for following me too! As I mentioned in my reply above you can just opt to receive the stories for now if you wish. Then if you find yourself with more time available you might like to have a go!

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      1. Fantastic! Please drop me a line via my contact form and I’ll send you the details. I’m hoping to get at least a dozen or so contributors. I ran a 200 word story group for a year and wrote 58 stories (all on my blog). It’s a great discipline and really helps develop your writing and editing skills! Thanks for following me too!

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      2. I’d love that, since I could really use the writing/editing practice. Anyway, just filled out your contact form, and looking forward to hearing from you 🙂


    2. Love the idea. And would love to participate. I haven’t got around writing stories because I didn’t think I would be very good. But would to participate and see how I can fair. Pinged you through your page.
      Feel free to browse through my page though and share your thoughts on anything that interests you.

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      1. Hello, yes, why not give it a go and watch your writing improve! I’ve replied to your e-mail with the details. Also, thank you for following me!

        I had a quick look at your site and it’s interesting, lots of categories. I liked the two line stories. Looking forward to checking it out in more detail!

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    3. Hello Simon, I’m new to the forum and noticed your post while leaving a note here myself to ask for some feedback. I will take a look at your flash fiction blog soon. What a cool idea the 300 word story group is. I already know that I would like to participate next fortnight.


      1. I have been reading blogs for some time now. What I notice is that relatively new bloggers have so much inside them to express and such innovative ways to do it. That’s where casual blogs score over others. Freedom to express.

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      2. I wish I felt like I had a lot to express! I started off well, but I think I’ve posted 3x in the past (near) 2 months. I definitely can’t see myself ever being a serious blogger though – there’s no way I could box myself in to just 1 niche. Sometimes I write a poem, sometimes I make social commentary, sometimes I write a short story, sometimes I share memories.. It just is what it is 🙂

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    1. Love the look and content of your blog and gave you a follow. Only suggestion I have (if your theme supports it) is making your social media links a bit easier to find by way of a widget at the top or side of your posts.

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    2. I’m not saying that I’m an expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I think all posts flow if they have a theme beyond what it appears. So, that post you’ve linked to finishes with stereotypes and differences which I liked and it would have been nice to see if you could have weaved more of that in to your entire post.

      Loving your work!

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      1. I write because I love writing, picking up general topics of interest and see how people react to it, some leave suggestions other just hit the like button. So, that’s the purpose of my site. Hope I was helpful.

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      2. Writing is a passion of mine and so, I write what affects me, interests me, my sometimes I write about my self experiences in life, to be honest all most all my articles have a bit of me in them. Anything else? My bio data- I’m 22 years old, Male and living my life.Hope that works.


      1. WP has auto mechanism to block spam. Any comment with url is usually put on suspected list. don’t worry try it for few days and see how it works. you can close it anytime

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    1. This is marvelous! I love art history but have never had the time to delve into it! I enjoyed how easily you incorporated photos into your blog it has such a wonderful flow! I have been an artist for quite some time but never knew about that little tid-bit about knots! Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Lovely photos. And caption to go with them.
      Feel free to browse through my page though and share your thoughts on anything that interests you.


  2. Happy Monday all! I blog about names. 🙂

    There’s a series of posts I write on rare names. The last couple of posts have hit the 20 and 21 week mark, but I noticed there was very little readership from the WordPress Reader, if any. No likes. That’s very unusual for my site, and I’m just wondering if having 20 or so links to earlier posts within them kept them from the Reader? Does anyone know the answer to this?

    Anyway, I’ve removed most of the links and kept only the most recent ones, since I wonder if too many links was the issue. Feel free to check out my blog! Link:

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    1. I really love your home page. Scrolling through it, I could see your amazing photography skills, it was definitely a reflection of who you are. I really enjoyed the layout. Definitely not too plain.

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  3. Hi fellow blogger!! What’s up?

    I’ve recently started blogging about my activities and the emotional rollercoaster I go through each week. As blogging about my life is very new to me, it would be lovely if you could tell me how I’m faring at it.

    Link to my blog:

    Also, I’d love to check out blogs which are about motivation/ struggle/ school- college problems. So if your blog is about such things, do comment/like below. I’d love to find/ follow new blogs with such content.

    Thanks a lot in advance!

    Happy blogging!

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  4. Hello!
    I hope you’re all having a great October so far, I’ve just posted my Wrap-up posts with some exciting updates on my blog including:

    So check that out, ASAP!:

    Also, just posted a book review of

    The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time By Mark Haddon

    to kick off October with my favourite thing!

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      1. My fave genres! 😃 Mine’s fantasy/mythology. I’ve been putting this together for years and pretty much merged so many stories together haha.

        My blog’s for short stories though, just so I can keep practicing 😊

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      2. Fantasy is my fav genre too and my blog is also full of flash fiction as well. You’re book sounds interesting. How far along are you? I know that’s a difficult question to answer.


      3. I actually haven’t written anything for the book yet 😥 I just have a rather detailed outline with several blanks that I’m still trying to fill – I know as early as now that there’s going to be a sequel so I’m trying to factor it in already.

        I also tried writing the opening scene, but I keep changing my mind. I must’ve written more than five versions already.

        But it’s really the research bit that’s taking up my time (and I don’t have a lot of time coz I’m not a full-time writer). Since I’m incorporating myths, I have to do a lot of reading and cross-referencing. It’s a pretty ambitious work to be honest (dreaming big, why not haha), but I’ve been scaling it down considerably coz I know if I don’t, I’ll never finish anything 😂

        Have work now, but will definitely delve into your flash fiction later! 😃

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      4. I hear you. I rewrote the beginning of my book so many times it became its own book. Thankfully, my book is all out of my own head so I only had to research the weaponry. Scaling the project down is a good idea. I factored in 12 sequels to my book. Of course I have drafts of many of the already so it wasn’t hard to factor them into book one 🙂 Lots of fun foreshadowing 🙂

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      5. 12 sequels? Gee, and I thought I was in trouble with the one sequel I had in mind 😉 Haha!

        I actually started fleshing out my novel with the intention to have it in a totally fictional world, but I eventually decided against it – my fascination with myths and ancient stuff got into me, I guess. I’ve scaled it down through localization, but even our local myths are a handful, haha.

        Do you start with outlines? I came across this today and thought it pretty interesting (and not how I outline at all):

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      6. Thanks for the link. I read so much I’ve internalized the structure of a story. My brain coughs up ideas in the right order and I’ve been working on the Curse Breaker story arc for years. This saga is part of a larger series I’ve been working on for decades. All my stories are set in a fictional world I developed when I was a kid and I have been fleshing it out ever since. I have drafts of all 12 Curse Breaker books and a whole lot of other books in various stages of completion.


      1. Great! I’ve had to cut the posts down into parts as they can run a little on the lengthy side, but hopefully not too long for certain readers! Thank you for checking it out.