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Welcome to First Friday, a weekly open thread where any new blogger can share a link to his or her very first post with the larger community. To share your first post with us, copy and paste the link right into a comment here. If you’re not new, you can still be a part of First Fridays: visit a link or two, and leave the blogger a like or comment.

Please don’t use this as a space to share your first post…. that you published three years ago; ditto for simply sharing your latest post. Posts should have been published within the last month, and should be your first post. We’ll remove other posts to keep this space focused for new bloggers.

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  • Avoid repeated “Follow for a follow!” comments. (Tip: if you’re trying to build a readership, it’s much more effective to visit and comment on individual bloggers.)
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      1. Thank you for sharing that TED Talk! I think I am a multipotentialite too, now that I have seen it. As a young grad student, it’s good to hear from someone who isn’t afraid of changing their career, and is willing to get out there and pursue multiple passions.

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    1. I found your first post well written (short and to the point) and educational. I see that your blog is “Droid learner” – are you going to expand into other platforms as well? Great first post!


    1. Just saw your blog. Good writing. To the Point and precise. I read the about page and looks like you are quite clear about what is your expectation out of this exercise…which is very very good. My suggestion is to use tags to get more visibility and once you have few posts …then you should consider adding categories for easier navigation. Keep up the good work. Do swing by my blog and I will appreciate if you have any feedback for me. Cheers.

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    2. Love the read! One suggestion, you may have more fun further describing how the expeirence went, what the food was like, how it tasted, how the staff interacted with you and your party. I know I’d be drawn in quicker that way. 🙂 great work!

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      1. Tamico, Just saw your blog. It’s wonderful. I am going to turn 30 in a few days and after reading some of your posts I know I will be Ok. Wonder when the world decided to make ageing a bad word. You have made good use of tags and categories. The theme also looks sorted. Maybe you can include more images along with the source to make the post look less text heavy.
        Also consider getting a header image that adds to brand of your blog.Keep writing I look forward to seeing more from you. Do swing by my blog and let me know what you think.

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    1. Great start! Use tags and categories to help readers find you! I always try and use 6 or 7 and I read all posts with similar tags whenever I get the chance. Pop over to my blog ( click my user name) and have a nose and you’ll see which words I use. Good luck and welcome

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    1. Hi April, just saw your blog. Good variety in there. Consider bringing the category on top instead if the bottom for easier navigation. Also why don’t you use tags, they bring you more visibility… And I don’t see like and share button when we are browsing posts in the home menu. It will be easier for viewers to like and share if those can be seen at the end of each post. Keep up the good work. If you have the time do swing by my blog and tell me what you think of it.

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      1. Thank you for the feedback. Ok, I will put the category on top. What tags on where, you mean?
        On my Home, there’s no like or share button because I only have there summary/excerpts of my posts. If you try to go continue reading, there’s like and share on every post. But do you know how to put share and like button on home for the excerpts? I would like to know gladly so I can put it in there. Thank you really for the feedback. 🙂

        You’ve got nice blog… I followed you and hope to see more posts of you. 🙂

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      2. Btw, I was able to figure out how to put like and share button on my homepage even if I only show the excerpts of my posts.. Thank you for the feedback.. I really appreciate it. 🙂

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  1. Hello everyone… I’m an avatar living in Second Life, where many many people ARE bloggers and share a lot about virtual and real environments. My very first post was 17 days ago and I was soo scared and excited.. just a little presentation tho. Since then the blog is growing very slow but consistently, also thanks to the great community here and around. Thanks for checking it out

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      1. Thanks! It’s true there are so often things during the day that convince us that it was a “bad day” and I’m hoping by finding small positives, I will change my outlook and convince others to do the same!

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    1. Welcome 🙂

      I noticed that you still have some placeholder text in the right column of your posts — you can remove or edit that by going to My Site > Customize > Widgets. Look for the Text Widget!

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  2. Hey everyone! Would love you to check my new blog and leave some feedback. It’s slightly messy haha but hope you enjoy it. I’m planning to post new post (post new post hmm pooossst🎉) on Sunday. It will be quite different then the first one. Hmm ok haha kinda wanted to write sth completely different haha but my little thoughts like to dance. If you want to read some more dancing words with sense (can’t promise they will have much sense) hope to see you over my blog 🌻

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    1. Welcome! FYI: that link goes to your dashboard, which is private, so people won’t be able to see your site. The simplest way to get the public link is to go to your blog’s homepage and click on the post title. Then, copy the address you see in your browser’s address bar and use that. Here’s your homepage:

      Also, I noticed that you still have some placeholder text in your blog’s sidebar — you can remove or edit that by going to My Site > Customize > Widgets. Look for the Text Widgets! Your theme actually has lots of things to customize, so you’ll want to spend some time exploring 🙂

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    1. Just saw your blog. You have great writing skills. Inspiring content… But this can be made better by adding categories for easier navigation through the posts. Also consider adding the read more tag between the posts so that folks don’t have to scroll so much to find the post they want to read. I wanted to like your posts but there are no like or share buttons. Do consider adding those. Keep up the great writing and do have a look at my blog if you have the time. I would appreciate your thoughts on it.

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    1. Look like you’ve posted a link to your preview, which only you can see — make sure you share the link to the public, published post!

      (If you’re not sure how to get the correct link, just ask 🙂 )

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    1. Kenya, powerful writing. Just read a few of your posts. Good theme’s easy on the eye. I suggest you use more rags to gain visibility. Once you have more articles categorising them into heads would make navigation easier. I looks forward to more from you. Cheers. If you have the time do swing by my blog and let me know what you think of it.

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      1. Yes! Oh my goodness, can’t believe I did an introduction and completely forgot to actually mention what my blog is all about. Oi, how silly of me! hahaha, Thank you!
        I’ll be sharing a mixture of topics; some crafts, upcycles, DIYs and tutorials with patterns. Unboxings/unbaggings, touching on (cruelty free) beauty topics and product reviews here and there when worth sharing. As well as personal life topics, womens discussions and the occasional cat photo or two. ☺

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