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Welcome to First Friday, a weekly open thread where any new blogger can share a link to his or her very first post with the larger community. To share your first post with us, copy and paste the link right into a comment here. If you’re not new, you can still be a part of First Fridays: visit a link or two, and leave the blogger a like or comment.

Please don’t use this as a space to share your first post…. that you published three years ago; ditto for simply sharing your latest post. Posts should have been published within the last month, and should be your first post. We’ll remove other posts to keep this space focused for new bloggers.

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  • Link directly to your new post, rather than to your blog generally — it makes it that much easier for folks to like the post or leave you comments.
  • Avoid repeated “Follow for a follow!” comments. (Tip: if you’re trying to build a readership, it’s much more effective to visit and comment on individual bloggers.)
  • To keep from losing your place while you visit others’ blogs, right-click on links to open them in a new tab or window.
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    1. Your blog is off to a great start. I encourage you to create your About page fairly soon. That is often the first thing I look for when I go to a new blog. It gives me a chance to learn something about the blogger. It might be helpful for you to look at the about pages of various blogs as you decide what you want to put on yours. Welcome to the Word Press blogging community!

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      1. I second this too. Also gives you a chance to reflect on why you want to blog, who your target audience, if any, will be and what you want to write about in a nutshell, to get the ball rolling.

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    2. I really enjoyed reading both of your blog posts and loved that you had several pictures posted to each. You need to add more info to your Welcome page and let readers know a little about yourself, like where your from. I noticed you mentioned Africa in your baby shower blog, but I wasn’t sure if you were talking about your heritage or your location…then I read “work trip” and saw the mention of the Nile River, so, do you actually live in Africa?
      Besides those pointers and ones other people mentioned, I think you blog is off to a great start. I’m a newbie myself and to me, it’s hard to figure out how to change the layout, fill out everything, and change the main page pictures to my own….at least from my phone. I don’t have regular access to a desktop…hope this helps. Keep reaching for the stars! xoxo.

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      1. You can chek other bloggers’ website. Sometimes it’s just a paragraph or two about yourself or you can create a page where you describe what you like and why you start blogging. I know it seems kinda overwelming at the beginning but I’m sure you gonna do just fine😉.

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      1. Thanks for the tip! I am gonna add an about page soon. I’m still trying to figure it out lol. I have a short description underneath my headline, but I do need to add an about me page, so people get an idea about me

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    1. Really liked your about me page. You seem like an intellectual and interesting person. Nice blog page.
      Would love to stay connected. So check out my page and drop a note if you like.


      1. I agree. Consider breaking your content into smaller paragraphs so it is easier to follow the content. Also consider proof reading a few times before actually publishing to avoid small grammatical and syntactical errors.
        Good start. Welcome to blogging.


    1. Nicely written. I like the idea.
      Consider categories and tags in the post. Makes it easier for people to find your blogs. You can add up to 15 tags on a single post.
      Welcome to blogging


    1. If you have time. Please do visit my blog site. I’m just a newbie to this thing and actually I’m enjoying it. It just started a few days ago because of a class requirement but I’ve decided to continue and develop it. Thank you in advance.

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      1. hi there, I like your theme. But, I think you need to work on your pages and widgets,because, you have two about pages and one other that I can’t read ” “doesn’t exist” . And finally, I would like to know how can I get a badge of Post a Day 🙂 thanks and keep up the good work !

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    2. So what kind of blog will this be? Short stories? Random thoughts and musings? (by the way: you have two “About” pages) If so, perhaps wait on on adding new headers until you’ve got something to post under each one. I imagine someday each of your headers will be populated with your posts, but for now, just keep them in mind for when you develop your blog even further. You’ll be surprised at what you’ll end up blogging about when you leave it open for yourself.

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  1. Me old? Naaa. I’ll always be young.
    Do check out this little one month old fiction and fantasy blog which I illustrate myself ( when I’m not being lazy.)
    Holler if you like anything.
    Thanks for clicking my blue logo above😋

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    1. I can’t just put the generic comment “I love your poetry” down. Wsnt to say so much more, but ill leave it as this: It’s an experience. I live for experiences through words, and you better believe I’m following you now.

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    1. Hi, nice to meet you. I’ve seen your blog, and I really love your header (polar bear) nice pic. Try to edit your footer, link your blog to your social networks and add your about me page. See you😄

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      1. Hey! I took a look at your blog and I loved the fact that you started a blog about productivity…its really something that all of us should catch up on… 😉

        Definitely looking forward to see more of your blog! Good luck!

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      1. Hi…went through your blog! I loved the idea of the ‘midweek quote’ and I also loved your first post…but prior to the first post, I could see other blank posts in your blog…i think it’s better if you delete them, if it has happened by mistake…

        Take care 😊