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    1. We do remove posts that are more than a month old, so I encourage you to head to the Community Pool, which is open for everyone. You can also connect with new folks here by visiting them and leaving them helpful and supportive comments; helping others is a great way to meet people, and they’re likely to return the favor!

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      1. Hi Heena, I am going through your blog. One immediate thing I noticed is that immediately on landing on your blog, I didn’t know where to navigate to find your blog posts. Then I found it out eventually, but it was difficult, maybe a change in theme could help. I will comment in your posts individually to let you know what I feel about those posts.

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    1. You have a very engaging writing style. I love your book references and very introspective reflections. I graduated ages ago, but am still trying to sort out what my reality is, which is why I also recently started a blog. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

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  1. Hello all you new bloggers!

    I’ve been on here for a couple of months now (by no means an expert!) but if you want to comment your blog link to this post I’ll try and check out as many as possible and leave some feedback 🙂

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      1. I like the different quote posts, and I think the layout of your blog is really nice – looks good and is easy to navigate around 🙂 Great start in my opinion!

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      1. I’ve just checked out your blog, I love your posts, I’m definitely more of a fan of the length you use for your poems than really long ones! And I think the layout is really easy to navigate too 🙂 Hope you’ll check out/follow my blog too 🙂


    1. Hi Gemma, I’m not just a newbie at blogs, but at most everything other than computer e-mails or games. I would appreciate any little hints you can give me. I think I’ve erased all my information about 10 times and had to start all over. Does the word frustrated mean anything to you? 🙂


    1. This is a great idea. There really isn’t enough of a spotlight shone (shined? shimmered?) on children’s books.

      The only issue I really ran into was that some one the links on the “books reviewed” didn’t work. I also really like the colors. They feel really appropriate for the topic.

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      1. Diymariellis, thank you for taking the time to check out my blog. I appreciated your thoroughness and letting me know about the link bug (which I fixed and will watch for in the future).

        I am currently traveling, but will check your blog out soon.

        Write on.


      2. I just had a chance to check out some of your blog. I like to start with the “about” section. I liked how you defined your blog as about “crafts, food, thriftiness, the cute and nerdy, and trying to embrace a healthier lifestyle as I conquer a host of anxieties. There will be glitter.” One thing I would suggest to make the site better would be categories. Use the ones you listed here even. Especially “glitter.” That would be a fun category for whatever you would label glitter. 🙂 Just an idea.


    1. God I love your blog! So real and funny! You got a follow out of me. I couldn’t help when reading thinking omg me too!


    1. Hi, meetmeinnevada. I have just read your about and Las Vegas “bucket list” blog. I have moved from place to place – and will again. I really liked your idea to create this list of to-dos in your new place. And making it interactive (crossing off done items) is a great idea, too. I’m assuming you will add links there once you have blogged about each item. Very creative.

      I hope you will feel at home soon and will make good friends and good choices. 🙂

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      1. Thanks for the feedback! I recently just added the bucket list. I was trying to find something more to blog about. This is the first time I’ve moved away from my hometown. I’m hoping this will be a great experience 😊

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      2. Another idea might be the people you meet day to day – not by name, but generically. What they are doing, what they are wearing. Same or different than Kansas. Etc.

        People are fascinating. And I’ve been to Nevada. There are interesting people there. 🙂

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      3. I have yet to meet anyone. Been mostly keeping to myself, but I hope to get out of my shell soon. There are so many differences between Nevada and Kansas. The way people dress, the way they talk and the list goes on.


      1. Hi, Karen! We’re glad you’re excited about your blog, but please don’t repeatedly leave the same link in comments here — it’s considered a but spammy, and duplicate links will be removed. The best way to engage and have others return the favor is just to leave supportive and helpful comments!

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    1. Love your blog! I can relate. Really liked the post about how we judge people. I love reading personal blogs. It’s a window into someone’s life.


    1. Wow! I’m impressed! It looks really good for how long you have had it. I almost wonder if your home page should be an informational page, and your blog should be on a different page. It seems to be that the first page I see should tell me what you are about or provide links/information to how I can participate. The blog portion seems like it should be secondary. Just a thought!


      1. Thank you for checking it out! I’m still working on the content part. I just put out my second post about the direction I want to head in. Hopefully I can get a good idea on layout and design once content. Thank you for your input!

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      1. Hello Peripeteia,

        Thanks for posting.

        Site: With regards to your site, it’s nicely laid out and easy to navigate through. In your “blog” page, when you write more blogs, it may be useful to cut the text down so people have to click on the blog to read it all. This will make it easier to navigate all your blogs. Also, adding some “categories” on your homepage may help readers. But overall, very nice site and pleasant to view.

        Content: Really good account of your first two days of hiking. It may help to break up the blog a bit, as in “day two” could have been a mini blog itself. Your use of pictures is great. It really helps the reader imagine your story. The part which engaged me the most was when you reflected on your experience with regards to how you view life. More of this would be brilliant.

        Also, I’m very jealous of your adventures. Looks amazing. Reminds me of the films “wild” and “into the wild”.

        Hope this helps! 🙂

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      1. Hello bexoxo,

        Site: Your site is easy to navigate through and I like the “dream journal” page, very unique. You could add a “Follow count” and a “views count” for readers to see. This can be a sidebar or footer. Also, archives and categories are useful when you have more posts. Good site.

        Content: The content is well written and engaging. So far, most of your content is around your life and you write it in a succinct narrative way. I would like to see more posts around your views of certain things in life. What you have learnt from your reflections. Reflexively reflecting, and I think your views and opinions on certain topics would be interesting.

        Keep blogging, like it a lot 🙂


      2. Thanks! My first thought was to lay out my story through a handful of posts then go back and reflect on my experiences and how they shaped me. I will look into the count tab. I wasn’t really sure anyone actually looked at those. I chose not to because I don’t want to not read something if it has little to no views… but that’s just me.

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      1. I think you have a good idea here. I did notice several grammatical and spelling errors. It’s soooo hard! I get it. I read mine over and over and then reread from my mobile after I publish it, and I still find errors. Just a suggestion. Also, stop apologizing if you don’t post every day. It distracts the reader from your actual content, which is really interesting!!! Great start. Keep it going.

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      2. Hi Latinatraveler

        I’ve just checked out your site and blogs.

        Site: I love the header image and title. Very colourful and engaging to the reader to scroll down. You could add some featured images to your blogs, to make the rest of your page more visually pleasing, and it will encourage the viewer to click for more! Your bottom footer seems to be a duplication of the footer above it? Could just delete one. You could add a follow button to make it easier for visitors to follow. Also, contact details could be useful.

        Content: I like your writing style. It’s laid out nicely which makes it easy to read. I would like to hear more about your experiences and cultural perspectives you’ve gained from your travels. I’m sure you’ve got some great stories! And comparison to Western and eastern differences is always interesting. I like it all though.

        Good luck! Hope this helps. ☺

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      1. I really liked your site. Your page and blogs has a specific focus, which I think will be great to encourage followers as they’ll know what to expect from you. And it’s a really good thing you’re doing ☺

        Your writing style is really good. Your site is very easy to navigate around. You could add categories? When you have more posts. Other than that, look forward to reading more!


      1. Hey SurRao

        When your site first loaded, I loved the look of it. Really sleek and clean with nice colours. The subtle approach really works here. I like the content of your blogs, however they are very short. I clicked on them and was hoping for more, as your words are good. I would like to see longer posts, but this is just my preference. If you enjoy what you’re doing, keep doing it!
        A few things and widgets you could think about adding to your page:
        – about
        – follow button

        Hope this helps ☺

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    1. I like the post, and the accompanying photos! Some great, descriptive writing as well. The backpacking adventure sounds incredibly rewarding mentally and physically 🙂


    1. I really like your post about living authentically. I’ve sort have taken a break from social media and it’s hard. Keep it up. I love reading person blogs. They are so honest and real.


    1. I really love the topic. My first console was the SNES; basically I was born too late for the NES, but really appreciate retro gaming. I still play that SNES.

      The only minor issue was that the header image was really low res on my computer and blurry, and the title was hard to read. That could potentially turn readers off before they read the post.

      Besides that, it’s a great first post!

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      1. Thank you I appreciate your feedback. Also same here I hate that I missed it that early era of gaming but this is stiil a good time for gaming of all era’s


  2. Well, it seems like I missed a great chance to get some opinions about my blog…….. by a couple weeks. Please remove the comment if I am ineligible.

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