Photos We Love: Inspiration

We found surprise and delight in your responses to the photo challenge theme, “Inspiration.”

Photo by Catrece (My Photographic Life)

Earlier this year, we asked you to share photographs of what “Inspiration” means to you. The variety in the images — portraying a litany of different subjects — was incredible. Here’s a small sample of the photos that made me pause and think.

Life Confusions

Photo by Zee (Life Confusions)

Photo by Zee (Life Confusions)

At first glance, I loved the soft focus and the ethereal quality of Zee’s photo at Life Confusions. I wanted to know where the photo was taken, to see the image resolve into focus. I appreciated the photo even more after reading Zee’s intriguing narrative:

Night has something to say…So I listen carefully to its silence, the message itโ€™s trying to convey.




The blogger behind THE PETALUMA SPECTATOR PHOTO BLOG offers inspiration in juxtaposition with this arresting photo taken in California, USA. In the image, a ragged, shoeless man holds a sign reading “poverty” in front of a reflection of well-to-do women with fancy shopping bags. I can’t help but wonder about the man and how he’s faring.

My Photographic Life

Photo by Catrece (My Photographic Life)

Photo by Catrece (My Photographic Life)

Many of us are inspired by those we call our friends. Catrece’s photo struck me as past and present rolled into one. Six hands gather in the present to hold the photo of the six friends from the past. What a fun (and inspirational!) way to celebrate enduring relationships.

D’Al Art

Photo by x (D'Al Art)

Photo by Diva Almeida (D’Al Art)

Nature never fails to inspire. Diva Almeida’s beautifully lit seed pods are an inspiration to anyone photographing flora. The softness of the light does such an amazing job of enhancing the pods’ tiny veins. Beauty in such a delicate package.

Adhika Lie

Photo by Adhika Lie

Photo by Adhika Lie

There are many things I appreciate about Adhika Lie’s image taken in Antelope Canyon, Arizona: the brilliant shaft of light, the array of oranges and browns, and the rough texture that suggests movement. What I love most is that this image is the result of Adhika inspiring himself by education — in this case watching a YouTube video on composition and then taking his learning into the field.

If you’re looking for inspiration, check out our weekly photo challenges — it’s your chance to amaze the community with your contributions and be amazed by the community’s contributions.

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  1. Thank you very much for choosing my work to illustrate an inspirational moment! It took me some work to take this photo, indeed! It’s an honor to be on this page and congrats for such a perfect website ;).

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