A Message on Pingbacks

We’re working to resolve pingback issues as quickly as possible.

Here at The Daily Post, nothing thrills us more than seeing so many bloggers come in every day to share their work with the community. Whether it’s in response to our Daily Prompts, Writing Challenges, or Photo Challenges, we love to witness the discussions and friendships that emerge from interaction on our pages.

Which is why we’re particularly sorry that many of you have been experiencing technical problems while creating pingbacks to our site in recent weeks.

We’d like to thank all of you for the patience you’ve been showing while we work to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. It’s already taken us longer than we’d hoped for, but we want to make sure we get it sorted out once and for all.

In the meantime, those affected should feel free to share their challenge entries as links in the comments of each challenge post. We’ll let you know as soon as pingbacks once again work for everyone.

The Daily Post Editors

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  1. I’m continually amazed at the support available to all bloggers here at WordPress. This post is just another indication that our concerns are taken seriously. Thank YOU for making this such a great place for blogging.

    All my best,
    Marie Gail

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  2. I haven’t had the time to learn how to create a ping back. By ‘voicing’ my lack of understanding I’m hoping this also helps others. If anyone has the quick and dirty explanation, I thank you in advance.

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      1. I still don’t understand. I’ve read the support page, I’ve tried but I STILL don’t see my story posted. Do I paste the link in my story? Where exactly do I put the link that I saw that was posted on the daily post page? My story is just sitting on my blog with feel fancy as the first line. I’m super frustrated. 😦 Oh and I am very tech challenged 😦 😦


    1. just add the link to ‘any post’ lets call it X, in your current post, Y then the post X will receive a notification saying that X is linked to Y. That is ping back. Did I make it even more complex?!! :p

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    2. How to create a ping back? Hope this helps. follow these steps:

      The way I do it, first, you cut or copy the URL of the page or blog that you want to link to.

      Then, either go to new post or edit post. Choose a word, phrase, title or a statement (your choice) from your text.

      Choose the text first otherwise the option “to link” won’t be available. Once you choose text, it’ll be highlighted in blue.

      Click the insert/edit link option in the editor’s toolbar. It is next to the align right option.

      Now, simply paste the cut/copied URL (of the page or blog that you are linking to) in the place where it says URL.

      Finally, click add link and share your post.

      Unfortunately, daily prompt is not taking any pingbacks today. So, it might not work today for daily prompts.

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  3. I am experiencing this technical problem with pingbacks for more than a month now. It’s reassuring to know that those who are concerned are doing something to resolve the issue. I hope it will be fix soon. Thank you for letting us know that something is being done. I, myself appreciate the gesture.

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    1. I just started experiencing this difficulty. I recently bought a new computer system with Windows 8.1 as the Operating system. I wonder if this is the problem I wonder if Word Press is unable to utilize the new system. Hope the problem will subside soon. Enjoy the day.

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  4. The notice is a very good idea. I’ve had the problem before some months ago and was just about to go to forums to see if others were having the same issue. I knew it was a genuine issue when the ping-backs back to my sites weren’t working either.

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    1. It really doesn’t matter what they are or if anyone understands them since they no longer work, anyway. And why are all the explanations so complicated? All anyone has to do is copy the url for the Daily Prompt post and paste it in their own Daily Post (ideally that’s how it works). Otherwise, copy the URL for the specific post you’ve written and paste it in a comment on another person’s post.

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  5. Thank you for the update. I find it so helpful when you keep us apprised of problems, revisions and fixes. I wish there were more communicques like this one, and I appreciate all you do to resolve problems.

    Is WordPress changing its commenting format? Before this week, all I had to do to comment on a fellow WP’ site was type my comment and press ‘post comment’. Suddenly over half the WP blogs I visit now have a log in screen or I have to press a WP user button before my comment will post. I doubt all those WP bloggers did something different to make it more difficult for people to comment. And I’ve seen no WP notification aboit a change. I just wondered if you can shed some light. Thanks so much!!

    Good luck with the pingback fix; I know you’ll get it resolved!

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  6. I haven’t been doing this long but I have been reading your posts. Thanks for sending out useful information to the newbies out here. :c)

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  7. Off topic: my wordpress browser changes its appearance each day 🙂 kind of exciting when you don’t know what to expect every time you open your account. Now I have this image of a big black pencil with a plus riding on its back on a very white background that doesn’t fit with the overall look of my blog theme. Kind of cute actually. Hard to miss it. Awesome!

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    1. Have no fear, mgm75 — the dashboard will remain available to you even as we introduce new elements to our interface.

      As for stats, thanks for the feedback. To the best of my knowledge, the only stat that’s missing from this updated version is search terms, but that’s because these became increasingly useless once Google no longer released them to users (or shared only a tiny sliver of terms).

      I’m sure that user feedback like yours will help us improve the design and functionality of stats over the next few days and weeks, so thanks again for sharing it with us.


      1. Thanks for the reassurance Ben. Also, I’ve noticed there’s no way to log out from the new interface either. No problem when I am working in the dashboard, but if I am surfing the reader that means I have to go to the dashboard (2-3 clicks) to be able to do so.

        Ideally, it would be great to have a log out button and a dashboard button on the top bar within the new interface.

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      2. While not quite a one-click solution yet, clicking on your Gravatar image from the top navigation bar takes you to My Profile, where you can sign out (the link is right under your Gravatar image).

        Thanks again for the useful feedback!

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  8. Is this connected to some problems with the platform a couple of days ago ? and is there a chance to give us an option of choice: classic dashboard icons and set up, as it was before – and – new ones, or whatever will be updated… this white icon of ‘write a new post’ at the top right is ‘annoying’ and not user friendly, a kind of ‘passé’ in the field of graphic design 🙂

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    1. The pingbacks issue is independent of any recent changes to As for the current interface, it allows everyone to continue to use the classic dashboard and post editor, though without the option of switching to the older icons.


      1. I was thinking and maybe… wordpress as the platform that holds so many millions of blogs out there need a holiday break for a week or two 🙂 Can you imagine working for the number of years without taking a vacations 🙂 All the best, Swav


      1. I still don’t understand how to create a pingback. Is there a number to call for help? I’ve read the article several times and attempted to create one but I don’t get the box saying it created one. Where do I put the link on/in my post? Challenged 😦


  9. read the other comments and I concur with most. The pingback thing make it easier. And I do not like opening to my stats page I just want to open to my main blog site. Just wish there was a normal toolbar like in word; instead of going to customize to figure out font size, type and line spacing. Also Links does not appear in every theme.


  10. Pingbacks are not working for me. Hope I used the right technique.

    Although I am new here and have written only twice for The Daily Prompt but both of my posts were not published in the Daily Prompt blog. So could not get any feedback on them.
    Hope it will be fixed soon.