Zero to Hero – It’s Never Too Late to Start!

One-third of the way into January, Zero to Hero participants have already published multiple posts, customized their themes, made connections with other bloggers, and started racking up likes, comments, and followers — and we couldn’t be more excited.

If you’ve just joined or just learned about Zero to Hero, it’s never too late to get started!

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Zero to Hero is a 30-day blogging challenge that asks you to complete one focused task a day. Some days, you’ll write a post. Others, you’ll activate a new widget, add a personal touch to your theme, or spend time interacting with other bloggers. At the end of 30 days, you’ll have a customized blog with a half-dozen or more published posts and will be starting to build your readership. Best of all, you’ll have clarified your own blogging goals.

The full details of every assignment are available on the main Zero to Hero page. This is a self-guided challenge; we suggest that you complete the tasks in order, but other than that, how you do it is up to you. Do a few at once, spread them out over 40 days, do them at 3AM — we don’t care. This challenge is all about you, and helping you build a solid blogging foundation.

Ready to get started? Head to the main page to get oriented and grab a badge for your blog, or jump right into an assignment:

Day One: Introduce Yourself
Day Two: What’s your name?
Day Three: What’s on your mind?
Day Four: Explore the Neighboorhood
Day Five: Love Your Theme
Day Six: Try a New Element
Day Seven: Personalize Your Theme
Day Eight: Make Your About Page Irresistible
Day Nine: Head Deeper into the Blogosphere

Happy blogging!

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  1. I totally found this a day too late! Yesterday I made my first post 🙂 Hoping to carry on following this now although I seem to have done a few days in one lol. Good luck to everyone else starting out on their blogging journey 😀


  2. I confess I’m cherry-picking the assignments as I’ve been blogging for a while. The tips are still useful for those who have been at it for some time. I’ve revamped my “about” page, made a text widget, written a little thang updating my “mission” all thanks to the fabulous folks at WordPress. Keep bloggin’ everyone.


  3. Oh man. Thanks for the reminder! I posted for the first two days but I completely forgot to check the post for the next days. That means I have to catch up this weekend. I really do find the tips and suggestions helpful!


  4. Well it seems i’ve been doing this one thing a day for 30 days to make sure I’ve got a rounded basis for a blog but finding this I can finally pin-point those finer details … YAY !


  5. This challenge is AMAZING! It’s forced me outside my comfort-zone and I’ve found some great blogs along the way 🙂


  6. Love this challenge! I’ve added widgets and chosen a brand new theme that suits my blog much better. If anyone wants help or suggestions, let me know. I also just published a new post if anyone wants to take a look:


  7. After a little while on WordPress, this series has given me the push to update my theme to a much braver theme. White background and a simple design make my photos and words seem very large and have nothing to hide behind! I couldn’t be happier, thank you for the guidance.


  8. i’m new at blogging…and somehow i seem to be struggling, i think it has something to do with my thoughts running faster than my fingers can catch up to…


  9. I am so excited about being back in that writing mode. I have neglected it for so long. I’m still only in the Zero to Hero challenge and responding to the daily prompt and the weekly photo challenge right now, but my plan is just to continue to build it up to where I want it to be eventually. For now….a question: Is there a way to re-order my posts. I published a daily prompt for Jan. 2nd before I responded to the prompt for Jan. 1st. How can I fix that so that my titles aren’t out of order?


  10. Hello everyone~!
    I am new here. I hope you can guide me in blogging! I am also hoping to make new friends here 🙂


  11. Thank you I just discovered this challenge and I’m sure it will be very useful as I’m thinking of making some changes… Thank you!