Community Pool

The Community Pool is for those of you looking for input, whether on post ideas, writing, blog design and layout,…

The Community Pool is for those of you looking for input, whether on post ideas, writing, blog design and layout, or anything else. If you have a post, page, or idea you want to bounce off someone, leave a comment. Your fellow bloggers can then click through and offer input either on your site, or in the comments here (feel free to indicate which you’d prefer).

Read on for the ground rules and to leave a comment . . .

  • You’ll get the best feedback if you can be as specific as possible about what you’d like people to respond to or where you’re struggling.
  • Please keep all comments civil and constructive. We’re here to help and support one another, not to beat anyone down.
  • If you haven’t looked at our Commenting Guidelines in a while, now might be a good time.
  • To keep from losing your place in the comment thread while you visit others’ blogs, right-click on a link to open it in a new tab or window.
  • No running on the deck.

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    1. Very helpful post to someone new to blogging! I have been struggling with whether or not I should have one specific theme but worry about being so tied down and your thoughts here have made me realize that my blog can have many themes and ideas. Thanks for sharing.


      1. My blog currently doesn’t have a specific theme. As a matter of fact, it is extremely random (kind of like me). However, my thought is that if you find something that you want to give some more focus to, you can always create another blog that uses just that specific theme.


    2. I would appreciate feedback on my writting and some help for where to venture next. Im fighting a battle between mushy romantic and funny at the moment and Im not sure where the balance is right.


  1. Alright I have a question that I have been thinking about for a while now. I have a blog where I post only the poetry that I write so: would I be better served to use a format that limits the number of posts on the homepage, or should I use a two column one with pieces of each poem but to read the whole thing you have to click through on each individually. Anyone have any thoughts? (Right now it is whole poems and the homepage scrolls through a lot of them.)


    1. I like the way yours is set up right now. I think it might be discouraging to some people if they have to start clicking their way through it. I also agree about the “LIKE” button being right there.


    2. Taylor,
      I have a poetry blog too, and I find that when I see poems truncated with a “read more …” at the end of them, it kind of ruins the experience for the reader. If the first few lines have not drawn me in then I am much less inclined to click to read more. The way your blog is set up the reader can take the whole poem in at once, which I think is a good thing. The only other thing I would suggest that you consider is to add an image ever so often.


  2. Alright guys, I’ve got a layout/design feedback question. I’ve only been blogging for a month so maybe I’m just not aware of all the resources that are out there, but I’m bringing my question(s) to you. What makes a great blog header/banner? And how do you decide what should be on your banner (in terms of representation of the blog content)? Thanks.


    1. Hi Sayian,

      Definitely, your blog needs some header improvement, but I dare to say that it is the ONLY area on the page you should perform a change. The general idea is really great and interesting. Perhaps some inspirational friend will come shortly to guide you on your banner concerns.

      Take care!


      1. Thank you Christina, my goal is to get the layout looking as “put together” as possible. Also thank you for following, I also started following your blog, I love your positive attitude.


    2. I actually like your banner as well. However, if you were looking to make a change with it, I would say making it slightly smaller. And I mean slightly. Too much smaller and you lose the effect.


    3. OMG….your blog is so super cute! I’m with Angela Death…maybe slightly smaller, but that’s it. The kinda crowded look works with your style. LOVE the drawings!


    1. Hey, I don’t really know how you can get motivation but I can just say write about ANYTHING that comes to you mind (While keeping it interesting though). Your overall day, about other people (about maybe how they piss you off ;) ) , about yourself, about your thoughts.
      I see your blog doesn’t really have a specific theme so you can right about anything.

      Hope this helped :)


    1. Linda,

      Being a Torah observant follower of the Messiah, I was mostly drawn in by the title of your blog. I am guessing that you are writing about your journey into ordination into a Christian denomination church?

      I like the layout, it is nice and clean. I like the background especially, very colorful and inviting, but not overwhelming.

      A glossary is a good idea if your target audience is not your peers, but otherwise it probably isn’t necessary. Most people who know what Baruch Elohim means probably understand what all those other words mean too. On the other hand, instead of a glossary, if there were some words that you thought needed clarification, it may be interesting to write a post about the word with your own insight and thoughts about that particular word. You could then make a category called “glossary” and put those post in that category.

      Shalom, Lupe


      1. Thank you Lupe for your kind and helpful comments. I am particularly interested in the idea of creating a separate ‘glossary’ category which I think would be useful

        Once again thank you for taking the time to reply

        God bless



  3. Hi everybody. I have started blogging a few days back. I have only got 2 followers till now. However, they have left positive comments on my blog. I request everyone to view my blog and leave a comment. Here’s the link:-


    1. I LOVED your blog. It made me smile, it made me happy. The photos with your new macro lens are so pretty and gorgeous!
      Great job!
      Glad you posted here, i found an amazing new blog to follow! :)


  4. One month into blogging and I have received quite an amazing response by the WordPress family. It is heartening!
    This is my blog, any further inputs to better it are welcome.
    The Community Pool has helped me a lot in getting to know other bloggers, make friends and learn. :)


  5. I also just started blogging. It was recommended as an exercise in this book that I’m reading, Entrepreneur Revolution by Daniel Priestley. Basically I blog about this logistics company that I want to start in a few years. I haven’t really gotten any feedback so this is great! If you’d be so kind as to give some opinions, please?


  6. I am writing a series for my blog on design and development for WordPress. It is written for bloggers without that background. I know this type of post can feel technical, but I want to inject it with warmth and enthusiasm.

    So my questions are simple. What turns you off when you encounter a post on design or development? What do you most want to learn?


    1. Boring articles turns me off immediately and they shouldn’t be too long either (unless they are too good ) !

      Ummmm….i guess i want to learn to more about people !
      There backgrounds, there sense of humor etc.

      I hope it helped :)


    2. One thing I’ve found frustrating as I try to design my first WordPress blog is researching technical information specifically for (as opposed to Google tends to push me towards articles on content. So a comparison post on what exactly you can do before you’re willing to spend the money for the upgrade, and a list of resources, would be brilliantly helpful.

      Design and development posts on badly designed blogs are a definite turn off. :D


  7. I took a great leap changing to the paid-for Premium theme “Organization”, because it’s great at highlighting posts on the front page. I also now use custom colors and fonts. Customizing turned out quite tricky, but I think I finally got it. So my questions are:

    – Is the font good for reading the kind of long-text posts I post?
    – Does the front page do the job I want it to: to highlight several posts from the past and not just show the most recent? Or is it too “cluttered”?
    – Is the color scheme good, or is it “too much”?
    – Any general, spontaneous comments on how I can improve?

    Thanks for the help :D


    1. Hey,
      I think your custom design is just PERFECT….
      It serves the purpose of everything you want it to….colors schemes are good as well
      The best thing is its not too cluttery as well….
      I hope this helped ! :)

      Looking forward to your advice on my blog :)


    1. Heyy back !
      I gave your blog a visit…i think you’ve done a wonderful job with it….
      And i know that thing about being attached to the stats…. ;)
      My only advice to you to keep the stats growing would be to keep writing and interact with other bloggers as well.
      This is the most vital part Because if you find them, they will sure as hell find you ! :)


  8. Hi everyone!

    Had a bit of blog redesign lately, would be fantastic if I could get a little feedback on the overall layout and design.

    Also, if anybody has anything to say about my general blog posts or anything, tips for improvement, comments on what types of posts they prefer, or anything like that, that would also be extremely useful!

    Thanks for reading!



    1. Hey i just checked out your blog…
      Layout is okay i guess….i would give it 7/10 stars because i know you can improve the theme :)

      Otherwise i liked your posts…they are enjoyable and honest :)


    1. Hello fellow newbie, I’m two weeks old here…

      I gave your blog a visit and my advice to you would be to first of all fill up your “ABOUT” page…because when people come across your blog they would wanna know about YOU !

      Secondly try to make it a little fun for the reader as well…otherwise you are doing just fine! :)
      Good luck with your blog….looking forward to your opinion on mine as well! :)


      1. Aww thanks for the feedback! I shall fill up the about page, good idea! :D I’m being boring and going to bed now but will spend lots of time on wordpress tomorrow so shall visit your blog properly then! But I read a few posts this evening and they’re very good! Take care :)


      1. Could not reply yesterday. I just checked your blog. You are doing a fab job. Liked your theme. Also to mention the voting button you have given. Never tried that one. How do we get that button on the blog.


      2. Its okay….Thank you so much, I appreciate your time :)

        And about that voting button, I just tried that out for the first time as well. Its pretty easy.
        When you go to your dashboard, click on “New post”, there you’ll find another button “Add Poll” … click on it and follow the instructions :)


  9. I am a total newb to blogging. What’s the best way to post content…?

    Are people more interested in reading my ideas, seeing a video of them…

    what works when it comes to blogs?


    1. Hi jmet1948. I think what works best with blogs is what works best for you. Once you find a routine and a medium for posting you become much more comfortable with the blog and start doing it quite regularly, that’s how I’ve done mine. Hope that helps :)


    2. I think the cool thing about the blogosphere is that there’s something for everybody. I talk about gardening and cooking, but I know not everybody cares. And then there are people who post photographs only. There are also people who just talk
      about what a crappy day they had. There’s always somebody who wants to read what you’re pouring out of your heart. :)


      1. Lol thanks for the help!

        By chance, do you know why my page refuses to post in 2 columns or properly display the that I put in my text?

        I use the “Screen Options” setting native to the WordPress set-up where you make a new post…

        but it refuses to update my blog to 2 columns.

        Is that because I initially chose the 1 columned “Ryu” theme? Do I have to change themes?

        Also… when I insert my in the “text” section of my Post editor… it shows up on the “visual” section right next to the “text” tab….

        but then I update it and none of my are in my blog

        and the blog looks like total crap.

        Are you able to help?


      2. Ok great thanks… I’ll try to change it…

        if you know how to change it and don’t mind telling me really quick…

        please let me know. I am a total newb at blogs…


    3. Hey, I’m two weeks old as well and my suggestion would be just be true to who you are.
      If you write about what you want, what you feel etc, People will automatically see the honesty and they will like it.
      Looking forward to your feedback on my blog as well ! :)