Community Pool: Name that Blog

The Community Pool is for those of you looking for input, whether on post ideas, writing, blog design and layout, or anything else. If you have a post, page, or idea you want to bounce off someone, leave a comment. Your fellow bloggers can then click through and offer input either on your site, or in the comments here (feel free to indicate which you’d prefer).

This weekend, we’ve carving out a place for those of you looking for help coming up with the perfect blog name. Tell us about your blog’s focus and what you’re considering as a title, and let your co-bloggers take a crack at it.

Read on for the ground rules and to leave a comment . . .

  • You’ll get the best feedback if you can be as specific as possible about what you’d like people to respond to or where you’re struggling.
  • Please keep all comments civil and constructive. We’re here to help and support one another, not to beat anyone down.
  • If you haven’t looked at our Commenting Guidelines in a while, now might be a good time.
  • To keep from losing your place in the comment thread while you visit others’ blogs, right-click on a link to open it in a new tab or window.
  • No running on the deck.

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  1. My blog’s title is the name of the fantasy book series I am working on. Does it ring true as a fantasy name? If you are a fan of fantasy, would you come over and take a look at what it’s about. Thank you!


  2. As our blog grows bigger, we have to keep producing quality content fast. With that said, we were hoping for any type of feedback – whether it is about the name, the layout, or some posts. Thanks!
    xoxo Potpourri Daily



    Hey all, my blog name is just my name. I believe it was from this blog that pointed out that it’s totally okay to go simple for a blog name. With that said, what would you name my blog, given that my goal for this is to blog about pop culture?

    I’ve only got two posts up so far, but I’d love for you to check them out and give me any and all feedback you’ve got.



  4. Hey guys. Im looking for any advise, feedback or suggestions on my poetry blog, the layout, the content or anything else. also any advise for a web address


  5. Hey guys, I’ve been blogging since 2005 and writing since I was a child. However, I’ve only recently started to focus on improving my blogging skills and would actually like to take the next step to monetize my blog. However, right now I just write what seems to me to be a random assortment of articles and so I’m finding it difficult to actually go forward and purchase a domain becuase I have no idea what to call my blog. If you could be kind enough, please check out my blog in its present state ( and let me know if you see a common thread throughout my posts and also any names you think may be suited to my page I would truly appreciate it. Thanks!!


  6. I’m getting ready to open a new blog focused on helping people who just lost their job to prioritize their job search activities. I was thinking about calling it “Oh $#!t I Just Lost My Job”, in recognition of the panic that I know they are feeling at that moment, but I am concerned about being offensive and about seachability. Any suggestions about alternative titles that may have less potential to offend but still get across the feeling of panic?


  7. Hey all, my blog’s name is “America’s Finest Tiger.” The blog is best described by my headline: “Looking towards the future, caught up in the present, reflecting on the past: post-grad edition”, with a little sports, TV, and everything else mixed in. I’d love some feedback on the name, any posts, or the blog in general. Thanks!


  8. Hi All!

    I’m Sharon from Indonesia. I started writing a travel & culinary blog last year.
    And currently, the title of my blog is “My Travel Journal” but the domain name itself is SharonTravelogue. This is kinda confusing sometimes. I can’t find a perfect name for it. And I think ‘My Travel Journal’ is somewhat cheesy.

    So….. any idea or suggestions? It will mean a lot for me!