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  1. Hello Blogging Friends!

    I’ve been at this almost a month now and am loving it! My blog is about friendships that don’t make sense: my Chihuahua & his Pit bull BFF, me (Christian) and that Pit bull’s owner (Atheist). I aim for humor and encouragement without being preachy.

    I decided to expand my horizons and have Pierre (my Chihuahua) speak up and give his perspective every now and then.

    Did I capture the “voice” of a Chihuahua in this post (my first attempt), or are there any other elements I could have captured?

    Thanks in advance for your valuable feedback! :D


  2. Hello everyone!

    I am a new blogger, and I wanted to know what you thought of the layout of my blog, as well as the content that is on it. (
    Things I would like considered –
    1. Is the onslaught of posts on the main page distracting, and would it be more beneficial to just have the latest post?
    2. Is the content up to your standards? (Writing is a hobby but I can always improve)

    3. What is your favorite poem on my page. And what do you get from it.
    My favorite is Change, but a lot of my friends like letters home.

    Thank you!!!
    Poetry is the twitter messages of past, present and future crazed visionaries


  3. I am thinking of trying to turn my blog into a book. It is the story of the love letters my father wrote to my mother starting in 1937 through his time overseas in WWII. I am not talking about a few letters but a while suitcase of them. Since it was written for my blog I would love some input in what I will need to do to get it ready to submit to a publisher. I am almost done with the story and 80 chapters later it is VE-day and he still has no sign of going home, only rumors. I really want to preserve the story of the 35th Quartermaster and their role in the war.

    Any input is welcomed

    and the latest chapter