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One of my favorite things about WordPress is the community — the writers, artists, developers, and designers who make WordPress  and who make things on WordPress. That is: y’all.

All over the world, communities of WordPress lovers organize and host WordCamps to talk about their favorite tools and tricks, and a lot of those tips are about creating great content and getting the world to notice it. We like to think that’s what we help you do here at The Daily Post, but we also recognize that, okay, there may be other people with advice worth sharing. Well, they share it at WordCamps, and we make recordings of their presentations available on so it can be shared with all of you.

You’ll find a lot of presentations aimed at web developers and self-hosted WordPress users with titles that may not seem like English, but you’ll also find tons of great workshops on everything from developing your writing voice to growing your blog with social networking. I encourage you to visit and poke around, but for those of you who want the quick-start guide, here are five presentations to get your blogging engines revving:

  1. Building an audience as a writer by Leo Babauta, best-selling author and creator of the popular Zen Habits blog.
  2. No one cares about your content (yet.) with Cliff Seal, blogger, web designer and developer, and active part of the WordPress community.
  3. Writing tools for WordPress by Jess Jurick, blogger and Director of Web Strategy at 10up.
  4. Engaging and growing your audience beyond the blog post with Douglass Hanna, blogger and CEO of web hosting company A Small Orange.
  5. Create a social media strategy for your blog in 30 minutes by Emily Doig, social media and digital marketing whiz.

Sessions tend to be on the shorter side, anywhere from 20-45 minutes, so invest as much or as little time as you want; because WordCamps go on around the globe, you’ll also find recordings in Spanish, Dutch, Bulgarian, and more. So if The Daily Post just isn’t enough for you any more — it’s okay, we understand — take a look at and find some advice to help you break through your latest blogging rut.

PS: For those of you interested in design- and theme-related content, we highlighted some of that today over on the WordPress News Blog.

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  1. Thanks for the tips. You’ve just made me realize how horrible my blog really is. I was just start to gain some confidence too =(

    Just kidding, but you really have helped give me some great ideas. I feel like I can devise an actual strategy now. Although my writing still needs a ton of work.

    Thanks again!



  2. Thanks so much for this! I’m pretty new to wordpress so I found it really helpful. I’m already overwhelmed by the support here on wordpress: very quickly these strangers are starting to feel like friends. And the things the people create on here are amazing! I am so glad to be a part of it all.


  3. I’m fairly new, (few months I’ve been posting) and every time I get views or visitors to my blog I get all jittery and it urges me on to publish more and more things! I don’t know EVERYTHING about what is offered on this wonderful website, but I will soon run into new things I haven’t encountered before. My writing is inspired by past experiences and much, much thoughts and hurt in my life. My stories are brought on by different quick ideas to start with and the good thing about my quick imagination and thinking, I write what I feel is right next to type in.

    Quotes are just thoughts that pop in my head that I believe has some ‘inspiration’ or ‘meaning’ to them, which most I publish do (and many more publishers do, I believe). I like stating out the facts and things people do or say that some others don’t take in consideration or don’t look in the viewers perspective, even through past experience.

    But above all, I like sharing thoughts that might shine down on people who are unclear of any situation and hope to find some solution or action by my words, OR people who like to look at quotes with meaning. (Lol)

    A big THANK YOU for the tips!
    ~ Andria ( aka Zelda)


    1. Hi, I have taken a look and its not as visual as I thought it would be, I would have liked to see more images, there are lots of quotes I don’t know if they are yours or some one elses. but keep going you will watch it all fall into place, enjoy, 😀


      1. Thank you!
        I have used I believe two quotes that are not mine, one from one book (that i added in the quote itself) and the other is lyrics from a song (also adding the author of the song). The pictures I have took are mine, and I plan on adding more!


  4. Wow! …nudged in a positive and productive direction, I’m a fan of that! Now only if I can sit still and simply get my fingers to cooperate, they’re doing everything under the sun, but typing. Inspired much? Yep, ‘that be me!’ Thanks for sharing!


  5. Wow. I know how to get visitorsby using facebook haha, but its hard to make them leave a comment.
    None of my friends have wordpress accounts so I appreciate pages like these with useful information to help me out with different things!!