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  1. Hi there – I’d love some feedback on my short stories, which I’m posting exponentially as I write them, having posted the ones that were already written. I’m currently just finishing number six. When I’ve completed enough to fill a book, I’m hoping to publish them as a collection called ‘Sex N’ Drugs N’ Sausage Rolls’. Yes, as befits a gay, former, minor pop/rock star; they are quite racy!


  2. I am not a writer, but I like to write silly post stories like the one below that are only partially based in reality. I’d like a little feedback about whether strangers find it entertaining or not. I got some good feedback on this one from friends. Also, is my blog’s layout aesthetically a turn off? I’m not trying to have anything too extravagant, but I don’t want it to be a total turn off either. I wonder if a different theme would be better. Thanks in advance.


  3. I would really appreciate some technical advice with plug ins. As I understand it you can’t add a custom plug unless you have a .org site, ie self hosted. Site my code writing skills are zero and I am just about keeping my head above water learning the ropes with the .com site that’s not a practical solution. My blog is a eclectic, (hope that’s not code s for a dog’s dinner!) so I do travel and photography as well as baking. I really want the asking blogs to look better by using a recipe card plug in. Are there any baking bloggers out there who can help me with a free solution. Also if you visit my site and think I should have separate sites for baking and travel, I’d appreciate your thoughts.


  4. I like to share my story being discriminated at workplace so that people like me who struggle a lot can learn something if not at least know that the workplace discrimination does exist and real til this day 2013


  5. Hello :) I am a new-ish WordPress user, and have a blog dedicated to my journey through anxiety, depression and eating disorder, whilst being a single mum of four children…Being fairly new to blogging, I would appreciate any feedback at all, and any hints/tips on where I could improve would be very much appreciated :) Thankyou!


  6. Hi, I am refurbishing my Photo blog and would appreciate some feedback on its layout and usability. I am currently working backwards through the site to neaten up old posts and have reached last August, so please do not base your comments on posts prior to that.

    Thank you in advance



  7. Hello everyone! I’d love to hear any feedback for my blog. I’ve mainly been writing fiction recently… plus I’ve recently began taking part in the ‘100 Theme Challenge.’
    The City of Rankoor is my favourite short story I’m writing at the moment, but feel free to let me know about any other post which you’d like to discuss.

    Here’s a link to The City of Rankoor – Part One.

    Thank you very much for this – let me know if you’d like my advice too and I’ll definitely oblige!



  8. Hey everyone! I’m a high school student that has been keeping an active blog for over half a year now. I’ve never really had a focus and I intend to keep it that way but recently I’ve started posting mainly about a service project that I’m involved in, about North Korea. Do you guys think this is effective?

    Additionally, any general feedback regarding my blog would be very much appreciated. Thanks so much! – Catherine


  9. I have published a number of eBooks. As any author will tell you the writing is far easier than finding readers. I am experimenting with a combination 76th Birthday Party (March 21) and a Book Launch on Facebooks event. Details here:

    The book? Easy Exercises to Tame Bad, Mad, and Sad Feelings. I would love feed back but also think others might get some ideas for promoting their stuff.


  10. I would appreciate and welcome any feedback on set-up or content or any improvements that are needed. I am very new at this and am strictly doing this for – I pray all of God’s Glory. After many years of holding back even with the promptings of family, friends and associates to take my way with words and do something good with them, well here I am just -a- stumbling through! Although most of the time my message is light and witty, I do have the more deep and serious moments and messages. I just go with the flow of whatever God has laid on my heart in the mood and manner in which He gives them to me. Thank you so much for any advice, direction or comments.



  11. I have been looking to expand my audience, and at this point I’m not sure how to proceed. I host two blogs at this time: (personal) (art)

    I must admit I have more ideas for content (such as video games, some of my fiction, and so forth). I welcome any advice, ideas, or constructive criticism.


  12. I would appreciate constructive criticism on the general appearance and layout of my blog. Since my focus has always been the writing, I haven’t put too much effort into the aesthetic appeal of the blog, if that makes sense. I could use some help in that area. Of course, I wouldn’t mind some feedback on the content, as well!


  13. I recently became a member of wordpress and would really appreciate it if you helped me improve my blog by telling me what you think about my writing. Thankyou :)


  14. I’m 76 and have been blogging for years, but would love some feedback from the younger set. Also because time becomes an award winning speed boat when you are my age, I make only this promise- review me and I will review you. Here is the link

    One other comment after reading the above remarks about I tried to switch, paid for WP help, had a local techie help me and after six weeks of trying gave up and deleted that account. Not as easy as promoted or at least when I tried, but then some call me a Cranky Old Lady.