Say Cheese! March is Phoneography Month

Many of us now have phones that are a lot more than just phones — we’re walking around with some…

Many of us now have phones that are a lot more than just phones — we’re walking around with some pretty powerful cameras in our pockets at all times, poised to freeze moments both sublime and mundane. This month, The Daily Post celebrates the art of phoneography and the cameraphone’s ability to go where DSLRs fear to tread.

Photographer with mask

Using a cameraphone lets you fly under your subjects’ radar without resorting to disguise. Photo by Thomas Simon.

To help you make the most of your cameraphone, we’ll look at everything from how to post photos to on the go, to how to find one-of-a-kind shots, to our favorite apps for taking and tweaking photos. There’ll be challenges, both writing and photo, to encourage you to get out and shoot, and Community Pools for feedback from your fellow Annie Leibovitz wannabes.

If you don’t have a cameraphone or just don’t fancy yourself a photographer, no worries — the challenges will be accessible for you as well, and we’ll have plenty of non-photo-centric content to keep your blogs humming along. If you and your Canon 5D Mark III are joined at the hip, you can play along too.

Cameraphones can be wonderful tools for capturing so much more than photos of your lunch (although we’ll be celebrating that as well), and there are more photo-worthy shots around you than you might think. So make sure your phone is charged, and get ready to shoot!

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  1. Many Thanks for this. I haven’t, as far as I can remember, posted any pics on my Blog, (Mind You, I NEED to Blog more as well|).

    This will be VERY useful for me.


    1. I own an iPhone myself Gracie. ;-).

      This is SURE to be a silly question & I apologise HUGELY to you if that is the case, but what do ‘i-Phoneography Mondays’ entail please?.


      1. Oh, no apologies needed, trendyhammer. Basically, myself and 2 other bloggers are doing an iPhoneography challenge where we provide a theme each week, and iphone shooters are encourage to post iPhone photos of the current theme on their blogs, while adding iPhoneography Monday tags so that other bloggers may also find their way to their post. If you head on over my blog at you’ll find the complete mechanics of the challenge. We would love for you to join us too :)


  2. I just learned about iphoneography last night from a fellow blogger friend. I thought it was started by another fellow blogger. Did you say that WordPress started that?


    1. Maybe we should form a club for telephone dinosaurs. I embrace technology but don’t like being called everywhere I go. :) Now I do appreciate that they take good pics.


  3. I see Gracie, Thank You for telling me, MUCH Appreciated.:-).

    Thank You also for your Invitation to your Blog on your Website, I will visit it as soon as possible. :-).


  4. To Queen of Zoom – I see. I own an i-Phone4. Just out of curiosity, Would you say that your D7000 is the Better Model?.

    Also, Thank You for the Weblink MUCH Appreciated. I will check that out asap as well.


  5. To ‘FriendlyTM’ – Yeah, That’s interesting. Who started ‘i-Phoneography’? :-)

    To ‘LysBleuDesigns’ – I see. :-).

    To ‘LadyBuggz’ & ‘Home,Garden,Life’ – You never know. You might NOT be. I was a ‘latecomer’ myself, :-)


  6. So excited to learn there is a term for phone pics. :-) I fought the urge to get a smart phone for a long time but now it does it all for me: music, photos, texts, emails..oh…and talking a little on the actual phone.


  7. Reblogged this on thewordpressghost and commented:

    Some of you may want to take up this challenge.

    And I would take up this challenge.

    But, there is no place a good DSLR (Digital Camera with a separate lens) fears going.

    But, you can always take great pictures with any great camera.

    So, enjoy.



  8. the best camera in the world is the one you always have with you…in this case many of us aren’t more than an arm’s reach away from what we need at the very moment we need it.


    1. No doubt — I love my DSLR and the incredible, crisp shots it takes (and the beautiful bokeh), but sometimes you can’t beat the convenience and low profile of a camera phone.


  9. For anyone who is interested, have a look at the following link: or visit the website for tons of info;
    and if you want to know the origins you can look at any number of articles in WIRED, Forbes, Wikipedia, et al…. iphoneography has been around for awhile and many photographers who are hooked to their D800s are happy to have their smartphones as a tool to bring their artistic visions to light. If you search iphoneography on WP topics you’ll also find tons of posts and pix – many Wp bloggers write quite eloquently about its merits as well as its disadvantages and you would be surprised how many of us use it without even thinking to mention it…


    1. Cool concept! Even folks like me who have resisted the iPhone can play too… We’ll be the hip iPhotography idriodography, idslrography, iblackberryography, igalaxyography crowd. :lol:


  10. To ‘WaggingMyTale – Yeah. Even though it’s still the main function for a Cell Phone, Its now SWAMPED by the number of OTHER functions that todays’ Phones are capable of.


  11. Perfect timing since I just sold mt Nikon DSLR after spending a small fortune fancying myself a photogrpaher but never being bothered to carry it around in the end. So my camera phone will have to do.


  12. Change the perspective – that is what I discovered a few days ago. My friend and I were waiting to practice our solos for a ballet competition on Saturday and we took photos of each other from above using our iPhones – they came out great!


  13. Never heard of Phoneography Month before… My cheap phone doesn’t do too well with pictures, but that’s just fine. It is funny watching people take pictures with cellphones, then hearing them squeal with delight as their pictures get uploaded to Facebook or Pinterest of Flicker, etc. So many pictures, good and bad, good and evil, for the world to see, whether the world wants to see or not. It is easier than carrying a camera and great for that spur-of-the-moment shot. I prefer a camera, but the cell phone does in a pinch.


  14. I always take pictures wit my phone. I started off with Nokia 6600 in 2006 and now I have Sony Xperia U. I also borrow my husband’s iPhone 5 to click sometimes, I also use iPad. I am so excited!