Quick Tip: Take Control of Your Title and Tagline

The blog addresses we choose don’t always align with what we’d like our blog’s actual title to be — but just because your address is doesn’t mean your blog’s title has to be janesmith733. Give your blog a shot of personality and let readers know what they’re in for by tweaking your title and tagline.

Your blog’s address will always be the one you initially registered.* Your title and tagline — what appears in the header of the site itself — can be anything you want. Your address may be, but your blog’s title can be My Awesome Blog, Jim’s Awesome Blog, Jim’s Awesome Blog About Widgets, or even Jim’s Widget-o-Rama; the choice is yours.

The same is true for your tagline. Every site comes with a basic tagline, like, “This site is the bee’s knees.” You can change that to anything you’d like, or delete it altogether.

Making these updates couldn’t be easier. Just head to Settings → General in your Dashboard. The first two options on that page are Site Title and Tagline:

Set them to whatever you’d like, scroll down to the bottom of the page and hit the “Save Changes” button, and presto!

(For those of you still searching for the perfect name, look for a full post on choosing a great blog title in the next few weeks.)

*Okay, you can change your address, but that’s a topic for another post! If you’re interested in that, check out our Support document.

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  1. what would be cool would be more options of font and size and stuff for those as i changed them when i started on here but the changeability resources seem low optioned unless i am missing something?

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  2. Unfortunately, the tagline will only appear in the header for certain WordPress themes. For example, I use Pilcrow and the tagline only appears when I mouse over the tab in my web browser–it does not appear beneath my main header.

    Where it always appears, regardless of theme, is in search engine results.

    I’d love to have my name in smaller text below the title of the blog; but I think I’m confined to the limits of my complimentary theme.



  3. That’s why I chose the title, “Don’t Carry the Donkey!” for one of my blogs, and “Lovin the Trip” for another, and (yes, I’m a blogaholic) “the REmissionary” for the third. I discovered this handy bit of info about a month or two after I first started blogging in March. But I have to agree with Brettfish and Anthony Martin – it would be nice to have more options on the font and on the visibility of certain themes. I’d tried a couple of themes that didn’t show the taglines, and didn’t like them for that reason. HOWEVER, I found a blogger who showed me how to make my own header with the tagline right in it, so I use that now for the REmissionary.


  4. Mine’s- “Few facets of Life” . Btw, liked this line “Give your blog a shot of personality”. That’s cuz ur blog too has a life n it breathes. :)


  5. I change my tag line regularly. A friend had “Open heart, independent mind” on her wall, and what could be better? As the blog develops, so does the tag line.

    You should have mentioned the comment prompt. “Leave a reply” is alterable. I do not want to pinch other people’s- I liked “Let’s talk.” and “Rawr!” I had “Talk to me! Pretty-please?” for a time. One read “Comments using the words —, — or — will be deleted unread” which let me know where I stood.

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  6. This is good news. I choose HealthEHelen for my health blog, thinking I was an internetty pun (healthYhelen had gone) only for my friend to point out it also reads Heal The Helen. I’m sure everyone now thinks I’m sickly.


  7. Cool :) my only problem is that some themes (though none come to mind at the moment) that I think are really good don’t have readable tag lines. Meaning, you have to squint to be able to read what it says, and that’s never good!


  8. I picked a theme that allowed me to put in a custom header picture. That way I was able to use a font, colour etc for my title that I deemed fitting. Simply saving it as a picture and placing it instead of the default one solved the issue :)


  9. Thanks for that tip – I put it to effect immediately – but I’m not going to wait for your tip on how to change the comment prompt, though – I shall search it out for myself!


  10. Excellent! Sometimes we overlook the most obvious things. I’ve changed the titles & taglines of both my blogs several times over the years. Still searching for the perfect title. Many themes use a bland typeface for the title. You can make a big difference in the appearance of your blog by simply adding Custom Fonts and choosing an eye-catching font for the title. Sometimes the typeface can telegraph the personality of a blog.

    Now: Does anyone know how the title and tagline affect SEO for the blog??? I’d be interested in hearing about that. Also, as you said, a blogger can also buy a custom domain url for a modest price. Good domain names are getting harder to get, because so many people have bought up and are hoarding all the obvious word combinations. Does anyone have ideas on how the domain url affects SEO? Is there any magic formula for selecting a good url?


  11. Thanks for the tip, I like the idea of figuring things out as I go along, Keeps it interested for me.Today I spent 4 hours which I did not have, just to read blogs. I love it all.


  12. I created a Blog account according to the prompts.I wrote and tried to Post an opinion.A screen popped up indicating that I am not allowed to publish on the respective page.What blog page am I allowed to publish?


  13. I’m happy with my blog title (which is in the address also) and tag line. Do I want to change it? No, it’s a personal blog that needs a running thread to tie together several disparate themes that I enjoy blogging /expounding on. :D


  14. Thanks for the tip! I thought if I changed the blog’s title it would change the web address and then people wouldn’t be able to find my blog. I also wanted to change the title because my blog isn’t just polls and quizzes and i thought that might lead some people away.