Ten Questions to Help Us Improve The Daily Post

As some of you have already noticed, we’re starting to shake things up a little around here and experimenting with new features, like Weekly Writing Challenges and Freshly Pressed analyses.

(Before you panic: Don’t worry, the Weekly Photo Challenge isn’t going anywhere.)

We don’t want to go too nutty without knowing that whatever we add to the site will be useful to you in reaching your blogging goals – and we could use a little help there.

We’d appreciate it if you could spend a few minutes taking a simple, ten question survey to give us a snapshot of your blogging habits and goals, favorite Daily Post features, and the types of new content you’d be interested in – along with anything else you feel like telling us about The Daily Post.

We’re here to support you, so your feedback means a lot to us and will drive the future of The Daily Post. Take the survey now!

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  1. Yes Thank You for asking us for our opinion. WordPress is the best and it’s great that you guys want to make it even better. Asking us to contribute is really good and am looking forward to see what changes come about πŸ™‚


  2. Thank you for asking for feedback and comments. I appreciate it.

    I’d be extremely interested if any or few of these things were added to the Daily Post and Freshly Pressed: 1. “Ask the Expert” a blog on a niche topic like photography, news, writing, etc. written by an experienced in the field blogger like someone from Architectural Digest on design; Epicurious on food; CNN on news; Digital Photography on photography or Afar on travel. 2. Bigger variety on Freshly Pressed and/or a niche Freshly Pressed I can click into such as one just on travel. 3. translated international features on blogs around the world and 4. more technology tips.

    I enjoy the Weekly Photo Challenge and some other features. Have a great weekend.


      1. Michelle, now I’ve tried the “Recommended Blogs” link and will use it again. Is there a link to recommended niche blogs that are recommended or rated by other WP bloggers? There is such a wonderful wealth of semi-pro and pro photographers in WP. I’d like to know which ones they like or follow. Thank you again for the information!


  3. Hiya, everyone – thanks so much for your time so far! the feedback is super-useful. And hey, you don’t have to thank us for asking for your opinions; our jobs are to support y’all.


  4. Thanks for putting out the survey. Most of what you do is helpful and thought provoking. Your essays on grammar and writing are quite good. Perhaps you could add more articles on SEO, keywords, and building traffic. A few motivational articles for those of us experiencing “blogger’s block” would also be nice.


  5. I want to click “Like” for the sentence:
    (Before you panic: Don’t worry, the Weekly Photo Challenge isn’t going anywhere.).
    Love the Daily Post and the mixture of play and professionalism.