Describe the best breakfast you’ve ever eaten

Topic #336: Describe the best breakfast you’ve ever eaten

Topic #336:

Describe the best breakfast you’ve ever eaten


  1. I made myself scrambled eggs today and that is the best breakfast I have ever eaten. I usually skip this meal. But hey I usually work midnight to 8am so I go t bed when most get up. I love the internet because others are up when I am up…because I have blog friends from all around the world.

  2. An Eggs Benedict with garlic olive oil, maple bacon, avocado, heirloom tomato, arugula, and spicy Hollandaise sauce. Delicious. Gave myself a pat on the back after whipping that one up.

  3. My favorite breakfast was when my brothers/wives, sisters/husbands, my Mom, my husband and I would meet for Christmas breakfast at “The Overlook Restaurant” in Leavenworth IN…We lived in Louisville…It is called “Overlook” because it over looks the Ohio River… Getting together at this unique place made it special…We would laugh, talk, eat and drink lots of coffee…and always leave with a group picture for remembrance…I miss it!

  4. Anything my dad made when we were kids. I come from a restaurant family and never understood fathers (and men in general) who didn’t cook. Dad made great scrambled eggs, bacon, toast. He gave us generous portions. Mom didn’t like when he gave us a whole English muffin instead of half. She was Greek and thrifty is the kindest way to say it. Also, in Honolulu, there is a restaurant called Eggs ‘N Things that has the best pancakes ever. A variety of syrups including coconut, chopped mac nuts, passionfruit syrup. Great eggs, awesome waffles & french toast. You got to get their early, the lines are long.

  5. Back in the eighties we used to visit family in the St. Louis area. That’s where we encountered Bob Evans. They had a breakfast on the menu that had everything: ham, bacon, sausage, eggs, pancakes, biscuits and gravy. You felt like asking the family to move to another table to give you room. And it was cheap.
    They don’t have it on the menu anymore. Probably too many cardiac arrests during the morning rush.

  6. It was at Disney World. The breakfast with the the characters, Mickey Mouse, Chip and Dale. It was a breakfast buffet and the food was amazing. They had everything, pancakes, waffles, eggs, hash browns, fruit, there was so many different kinds of food and it all was good.

  7. The best breakfast I’ve ever eating was with family and friends . It was around 7am before the sun rose and I enjoyed smoked ham, hashbrown casserole, scrambled eggs w/ cheese , sourdough toast with jam and a nice glass of sweet tea. It was amazing! My friends and family chittered chattered for the entire morning. I love moments over meals, especially breakfast.

    -Mannie @

  8. It’s a very interesting topic—- the best breakfast I ever had is at my mom’s place with the touch of love and affection. A typical breakfast after ages, wheat puri, mashed potato, ginger tea, the best thing about it everything was served steaming hot. It was in India last month, now here back to Toronto, same breakfast, boiled egg , toast and tea.

  9. When I wake up is when I’m most hungry, so yes, the lentils soup (homemade) or some solid old style dish is greatly welcome. But the typical English breakfast is delicious as well. I will never forget my toast with butter and jam while sipping coffee with milk on an old cup that a friend gave me as a gift while reading at the same time “PARIS TOMBUCTOU”

  10. Not to be be eaten every day…its toooo filling! But it just has to be fried bacon, fried eggs, cooked sausage, baked beans cooked with (sliced) mushrooms raw black pudding all on fried bread and supplimented by Toast……to mop up the cooked tomatoes! topped with black coffee, strong!

    Here in England its known as a “heart attack breakfast”! the smell is fantastic especially in the field by the tentat 06.00hrs on summers morning at a biker rally, its gets everyone’s attention!

  11. The best breakfast I have ever eaten would have been with an ex girlfriend. I can tell you in all sincerity, it was with whom I shared my breakfast that made it soooo wonderful exciting and delicious. I wish you all many wonderful breakfast’s like the one I’ve spoken about here.

  12. I suppose the best memorable (vs most delicious) breakfast would be the charred-outside-yet-runny-inside pancakes my Grandpa Earl and Great-Uncle Lloyd made in a huge cast-iron skillet for the whole family while at the farm. We poured on the Aunt Jemima. Those were the good ole days!
    My most delicious breakfast are the fresh picked swiss chard, garlic, monterey jack cheese, & fresh farm egg omelettes I made this summer. I froze some of that swiss chard and will bring a taste of summer to the Christmas breakfast table next week.

  13. It was my eighteenth birthday and my first husband and I had spent the night in his sister’s cabin up in the mountains. Given that it was February, it literally was freezing cold out and because the generator ran out of gas around 1 a.m. and we had no heat except for a small fireplace.
    Snuggled together in sleeping bags, we sat in front of that fire place and roasted hotdogs for breakfast that morning. We giggled as we ate our meal there on that cold floor making the best of our predicament. This is the best breakfast that I have ever eaten even though there was no coffee, eggs, or toast. To be honest the food was terrible, but it’s one of my better memories that I have of my past. It puts a smile to my face every time I think about that day.

  14. The best breakfast I’ve had was the morning after my cousin’s 50th birthday and we all went to brunch. I remember it because it was only a few months after we lost my mom and it was nice being with some much of my family for a happy occasion.

  15. It is not good for you but it was in England. Egg,bacon ,tomatoes, kidney ,sausage, black pudding, mushrooms, fried bread,lamb chop.I call it a killer, although the people who served were all old. After all that you did not eat all day and you washed it down with a pot of tea.

    Written by Susan Oliver owner of A Fun Gift Shop

  16. Wow, lots of responses. This was a fun prompt.
    I have two favorites. One was a brunch at Beast restaurant in Portland, OR, USA. It was a four course meal, finished with a truffled chocolate cake topped by edible 23K gold. The other place I always eat at when I’m out on the Oregon coast is Wild Flowers in Lincoln City. I have their eggs benedict. They use a delectable ham sliced sliced tissue paper thin. Absolutely scrumptious. I get the fresh salsa added to it, fresh chopped sweet peppers, cilantro and onions that are so juicy they make your mouth water.

  17. To start off- this is going to make me hungry-
    A big order of French Toast with lots of real butter melted on top, and of course powdered sugar,- served with buttery syrup……three slices of very crisp Bacon (the thicker the better) served with a couple of hot cups of coffee!!….. I know what I’m having for breakfast in the morning!!!

  18. OK—-just another idea of a terrific breakfast—– in the summer my mom, aunt and couisons woul would all go to the beach and camp for the week-end….My aunt would make the best out door pancakes….and then we would top it off with peanut butter and syrup !!!!

  19. Hands down – if I was having my last meal on this earth I would ask for my Mom’s oatmeal and an egg sandwich for breakfast; and while I was at I’d ask for her awesome homemade banana pudding with vanilla wafers on top. So YUM, YO!

  20. Having bacon and eggs with a tall glass of Baileys with ice, sitting on my Barbados hotel balcony over looking the Caribbean Sea. My mobile phone rang asking me to collect some goods the company I worked for ordered. The smile on my face lasted a long time as I explained my location. Yes, that was the best breakfast I had.

  21. I freely admit that my craving for this is driving my listing it as the best breakfast I have ever had, but nevertheless, right now I have to say pancakes. Goodness, I haven’t had pancakes in such a long time.

  22. A stack of roasted vegetables, mushrooms fried in truffle oil, fresh avocado, and 2 very runny poached eggs. Perhaps a little Kasundi (spicy relish) on the side. Hot coffee. Or on special occasions, a pint of Guinness. Mmmm……

  23. Three pieces of fruit, while sitting on a bare floor in an ashram in India. I had spent three days in constant meditation. Food was bland and without spices and we were required to eat it quickly and without conversation. But this one morning we were told to eat slowly and be aware. Three pieces of fruit were placed in front of me. They were beautiful. The sun shone on them and me as slowly peeled and sliced each one. Then I savored every morsel as I have never done before.

  24. the best breakfast i ever eaten is a traditional meal from my hometown. they call it ‘lontong pical’, and i dont know how to call it in english. it made from rice and nut sauce. when i was in junior high school, my grandma often bought me that breakfast every saturday. it really really great moment and great taste. love you grandma and the best breakfast i ever eaten from you :)

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