When do the ends justify the means?

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When do the ends justify the means?

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  1. Let’s start off by saying that if you are Cesare Borgia looking to get back on top, then the ends justify the means. At least that’s what Machiavelli thought, or is supposed to have thought. He got a lot of flack over the centuries for some parts of his philosophy, but he had a lot more depth as well. Hands up anyone who knows off hand any his other writing, let alone has actually read it? I thought not…What!–You say you don’t see my hand up either? Well, I guess I better get readin’ then.


  2. There is only one thing he wants, he declared today, and that is to win the war. He is willing to adopt any means to that end, no matter what the internal result, providing the ends justify the means. ~Qoutes by Sir Edward Carson 🙂