How do you know when you’re right?

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How do you know when you’re right?

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  1. Happy that I am vindicated; somehow hopeful that the other party got that am right. I am the person who doesn’t rub to people’s face that am right; I am just going to be happy that everything will go well.


  2. In practice of Medicine the most difficult thing to say is that “everything is alright and normal”.
    Knowing very well one can miss sub-clinical or some genetically determined underlying disease condition or some obscure disease, we discharge a battery of tests one after the other.
    We know we will never get it right but that is the way we play the game for our gain.
    Equally, one may be well today but a catastrophe can strike the very next day.
    Similarly, to say categorically I am right and somebody else is wrong is difficult according to Prof. Edward De Bono’s approach to life in general.
    But knowing one has erred or deviated from the normal social practice applied to a particular situation is very easy.
    Knowing that I am right he is wrong does not apply in social interactions is the best criterion for harmony at all levels.
    The term RIGHT is only a relative term philosophically speaking.
    So avoiding wrong practice is the best security to get something right.
    Get it right the first time is the quality statement in T.Q.M (Total Quality Management).
    It may be only practiced in heaven, I believe if heaven does exist in practical terms.


  3. Most of the time, I just feel it in my gut. If I’m dealing w/someone else on a given point, it won’t let me rest until I’ve made that point to the person involved.

    Also, I’m not the type of person who HAS to be right. If I’m wrong, I’m the first to admit it.


  4. I’m always wrong, as even if we share the same world, we don’t see it through the same lens.

    If I’m right… That means that my brain had made new wiring (and I feel awesome without knowing why) or/and that I learnt something from being wrong.

    I trust my intuition. Always. She never lies.


  5. I m know I m right when I can not be proved wrong. But usually does not matter. I have been proved wright when I predicted dire consequences. In those cases I would have preferred to be wrong. For some people is more important to be right than for other more philosophical souls.


  6. reality and fact makes perfect proof that i’am right, but of course it takes a couple of days before i can prove that i’am right. it is when the situation arises that gives a perfect answer


  7. My faith is important to me and the holy spirit helps to guide me. Keeping the human side of the flesh and sin at bay is the biggest challenge. I justify my actions even when I know when I am wrong in what I am doing. This is when I know what I have done right and wrong. Guilt


  8. Any time am right, I have an inner feeling of satisfaction. And a persistant reassurance by a small inner voice that keep telling me am had never told me am right when am wrong


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