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WHAT I THOUGHT ABOUT THE BLOG’S NAME: I needed a cute or catchy one.

What I know now: You don’t. My first name was “A Mom in the Middle.” For writers, I advise using your real name or your pen name. So while the name “Nina Badzin’s Blog” does not smack of creativity, it describes the blog. ME.

WHAT I THOUGHT ABOUT AUDIENCE: Family and friends would read my blog.

What I know now: They mostly don’t, not even my husband who gets a mention in nearly every post. But I’m 100% okay with that. In my first few weeks of blogging, I desperately sent links to my family and friends, begging them to “like” posts on Facebook and all the other nonsense that makes people curse you. I’m extremely grateful to any of my friends and family members who read the blog, but I do not expect it at all. The majority of my traffic come from other bloggers, Twitter friends, writers and even Google. Also, something for newbies to consider: I think I got decent traffic rather quickly because I was on Twitter for about nine months before I started a blog. In fact, my first post ever was about cheating on Twitter with WordPress.

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  1. It’s so nice to read another bloggers journey. The path that we take are not that diffetent. I too was hoping my friends/ family will follow but then in the end I found a new family, my Blogger family… They’re mostly the ones who are consistent, always supportive. And just like the pay forward concept, I do the same whole heartedly… Goodness produces goodness. Most are from WP, few from twitter and Blogger. I wish I can put my name but right, I treasure my family’s gift of being anonymous. As you said unless you’re a writer. Great post.


  2. So glad you mentioned that friends and family mostly don’t read your blog … it mystifies me why my friends and yoga students don’t read my blog … but I guess it is just normal … like you I find other bloggers and random friends and associates have become my best readers 🙂


  3. Thanks Erica. I fumed for quite awhile initially about my family not reading my blog. I’d even e-mail them some posts and never a comment. I finally got over it and realized this is for me, not them.


  4. my family doesnt even know I blog yet. that’s not a problem for me, though. I write for me, and soon I’ll get more readers.


  5. Terrific post. I am amazed when anyone comments or clicks like. I started my post for me. I started it to keep myself on an even keel when I was going through a series of health crises (me and my fam). Then I really got into it and am really enjoying the exercise. My new goal is to refine my layout, tags, categories, etc….I guess that is a carryover from my own personality—I love rearranging the furniture, too!

    Thanks for your post. I love your journey.


  6. Good tip. It hard to get high traffic. I post my blogs to my family, they usually don’t leave a comment or anything, only a very few of times, but rarely, my family did leave comments on my blogs. Thanks for sharing! 🙂


  7. LOL you are certianly right about family members not reading your blogs. I could confess to an affair (not really having one folks, just sayin) or admit to every indiscretion I’ve ever committed and no one in my family would ever be the wiser. It was me mom, I broke the lamp not the dog! I had thought for sure at least my mom would read my blog but, nope. Thats okay though, what I figured out is that I’m doing this for myself. I no longer worry about how many hits my blog gets or any of that. I write for me. I am also one of those “strangers” who reads your blogs. I love it. I love finding something in common with someone I’ve never met. Discovering a new writing style or getting a laugh from a total stranger. So thank you everyone. Thank you for allowing me to look into your world for a little bit.


  8. It’s really great to know this. I’ve been a bit skeptical myself about making it my sort of “Pen Name” and linking it to my facebook page or whatever for the fact I do like my privacy and the like, but I thought, “Heck I am trying to get something going here”. I still haven’t changed it to specifically “MY NAME” yet cause I went with catchy. Maybe I’ll work something out though to where I can “Meet in the Middle” with myself. Thank you for sharing this!

    ~May you be blessed on your path and in all yours ways, Namaste~


  9. I actually don’t want my family and friends to read my blog! I imagine they’d be horribly offended. My blog is really for me to be myself.