How to get more traffic for your blog

I know traffic isn’t important to some of you – that posting regularly is more of a personal goal and that’s awesome.

But if you do want more traffic and activity on your blog, here is’s most recent advice: How to get more traffic.

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  1. Thank you Scott. I appreciate you, and how you motivate people, as well as give us tools to be able to grow more skilled in the online communication ‘world’. It really is a discipline and I have lots of room to grow!! πŸ™‚


  2. I looked at your list. I noticed that under “Publicize”, you mentioned Yahoo having a blog. Yahoo disabled blogs, photos, and guestbook on our profiles a while back.

    I also don’t see a blog subscription widget. Is this because the blog is installed on my site and thus not available to me?


  3. You are right, time for me to update my page. My page hasn’t grown with my blog ! Also I have to tag and categorize better. I am still a blur at that. That’ll come. For now, it’s still about the post !


  4. A great post Scott, I was fairly encouraged to already be doing about 9 of the 12 things listed so here’s to the future! πŸ™‚


  5. Matlock Snippets.
    A Time to Remember 1950’s –1960’s Matlock Green and Matlock, Derbyshire England.When I was growing up in the 50’s, in Matlock Green, and Matlock, Derbyshire, England. I can remember some of the people who lived in Matlock Green and surrounding districts, that shared my life. A history of the 1950’s when it was a different time, a kinder time, where we helped one another without asking, a different culture that totally changed a time when we respected one another.

    Buttercups and Ladybirds.

    Before the Charles White School was built there were fields of tall grass and wild flowers. Summers seemed to be never ending and warm, we ran freely without fear and I remember the fields of wild flowers when we took old jars and stabbed holes in the metal lids to put bugs in. One field was full of buttercups and from a distance there seemed to be bunches of red flowers amongst the buttercups. When you got closer there were thousands of ladybirds. We ran and brushed them into our jars and would look at them, and take them home. They were fascinating to look at and mother made us put them into our garden to eat the green fly. Now I hardy see the Ladybirds at all they seem to have disappeared, and so have the fields of buttercups and wildflowers which is possible the answer. Remember when we use to put a flower under our chin to see if we liked eating butter? We humans certainly know how to destroy the environment now I hardly see any Ladybirds, which is such a pity.

    We use to say this Nursery Rhyme when I was a child.
    The English version has been dated to at least 1744,

    Ladybird, ladybird, fly away home,
    Your house is on fire,
    Your children shall burn!

    Or this one:

    Ladybird, ladybird fly away home,
    Your house is on fire and your children are gone,
    All except one,
    And her name is Ann,
    And she hid under the baking pan.

    Written by Susan Oliver.

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  6. International marketing in foreign languages
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