What topics do you want to see?

Yesterday’s topic was lame. Even I didn’t like it.  It’s time to get some fresh ideas.

This post is a call for your  suggestions. What topic do you want to see 1000s of bloggers write about? Leave a comment.

We did this before, but I’ve used up most of the good ones. If you think I overlooked a great one of yours, give it another shot.

We’re getting close to the  2/3rds mark on our journey towards a year of posting every day (or week, or less than a week but more than you would otherwise). Hang in there. We’re almost on the home stretch.

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  1. I’ve started writing about the topics below. And they’re still drafts!!! 🙂

    Write about your oldest friend who you’re still in touch with.
    Which country would you like to move to and why.
    Write down the recipe for the best dish you can make from scratch. <–for the foodies out there!
    What book have you been meaning to read but haven't?


  2. Does anything in your life need changing ? Is it really up to you or are you at the mercy of external factors? Do tell.


  3. Yesterday’s topic wasn’t lame,Perhaps a little tired as it’s something one usually complains about.. But I do notice from reading the posts, the demography of people here, Many are students, stay at home moms, job inbetweeners, or retirees. If people are working, very probably most have their own schedules. So the topic might not be as relevant to bloggers in here. Contrast that to the topic of evil, very many Christians in here, hence the enthusiastic response. The tattoo topic, Many are young and students or just graduated, Tattoo is a current faze hot topic, The rest of us have gone through youth to have an opinion about it. This is what I noticed as a relatively new arrival. I wonder if you would make a post about Scott Berkun Analytics !


  4. 1.Water management in a drought?
    2.What can you grow in a drought, there must be something?
    3.Can you find water in the ground in drought areas?
    4.Would you shoot the people in government who are forcing the people to leave Somalia? They did with Osama.
    5.Sometimes we do not have to war just send in highly trained squad to get rid of the evil?
    6. No jobs no food in America, yet the Republicans want to raise taxes. How about on the rich they will still have the money to start business and will have plenty for their 5 homes.
    7. Brazil no recession. Jobs , oil fields they are selling to China. They have minerals, water, and have not been to war. Were we right to think of war leaving America poor?


  5. My ideas:
    1) List the ten things that bore you the most and why.
    2) Explain the name of your blog and why you chose it.
    3) What makes a movie “a classic”?
    4) What’s your favourite object in your room and why?


  6. My topic ideas:
    1. What is your favorite season?
    2. What is the cheapest thing that you buy?
    3. List ten things that you relieve from stress


  7. 1) What do you want on YOUR tombstone? What should your epitaph say?

    2) Where is your family buried and do you ever visit?

    3) Some graveyards are tourist destinations: Pearl Harbor, the Museum of Mummies in Guanajuato, Gettysburg, Graceland. Have you ever visited a graveyard on vacation?


  8. I have a few:

    1.) If you could go back in time and witness one historical event, what would it be?

    2.) If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? If it’s possible to change it, are you ever going to try to change it?

    3.) If you could give anyone at any point in space and time anything, what would it be?

    4.) Describe life in 10 words.


  9. My idea for a topic:

    Mark Gungor explains the difference between men and womans brains in his show, of which you can see part on yourtube (search “nothing box mark gungor). Is he just being funny or does he have a point? Are you the one with a super highway or a bunch of boxes in you head? Does it work for you? Would you have it any other way?


  10. Why do you live? What is your reason for living? Have you observe your reason change as you grow or it was always the same? Do you believe that you live because of love? 😉


  11. What is your problem today? List 10 solutions you can think of even if you are wary that you will even do it, just type it. Hopefully while writing this post it will lead you to the perfect answer to resolve the problem.


  12. I’m trying to increase traffic for my blog while at the same time getting new ideas and topics. I tried out having a guest blogger every month, but it’s turning out to be a little harder than I though. Ideas please?


      1. Thanks! I think I need to work on the “post regularly”. I start off right and then something comes along that totally distracts me, but I try to ask my readers what they want. I’m fairly new to this blogging world and I’m doing good for a starter so with your tips I should be a pro in no time. thanks!


  13. 1) If you could do it over again and change anything or everything, what would you change? What would you keep? Would you change anything? Or keep anything? Why?

    2) Where did your mother’s or father’s family come from? Have you ever been there? Would you ever go there? Do you live there? What do you imagine it would be like – now and then?

    3) What kind of child was or do you imagine your mother or father was like? What was life like for her or him?