Why is there evil in the world?

Topic #203: Why is there evil in the world?

Topic #203:

Why is there evil in the world?


    1. There is evil in the world because our minds are not balanced chemically which is not our fault, as it is part of DNA instinct to survive even through means of killing another being in order to survive. How can we overcome this and achieve peace for humans? Drugs and scientific intervention to enter heaven which is earth. we are not smart enough yet to get to heaven which is in our minds. Human Kindness is the ultimate goal to remove evil. Drugs, bio-science and technology can get us there. Bring closer the male and female parts of the brain using drugs like cannabis and technology to balance the male aggression and female suppression to be at 1 with oneself and peaceful. Computers may also help us achieve this.

  1. Good and evil are human concepts. Life and the universe is indifferent to our plight.

  2. Now this is a meaty one, far more important than 3D movies. Look forward to reading answers, am thinking hard about mine that has to do with the structure of DNA and the need for randoness if there is to be change and growth combined with the tendency of man and woman kind to think creatively and empathically but also delusionally so as to justify evil acts that serve their needs.


  3. Agree with gretchenrose. I read somewhere this quote: “Evil isn’t knowing the difference between right and wrong, it’s not caring.”

    1. Wow, I love that quote! Thanks for sharing. I’ve just done my post and it follows what I was thinking, I’ve gone back and added it in, I hope you don’t mind.

  4. I think that is a great question. I’ve been trying to find understanding with all the hard knocks thrown my way and witnessing flabbergasts that just want to make you just not give a crap about being human and scoff at the concept of ethics/morals; if my two brain cells were lazy I’d probably just reason it with a bratty coz life suxs or if they were desperate for solace to make sense of injustice via overanalyzing with quotes and psychological breakdowns of all the possibilities…or they could be so conceited from overcompensating that they become desensitized even assimilate however I realized that all the BS that feels like life is trying to spite for some inexplicable reason are actually life trying to be a teacher…how would one get stronger without a regime of sets with resistance? the difference is one is biological and the other cognitive…from all the angles I can look at the “evils” of the world…I like this the best because it’s pragmatic and also keeps you accountable for your life…plus keeps you grounded enough to not commit felony in reaction to the angst that comes with dealing with evils. :P

  5. Why is there evil in the world? Simple, because of sin. We are all born with a sin nature and because of that it is easy for humans to do evil. Evil can be anything from telling a little “white” lie to murder, for example. Anybody who knows to do good but doesn’t commits a sin or does evil. The problem is that the average person will not admit that they are a sinful person because they think they are good. You see, we do bad things because of our sin nature. It’s not that we are bad because we do bad things. Ask yourself this… which is easier… when someone asks you how they look in a certain ourtfit, for example, isn’t it easier to say, “well, you look fine in that”, when you really think that it looks terrible. That is your sin nature causing you to lie like that instead of telling the truth. So, why is there evil? You just found out…

  6. Okay! You’re on! I will post about this one and, WOW, doesn’t it go well with the new weekly photo challenge!!!
    Basically, the heart of humans is desperately wicked. But we all think we are basically good, so we self-deceive ourselves. A LOT. Then we think, Oh, my! How could I have done such a thing!
    We should have known. And we should have tried to figure out how others, who also are wicked, are actually managing to do good, anyway. There is a way that seems right to us, but it leads to death, failure, and loss. But there is another way, a way that seems too difficult, but it is the only way to go!!!
    I’ll post here, again, after I’ve completed my reply on my blog. :-)

  7. Evil happens. Evil executes unarmed people over several hours on an island in Norway. Evil uses children to test explosives or hangs them because their father stands for what he believes is right. That all happened in the last seven days. It’s much too late to ask why. It’s better to ask what we can all do to stop it.

  8. Evil exists, but I am not sure about any moral judgements about evil. There are lots of coping strategies and identification models for dealing with evil. For evil to be absolutley evil, it must be purposeful in spite of natural empathy. If a socio-path or a psycho-path causes unmitigated pain, it may not actually be evil if they are not clinically wired for empathy. Doing harm to others to progress one’s own agenda or survival or position in life is widespread. But, so is doing good. And, the results of each can be confused. For example, if you have a prayer group directing their thoughts at changing another individual’s life, the group may consider itself as doing good, whereas the result for that individual may not be good in their personal estimation if it conflicts with their own free will and self-direction. So, what is evil and what is good? Each is a matter of perspective and outcome.

  9. The mind is a superb instrument if used rightly. Used wrongly, however, it becomes very destructive. To put it more accurately, it is not so much that you use your mind wrongly — you usually don’t use it at all. It uses you. This is the disease. You believe that you are your mind. This is the delusion. The instrument has taken you over. – Eckhart Tolle

  10. Thank you for an interesting and most valid one since first of all I am a Norwegian who do not regular live in Oslo full time, time but I happened to be down town that day off terror.. From my philosophically standpoint and from a eastern oriented one, I am a Buddhist first of all. The first of Buddha teaching was the known as the four noble truths. Buddha told the first truth The world (Samsara) are only suffering. the second noble truth was there are many different ways and kind of suffering as violence, war, starvation, illness and not at least mental illness (as one of the main problems in the western society). The third noble truth Buddha of his teaching; there is a cure for this sufferings, but folks you need to take your medicine to be cured. Cured from hate, anger, bitterness, violence and jealousness. The fourth noble truth was you must tak your medicine to be cured. The prescribed drugs was only one thing. Only trough meditation can one be cured, see the truth, reduce your ego and by doing so overcome poison of the mind in and in return given happiness, love and most of all compassion for all other living beings. The philosophy are that you are born with good intentions in life and y do not want to harm others. But as you grow up you see mum and ad drinking, violence on the telly, at home or school, greed on the television, you feel anger but you experience love and compassion also. As you get older you become a man of good and evil. But the truth is that under all this evil terror, hate there is something good in everyone of us. that can be developed we call it buddha-nature. To find back to the one you where when you was born you need to follow a path otherwise you get easily lost.. My own blog is about sustainable fashion design and I am a researcher and designer writing about it, I might have a different angle on how to become more kind to nature My passion is buddha jeans (always little b) for me this stands for buddha nature and are a image of the world: Earth can return back to how it once but then we need to adjust our evilness towards The Earth, this way is known as buddha nature. Sorry for my long comment but… I love writing but be kind with me and my language English is not my mother tongue :) Interested in my view on sustainable design? read on

  11. Because it can. Because we let it. Because we define it as the opposite of good. Because we are careless. Because we make it happen, and it doesn’t look like we’re gonna be extinct anytime soon…

  12. If you believe in God then this is what I believe.
    In the spirit world before we came to earth there was a war between Lucifer and Jesus .Lucifer was cast out and now rules the world and Jesus had to come to earth in a body, as we have a body and make a way for our return to Heaven , and through trial and error we have to live through this life and make ourselves worthy again to be with Heavenly Father in Heaven. God the Father gave us our own free will. You need to suffer to know joy, you need to hurt to know pain, and if Jesus had not gained a body we would all be cast out of Heaven and never allowed in again and return without proving our love and sacrifice as Jesus did.
    It started with Adam and Eve. Remember he gave us our own free will. Adam and Eve were told not to eat from the tree of knowledge, and to go forth and multiply. If you had no knowledge of what that meant then your choice was plain, eat the fruit, which they did and were cast out and that is the beginning of the journey. The devil even tried to tempt Jesus. People are weak, they take what they want they are greedy and selfish and lie. Celebrities are nothing but overpriced sex objects with potty mouths. People think life will never end here on earth, but it does and all the stealing and killing will not get you far. Wars, the Recession, all man made with the whisper of the devil in your ear. You have a choice to believe in God or not. You can join the dark side or the good side. I know which one I want and it is really hard to be good and so easy to be bad.

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  14. We humans have become more empathetic, more civilised, however evil acts gain huge exposure nowadays due to the technology we have. What causes it? It is complicated. I do believe some people (not many) are born with a lack of empathy and compassion, they come from quite normal-ish backgrounds but they are emotionally very unstable and delusional. Then some people are abused, desensitised (their environment and the relationships around them stop growth and encourage a warped, bruised ego) I guess some people are more vulnerable, whereas others from difficult backgrounds are able to strive for a better, more positive future. Fascinating subject.

  15. Without mankind, do you think evil exists? Does it only exist in the consciousness of man, therefore only exist in mankind? If the lion chased after the deer and mauled it, then chomps the meat of it, is it evil? Let’s say greed itself is evil. Therefore does greed only belong to mankind? So, if no mankind, no evil? ? ?

  16. As far as mankind goes God gave us all free will to make our own choices.
    Whethor you choose to serve God or Satan it’s up to you.
    I don’t think greed is exclusive to mankind. Suppose the lion won’t share
    the carcus of the dead deer. Is that a form of greed?

  17. There is evil in the world because God gave man free will to think and make choices. That free will can be used for good or evil. Today man is evil because man don’t know God nor is man trying to know God. Man is more concerned about stuff in this world and not about eternity. When man stop worshipping at the table of greed, immorality, and all things against God’s commandments then we will see less evil. I believe that, there will always be evil because the flesh is weak.

  18. You often hear this discussion or see this question in the midst of an agnostic demanding proof of God’s existence. He/she might say “well, if there is a God, how can he allow evil to exist in the world. How can he permit sickness, suffering, poverty, violence, etc?”

    Since the beginning of time there has been the struggle between good and evil. Evil continues and thrives in the world. Wicked things are done to people all in the name of freedom. Extensive freedom opens the door to the bottomless pit of evil and the high mountains of glory and goodness.

    Why is there evil in the world? There is evil in the world because good people have not managed to eradicate it. Some people keep ignoring the evil; they don’t want to start trouble; they hope it will go away on its own. Other people stridently fight against evil, but do not eradicate it because their method alienates the very people that could help them fight the evil.

    Evil thrives because in its early stages people don’t recognize it for what it is. They let it in and embrace it, unaware of how it will expand an grow. It grows gradually. By the time some people recognize it, they feel trapped and cannot escape. An obvious analogy here is substance abuse. No one who ends up addicted started out realizing it could happen to them.

    I know most people heard the quote “all that is necessary for evil to continue is for good men to stand by and do nothing”. In the raging discourse of politics, global warming, gun control, and many other topics, people get rude and vicious all in the advancement of their cause. They have forgotten that the ends do not justify the means.

    I believe evil exists in this world because each person has become unaware that the way the talk, speak, write, listen, and behave can advance either the side of good or evil. Diminishing someone else in the name of your own cause advances the side of evil even if your cause is good.

    Thus, evil exists in the world because people have forgotten to be kind. Free will at times leads people to make evil choices. It is good to see people trying to be committed to kindness.

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