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Describe your dream house.  Where is it? What rooms does it have? How would you design the floorplan? Would you do in the layout and style of the house if there were no restrictions on expense or location?


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  1. Small cottage with lots of bookshelves and comfy couches
    Airy rooms with big windows for maximum light and air
    Incredible deck with rocking chairs to sit and look at the beautiful view
    Close to the beach so I can wander aimlessly for miles and my husband can sail every afternoon
    Fabulous wild flower garden
    Sea shells and other finds from the beach decorating the house
    Family photographs on the walls
    Big open kitchen stocked with colorful fruits and vegetables


  2. I used to dream about a big house full of beautiful things like on HGTV, but now I would rather have a small, simple one for as long as my family are happy and stress free . With a big, expensive house comes huge financial responsibilities. I chose peace of mind and quality daily life. Great idea for a post. We live in a tough time, we need topics like these. Thank you.


  3. I like the Island Traveler’s reply!

    However if I were a very wealthy person, I’d probably be in the market for a house worth one Million Dollars up. I’d have lots of rooms to accomodate my children and grandchildren when they come to visit for a holiday. The house would of course be architect built and have solar heating. The plumbing would be done in a clever modern way so as to save water. I would have lovely outdoor spaces: Trees, a pool, space for the children to play ball games etc., terraces some shady,some in the sun.

    As it is in reality, we, that is my husband and I, live in a lovely three-bedroom villa with no mortgage on it. We have a little bit of outdoor space with lots of trees. As we are getting on in age, we think of moving into a retirement village where you may get help with maintenance, cleaning etc. if the need arises.


  4. My dream home is a three bedroom, a master bedroom with master bath on one side of the house and the other two rooms on the other side. A formal living room, a formal dining room, big family room open to the kitchen and the breakfast area, and a sunroom. On two acres of land. I thank my God everyday for my dream home. He gave me the opportunity to live in the house of my dream.

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  5. Nothing very big. It’s a cottage house with 2-3 bedrooms. Small garden. Good space to organize, but nothing too much to keep too many things.


  6. Beach house
    Floor to ceiling windows
    Huge kitchen like the one’s you see on Food Network
    Movie theatre room (theatre seats, projector, u get it)
    Man cave (poker table, pool table, foosball, walk-in beer closet)


  7. I would live in a big mansion with around 15 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. It would include over 10 acres of land with different sections for a childrens play area, beautiful gardens of roses and other english plants also a zen garden, greenhouse, lake which leads into my own private beach with a yacht and a speed boat. Still on the garden i would have a farm and stables with a paddock and dressage areana. I would have a massive tree house, tennis courts, golf green, basketball court, atrium, court yard, a secret garden and a river, a infinity pool, outdoor pool with rocks around it which leads into a cave with a jacuzzi, slides would be in a separate kids pool which would also have an outdoor mini water park with sprinklers and fountains. Into the house as well as the bedrooms an bathrooms i would have 3 kids playrooms, 2 indoor pools, a teen hang out room, a girls hang out room and a boys hang out room. I would have an old style dining and lounge room and a modern lounge with a grand piano, i would have an adult and kids music room, a games room such as poker, a kids game room (board games + electronics) , a bowling alley, indoor tennis + basketball courts with a big sports hall, 2 gyms- 1 overlooking the hall, 2 cinemas, 2 librarys, book corner, a party room, a theatre, wine cellar, ice cream parlour, 50’s diner, homework room, 2 offices, a kids kitchen, bar, aquarium and shark room, pet room, dance studio, spa which has a private pool as well which the puplic can use at a price, living area, art gallery, locker room, a big posh dining room with a full glass wall, conferance room, a massive kitchen leading into the garden, a conservatary which had a view of the golf green, a family lounge, i would have a separate guest house with 2 master bedrooms and 1 single bedroom, kitchen/dining room, lounge and study and a bathroom, a random art conservatory, a flat type chill room/ bar, a glass mirrored lounge, a basement games room and yeah thats about it!!!!!! :)


  8. wow,dreaming,i actually have another dream,but lets dream my dream house.must have at least 2 balconies,a private house,no neighbours please.a garden ,an underground room to put all the things i dont use regularly,a big livingroom,the kitchen must be super functional,longdrink bar looking,three bedrooms,with huge beds,hollywood style.a big bathroom with sauna…..