People are too dependent on technology: agree or disagree?

Topic #196: People are too dependent on technology: agree or disagree? Explain.

Topic #196:

People are too dependent on technology: agree or disagree? Explain.


  1. Is this a rhetorical question? I mean, really? Facebook is a time vampire and being used to “socialize.” Men are asking women out via text. Men and women are addictively tinkering with their blackberries to the chagrin of their ignored children. People have convinced themselves that Twitter and Facebook are actually a boon to their business. It’s laughable.

  2. In the Civalized World, Technology has become so fundamental to the average person’s life that we are beyond this choice. The genie is out of the bottle and we ignore it to our peril!

  3. I’m in the desert posting on my iPhone usig wifi. I’m going with “yes.” I was talking about this at a trivia night. Back in the day, people had to remember trivia. Now we have Google.

  4. Oh – I totally agree, but not only dependencies on technology. The number of dependencies increased during the last 20 years – I think.

    I wrote about dependencies in my Blog (german, but with a google translation link).

  5. The challenge to this question is what you consider technology and what you don’t. We all depend on electricity, plumbing and agriculture, all of which could be called technologies.

  6. Absolutely agree! I very much dislike the fact that most evenings in our house everyone is in a different room in front of a screen, whether it’s a computer, DS, xbox, etc. Last fall we lost internet for three days; the way my kids reacted you would have thought it was the end of the world!

  7. We allow the advertizers to brainwash us with all the new technology.We must have it in our lives. It is better than any other phone. We no longer think for ourselves we are like sheep we follow the herd.

  8. In New Zealand there’s been a lot of debate this week following news of a secondary school issuing stationery lists for next year making compulsory a lap top or iPad. While I agree that kids have to keep up with technology, my thoughts did go back to the number of times my kids either lost items from their school bags, or inadvertently broke them or spilled drink over them. And nowadays, there’s the unpleasant likelihood of them having their bags etc stolen.
    I’m totally dependent on technology – when I thought I’d lost my cellphone recently, I despaired at the amount of information I have stored on it – nowhere else. Thankfully it turned up. I haven’t yet learned my lesson and stored information elsewhere.

  9. I agree that we are too dependent on technology. Can we do anything about the dependence on technology? We lost power yesterday at our house. I thought how sad it was that we were so very unsettled for the three hours without electricity.

  10. Nandkishor- Hi,this is nandkishor, in today’s modern world,technology has dominated all aspect of life.When it comes to dependency on the same,it again depends on the choice and lifestyle of a perticular person because there are many alternatives to almost everything.But on an average,people of the modern world is really dependent to technology.The fact is that everybody wants to grow fast and technology helps fulfill this desire.It also reduces labour and save much time.

  11. Nandkishor- Hi,this is nandkishor, in today’s modern world,technology has dominated all aspect of life.When it comes to dependency ,it again depends on the choice and lifestyle of a perticular person because there are many alternatives to almost everything.But on an average,people of the modern world is really dependent to technology.The fact is that everybody wants to grow fast and technology helps fulfill this desire.It also reduces labour and save much time.

  12. Definitely yes. My lap top was playing up this morning and I realised all the things I couldn’t get done if I couldn’t get access to it. I’m always either on my lap top or my iphone. I have been thinking recently that I should try and have a techno free day, I don’t think I would last the day though.

  13. Dependent on technology, well there is no need to be Castaway Tom Hanks with his only friend Wilson the volleyball is there? What will we do without automated light sensitive street lights, stove, automobile, telephone. It’s not so much technology that we need. We need to be better than our neighbour. That’s all. We need to be one better in innovation, in getting the latest gadgets. It is human nature to want to be inventive and creative plus being better. So we buy what we create. How can we go backwards ? Faster, faster !

  14. Humanity has been using technology for millions of years. Deliberately fashioned stone tools are technology. If we hadn’t been dependent on technology we wouldn’t be where we are today.

  15. We depend more and more on technology and are not able to do some simple calculations without using a calculator. The mind is more and more just in your head without using it. It is true technology is and has been used through history and has made of humanity what it is today. But we also should not forget that with the technology we have made within hundred years more harm to our environment than in the last thousands of years. It is good to have technology but we should not depend on technology too much. We should also use more our own brain.
    Through the computer technology men and women have lost more and more a kind of personal contact and sit and write in front of their computer hours and hours in social networks and forget all around them. Technology is good for progress but we should not depend on too much.

  16. I ‘m agree, every day we depend more on technology, the most of us can ‘t live a day without use computers, smart phones, tablet pc’s, and social networks.
    We have become in slaves of technology.

  17. I think the question is moot. Ever since the wheel was invented, we’ve been hooked on technology making our lives more and more effortless. With more time on our hands, man’s brain now seems wired to obsess over the next best thing. And so here we are in the age of the internet where we no longer need leave our keyboards to go out and shop. With a click of a key…whatever we need will be shipped in 7 to 14 days.

    …so i say……. (click below, and see)

  18. Agreed.
    It is simply because technology is a collection of methods, techniques or aid that provides higher leverage or increases our output. So, people has always been striving for better technology since the start of human civilization.
    Technology will usually gravitate towards the trend of the contemporary era. Back in the old days, where keeping warm was important, different ways to spark that fire were devised, either intentionally or coincidentally.
    Nowadays, the world is relatively more peaceful and stable in some parts. So, people have more time to fiddle with technology to increase their “pleasant” experiences. Unfortunately, this could mean us sitting in the chair the whole day watching movies on the computer and gaining kilos over the days.
    Personally, whether we are dependent on technology is less important than are we harnessing technology to increase our competency…or just squandering it on leisure.
    Note that there is no good or bad, just that, the human potential is far greater than enabling us to idle away in a movie marathon. It is quite a pity to spend the human potential in this manner. And again, I say this pity only because my perception of a meaningful life might be different from what individuals set for themselves.

  19. Of course we are. Ever since we distanced ourselves from the other primates, walked upright, developed communication etc, we have engineered our environment to aid us. If you think about the basics – the first hut or shelter built to protect us from the weather, or the invention of the wheel, everything we have done in our history has been built on top of previous technology or the success of that technology.

    You could take all technology away and still survive but it wouldn’t be desirable for many, although there are plenty who live in areas of the world where technology seldom reaches beyond simple clothing and shelter. So it really depends on the culture and your geographical location as to what limits your dependence on technology.

  20. Yes, no two opinions abut this. But is it bad, or not desirable, if then why? . My view is technolgy is okay as long you harness it to serve your purpose. But once you become dependent on it, you cannot function without the same. You must have a way out, a contingent plan, an alternate style of functioning, and continue without a depression. Then we, human beings retain our place in this vast space time continnum, as the lone species which has self awareness, or we becomes machines one day.

  21. Agree. Today, everywhere you look you are pounded by technology.. I think that technology has become more escapism from reality than reality. We survived w/o technology in the olden days (1970′s), but today, that technology has taken us to the point of total distraction with Facebook, Twitter, text messaging and the ultimate in endless distraction.. emails overload..

  22. I have loved reading the replies to this post! I have especially appreciated how a different set of responders is showing up and how, largely, some thought has gone into the responses! I would like to point out one thing, though:
    The question was, “are we TOO dependent”. If tecnology is doing us good, and not harm, we are right to depend upon it. However, I maintain that in many, if not most, cases, we are, indeed, too dependent, because we are becoming weak and in jeopardy of an easy assault. I will add that I think that is the plan.
    Take the lowly wheel, for instance, which some have mentioned as a no-brainer bit of techno-trappings that we love and that is so innocent, no one could object to it. I mean, it separates us from the cave man, right?
    That, and more, I am afraid. If we were too dependent on the wheel, we would be mostly unable to function without it, right? Like, we might live an hour from work and NEED it to obtain our livelihood; or we might be so into the wheel, that obtaining the fuel to move the wheel down the road would become like an addiction, causing us to throw caution to the wind and enrich our enemies, just to get some more. Or we might drive for ten minutes to save two minutes of walking. Or we might do our family planning, of all things, according to how many seats are available in a cute set of wheels. Or we might need a set of wheels for each member of the family. Etc.
    The sad part is we see this example everywhere, not just in the area of transportation. The electronic maze around us, alone, should be enough to make everyone realize just a few strategically-placed attacks would completely paralyze us. Completely.
    America is a house of cards just waiting for the slightest breeze to knock us down, and we need to realize and deal with this truth.
    In other words, open your eyes: We are too dependent.

  23. I think our society is probably too dependent on technology. We use it constantly and can’t do anything if it breaks or we don’t know how to work it.

    I think the real issue isn’t that we’re too dependent on the technology… It’s that we’re too dependent on the people that make and maintain it. For instance, lots of people are dependent on sites like Facebook for social interaction. At the same time, they are completely clueless of the programming that was used to build the site and the research and marketing that went into it to make it popular. If they understood these things, they’d no longer be dependent. They’d be able to make much better suggestions, be more aware of how difficult it is to maintain, and apply what they’ve learned to developing more social relationships in the real world.

    Basically, no matter how dependent you are on technology for everything, if you understand how it works, then you can basically step back and admire it at any time- from a distance. If our society was like that, dependency would not be a problem, it would be a good thing, since everyone would be able to better collaborate. At the same time, I doubt such a society is anywhere near possible today.

  24. Agree. You just gave me a nice idea for a post.

    As for an explanation, we earlier memorized phone numbers, now many of us don’t even know all of our own contact numbers. Books are awesome, unlike ebooks they don’t throw light at your face and don’t give you seizures(see: Wikipedia). People don’t seem to acknowledge the power of real conversations and real meetings. We depend on it so much that we have become sad because of it.

    When a computer does something, we are not too happy because of it, because that is what it is supposed to it. On the other hand, if a friend made a graph for me, or made a drawing for me, I would be very happy, because a friend is not bound to do it, that is a favour.

  25. I think there are 2 sides to the technology coin. Technology has helped in many ways- for example success of using social media for good causes. It is definitely achieving more success in helping garner funds and spread awareness/news. I feel technology helps us get access to information within seconds and be more aware of what is happening anywhere.

    But I also strongly feel that technology is replacing the need of people in our lives. Any free time we get, we prefer to get online. With umpteen games and contests and quizzes online, kids are so occupied on their technology device, and so are their parents. Everyone has a digital avatar today and are becoming increasing satisfied to remain behind that avatar, and we don’t feel the need to talk or meet anymore. People game online instead of going out, use blogs to talk about their feelings rather than talking about it with their near and loved ones.

  26. I agree and disagree
    We HAVE become extremely dependent on technology. Myself being a good example. Updating has become a way of people’s lives now. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Gaming Websites, all of these websites have been huge contributors to the addiction of technology. It’s even frowned upon if you don’t have an account on either of these websites. Also the fact people text senseless messages to one another and prefer that over actually calling them or meeting them in person is another sign of the growing problem of individuals rather wanting to use technology.

    But there is also the kind of people who have found proper ways to use their technology.
    They can use technology as a way of convenience. Checking it for important information such as news, job opportunities, discussion boards on certain topics, research, weather updates, spreading the word about new health, and so on. It provides people with information they couldn’t access as easily on their own. It also keeps people who are on the other side of the world in contact with one another (ex. Soldier keeping in contact with his family via video chat or voice chat)

    I believe that technology should stop being used as a necessity and instead used to convenience ourselves and help make our lives better through connection and information. Otherwise, if it is used too much for senseless reasons, the traditional way of socializing could diminish and change into something completely digital.

  27. i agree.
    infact one time i met this one kid that was super addicted to his technology. one day one of our friends asked him “what would you do if you didn’t have your video games, or your phone for 1 week” and he said “i would kill my self” and he wasn’t joking around.

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