What does freedom mean?

Topic #177: What does freedom mean? People talk about freedom all the time, but what does it mean in real…

Topic #177:

What does freedom mean? People talk about freedom all the time, but what does it mean in real life? Is a person who has a job truly free? What about the responsibilities of having a family or a friend? It’s one thing to be free to make a choice, but after a choice is made, are we truly free anymore?


  1. I am a Catholic. I feel the same way about the importance of being able to submit one’s will to God. It is not always easy, but whenever I feel I’ve achieved it, I feel totally free.

  2. This is an interestingly complicated question :)
    To speak for myself, the answer to this question lies in ones definition of ‘freedom’. As I see it, we are all controlled by a divine power, and therefore there are certain things which control us, and so if we consider being controlled as something that limits freedom, then no one is free. To understand this point, you might want to ask yourself the following questions: Are you free to choose when you are born? Are you free to choose when to fall sick? and choose the illness? No one is 100% free, but we are granted a certain amount of freedom using which we lead our lives.
    In the question posted, I think there is a confusion between freedom, choice and responsibility. You are free to take up a job, once chosen it is your responsibility to fulfill it as per the job description, but it is your choice whether to behave responsibly or mess it all up.
    Even after making a choice we are free to either walk away from it and face the consequences or stick to our choice.
    (BTW, i think freedom, choice and responsibility are all linked)

  3. Until a person stop his final breathing there will be no freedom he can gain in his life. Each and everything and each and every day there is some sort of burden – duty -work -worry or responsibility he has to carry on his shoulder. He may be an ordinary person- – family man- or VIP. Every human in this world cannot be get freedom unless he is not a sane person. Anyhow taste our own freedom as we like abet and enjoy life as it goes.

  4. For me it is a simple question. It means being free to think, say and do what a person wants, to live the kind of life a person wants to live. Freedom is not granted by any outside power or force and can never be truly taken from us. Of course with freedom comes responsibility. One must always bare in mind that the freedom one lives out in this way may have consequences for others. So freedom as a virtue depends upon the type of person exercising it. I hope I have made some kind of sense.

  5. freedom is the ability to choose and the right to exercise that choice…one may not be truly free in this lifetime as freedom comes with a lot of responsibilty and consequences-since we are bound by relationships,and socially conditioned to lead a certain life.freedom may be desired but nt attainable at certain levels-we decide hw free we want to be by creating or nt creating relationships as we build our lives.with frredom we also get to understand sacrifice and their relationship – both in their own right are important part of an individuals’ personal growth’to understand the meaning of their lives

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