What is a fear you think you can conquer today?

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What is a fear you think you can conquer today?

Bonus: Here’s a good article on how to overcome fears.

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  1. I cannot, I have had them for too long now. What will happen when I give them or even one up? will some new insane fear take the old and very comfortable fear away?
    Maybe I should acknowledge my fear. “FEAR!” I say to you, “I AGREE YOU’RE SCARY”


  2. I have one fear: Snakes. To conquer this fear, I guess I would need to *want* to conquer it. I do not have this desire. Thus, snakes and I are meant to be apart.


  3. I will write more on my post but one fear was losing my case against a Junk Debt Collector and I WON! Today Amen to that.


  4. I fear not having enough to live on in my old age which is near. All the mistakes I have made. I have learnt from. Life is too short, there are so many wonderful things in life and the older you get your realize that , when you are young you are stupid, drinking, getting drunk, fashion, celebrity, the whole bag of nothing, then when you reach the age
    of sense, you see the wonders you have missed and will miss if you never went to school, college or university. You are trapped in a hell of your own making. Too late you end up grasping at straws. Help there is non. You are on your own.