What is the last good book you read? Write a short review.

Topic #114:

What is the last good book you read? Write a short review.

Bonus: Try to find the book on amazon, and report your review there, so you can make sure to help the author – then add a link to that review.

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  1. O último livro que lí é de um chef famoso, que tem 27 restaurantes ao redor do mundo. Não consigo lembrar o nome dele, é loiro jovem e faz TV, como comandar restaurantes.
    Gostei do livro, é leve ele escreve muito bem sendo também escritor.
    O livro se trata da vida dele e de seus restaurantes. Como ele trabalha bem ,tem uma visão de fazer inveja. Acho que o sobrenome é Randolf.
    Já estou lendo outro, esse é de mistério, amo ler.
    Abraços a todos!


  2. I read The Secret for Rhonda Byrne. I was a wonderful book that stuck out of me. I taught me how to control myself and gave some ideas on how the law of attraction is so important. I started to really become more practical and see things differently.


  3. I recently read a book about how to train a child.I am a first time mother and it inspires me a lot and this book gave me an idea on how to teach my child the fear of the Lord and the proper discipline while growing up. I truly believe that including God in informing a child is a blessing.


  4. Can anyone tell me how to post a review on amazon for a book i didnt buy from them? cannot find the answer anywhere. thank you


    1. As long as you have an Amazon account and are logged into it, you should be able to post your review. Look for the Product Details section and find the customer reviews link. Click on the customer reviews as if you were going to read the reviews. On the page where all the customer reviews are, there should be a button where you can create your own review 🙂 Hope this helps!


  5. I managed to win a chance to review a book that hadn’t been released yet from Waterstones. The book is called You and it is written by Joanna Briscoe. This was my entry that has the link to the Waterstones website that now carries my review 🙂


  6. I could identify with this book on so many levels. I was a single mom for 11 years. I had all the same feelings as Denise did. My daughter was ADHD and I had to work full time too. The hardest part is getting help form the schools when she was younger. She always had to stay after school to “get more help.” This was hard on her and on me. Every day I had to wake up and have a routine with my daughter, rush to the daycare or schools to drop her off, then rush to work, then rush back by a certain time to pick her up. These type of events went on for 11 years. If my daughter was sick, I had to bring her to work with me. I was thankful to have a job that would allow it. I cannot tell you how many times I wished someone would come rescue me and my daughter from the every day struggles. Either way she is now 17 years of age and I am 44.

    I loved “The Rescue” and it brought back memories for me. I would love to help single mothers get through their hard times as it is something that I did first hand, mostly alone.


  7. I just read “The long journey home” by Margaret Robison. ( Her memoir disputing son Augusten Burroughs’ books)
    Absolutely a waste of time! Way too wordy, lack of focus, so completely self-centered and self pitying to be annoying. Had to push myself to finish the book. Would not recommend to anyone! Found her son’s books to be much more entertaining and well written