If you could go invisible for a day, what would you do?

Topic #101:

If you could go invisible for a day, what would you do?

Submitted by Meg at Natuckettiechic (which is a blog on another blogging service that rhymes with shmogger. Meg – here’s a friendly hint – this is for you)

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  1. if I was invisible I would go to work for my local telephone company, VIVACOM..because they think that I am invisible already. I would plague the Customer Care manager until he openly admitted that there is no customer care at Vivacom. I would trash his office, slash his car tyres and generally make his life hell. Maybe then he would agree with me, even if it was under pressure and not permissable in court, that Vivacom are the worst telephone company on the earth


  2. Nossa eu adoraria ficar invisivel, por um dia já seria o suficiente.
    Já imaginaram os podres que eu iria descobrir? Que pena que isso é impossivel, só em pensamento ou sonhos não?
    Abraços a todos!


  3. You mean really invisible? I will try to accomplish one thing that every one – me inclusive – think is “impossible”. But what could that be? I will think about it……..


  4. New message in my inbox this morning from Mrs. Amanda Collins: “You have just been awarded of the sum of £1,000,000.00 GBP in the Camelot Award 2011, Anniversary Bonanza.” Yeahh!!

    If I could go invisible for a day, I would play a ghost and type nasty messages on their computer screens of “Mrs. Collins” and her spamming peers.

    To top the day off, I would buy a cup of coffee and walk down the street, holding the cup only visible outside my invisibility cloak. It would look as if the cup was floating in the air.

    That would be a good day.


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  6. I will try to steal things from all the expensive brand stores. That is unethical but hey I am invisible, who cares 😛

    And would mess up with people’s mind by pushing, kicking and tripping them, that should be fun 😛