What’s the strangest thing that’s ever happened to you on a bus?

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What is the strangest thing that’s ever happened to you on a bus?

Bonus: If you don’t take buses often, how about on an airplane? While driving to work? While walking home from school? And if nothing strange has ever happened to you while using transportation of any kind, what is the strangest thing you can think of that you wish had happened to you while using transportation?

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  1. Not sure that strange things happening to me on buses quite fit my maths blog.

    Though once a student of mine commented that she saw a boy on the bus who looked just like me. Further questionning and it turned out it was my son!


  2. I’ve got a train story in draft but it’s not scheduled to post till Thursday morning Australian time.


  3. Some of the things I’ve seen on a bus I’d like to forget and some I can’t talk about in mixed company, but there was one guy in green pants that talked to me at a bus stop. He walked over, hiked up his pants to his armpits and asked, “Do people get a kick out of your aura?”


  4. A coisa estranha que aconteceu comigo no onibus? Eu considero falta de respeito, por ser idosa, o onibus que deveria parar no ponto onde fiz sinal, fingiu que não me viu e passou direto. Esperei mais 20 minutos até que outro parasse, quando parei no final. Procurei um fiscal e reclamei, o motorista poderia perder o emprego. Mas eu deixei para lá.
    Abraços a todos!


  5. A strange thing that seem to happen while traveling in a bus, is my view of life would somehow change. In a bus we tend to meet people whom we would not usually meet in our daily routines. In a bus, I various different thoughts on how I could be different would come and go.


  6. Nothing really weird to me, a couple inappropriate things to my friend that I don’t know how the guy wasn’t caught, and my husband says while waiting for a bus, a lady fell over and had a seizure. Sad.


  7. Strange thing: I just entered a bus and seeing a vacant seat somewhere in the rear, I took it. A man was sitting beside me and he looked nice and not really weird. Then I noticed he made this strange stare at me. It was a cold look. He was trying to say something but he wasn’t mad or anything so I smiled. Little by little I noticed his hands were coming closer to mine. I was curious to see what he’s gonna do so I pretended I did not notice. Then sooner he touched my hand slowly. I was afraid so I removed it and tried to find another seat. I still wondered what was that all about but I guess one strange thing in the bus…


  8. I used busses for years and saw many crazy things. I fell asleep on one a few months back. The bus driver breaked and hit a car and I slid forward so fast I banged my head on the frame of the seat in front of me, thus waking me up from a nice snooze. Spent the afternoon in hospital with a concussion.

    Aside from that nasty incident my years of public transport use have given me a few surprises: A parrot on a mans shoulder talking to communters, a couple at the back of a bus getting frisky if you know what I mean, and I once saw a woman breast feeding ONE baby but with both breasts out – I know, weird right?


  9. When I was in high school i was waiting for a bus late at night in downtown seattle and there was a scraggly homeless guy hanging around the bus stop. I had about $1.50 in change in my pocket and when the bus came, before I got on I just handed it to him without barely even looking at him.

    Then i got on the bus and started walking to my seat and all of a sudden i felt someone grab me from behind and the homeless guy had followed me onto the bus and started hugging and kissing me and thanking me profusely – making a huge scene.