How to write 1000 words (timelapse video)

Some of you may know that beyond my duties as a team lead on, I make a living writing books and blogging.

As a writer, I’ve always wanted to see what it actually looks to look over the shoulder of a pro writer as they work. Since I couldn’t find such a thing, I made it myself.

Here you can see a 5 minute timelapsed video of me writing a 1000 word post, with audio commentary on what I’m doing:

You can read the actual essay on How to write 1000 words or read more details about how I made the video here.

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  1. I don’t ever count the words. I just write whatever I feel and then stop. I only count the words if it is a 55 word challenge, which is very hard to do. It is hard to tell a story in 55 words. If I had to do a thousand word post, I would obsess about how many words I have typed and keeping counting and the lose track and have to start over. (This is a 74 word comment. I had to count it.) But with my counting comment it is now 94.


  2. Thanks, this video was great! I often worry that I spend far too much time sorting out and reflecting on what I’m trying to write (while I write it), so it was insightful and reassuring to see someone else work through a similar writing process.


  3. That’s good Scott. It inspires me a lot. Sometimes, when I try to write things already in my mind, it’s just suddenly swept away… I just don’t know why. After reading and watching this video, perhaps, I should have written the ideas below the passage and then try to describe each of them at the upper part. When another topic ideas comes when I am describing a listed topic, I should immediately write it down again in the bottom part. Great… I think I am gonna try this…

    Thanks 🙂


  4. That’s so cool! What a treat to see the creative process in motion! I keep a list of ideas under my writing as well, it’s very useful. Keeping a note pad with you at all times is something I’ve done since school, you never know when you might want to jot down something you may want to use later. Good stuff Scott!


  5. Muito obrigada por compartilhar conosco, mas como não entendo e nem falo inglês, é dificil para mim, eu jamais conseguiria escrever um livro assim creio eu.
    Um abraço Scott!


  6. Great idea!…really enjoyed it…so true…about the time involved, the thinking, the changing, the gathering of thoughts and putting it together…but, at last something you can be proud of…Writing is amazing!


  7. I really got a lot out of your video Scott; it gives a true window into the process a writer may go through from initial inspiration to finished piece. Oh – and your “grenade” became lodged in my mind so I looked it up in my dusty old Roget’s Thesaurus. Synonyms for grenade: “bomb”, “pineapple”, or “egg” (slang). I’m glad you just stuck with “grenade” 🙂 Thanks again for the great video! I’ll watch it anytime I feel stuck w/my own writing (which is most of the time actually).


  8. I really enjoyed this video. I have had the post in my inbox for a while, and I am kicking myself for not watching it sooner. As a relatively new blogger participating in the #postaday2011 challenge, I have found my thought processes and writing sharpen. It is nice to hear about the time necessary for thinking and reorganizing a post, essay, etc. from an experienced writer. Thank you for seeing the need for this and filling that gap, Scott.