What are your favorite slang words?

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What are your favorite slang words?

Which ones are overused?

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    1. B.C. that one is the first I thought of…cool! On one hand it seems so old and really NOT cool to use it anymore 🙂 But, as you say everyone is still using it.


  1. Wench. Without a doubt. I come from an area called the Black Country in the West Midlands area of England and ‘wench’ is not considered an insult as in ‘serving wench’ but more of an endearing word, as my Nan used to say to my sister when she wore a nice dress: “Ooh me wench, you look lovely!”

    Overused words from the younger generation: Like & propper. ‘It was like so cool the other day…’ or ‘That jacket is like propper good!’ Grrr.


  2. É engraçado, a minha filha caçoa quando digo, vermelha igual um perú, ou surdo que nem uma pedra. Ela diz porque você não fala só vermelha? Ou só surdo? O pior é que nem percebo como falo.
    Abraços Mina!


  3. ‘sup is awfully popular, or what’s up – which, depending on who you ask, may merit a sarcastic answer related to the ceiling or sky.

    How’s it going could also be considered slang, and its certainly used quite often.


  4. We have a new one here in New Zealand , rising from the earthquake.
    “Munted” meaning destroyed, out of commision. Many buildings and businesses are munted.
    Regards Phillipa from shakey Christchurch NZ


  5. “bite me” – I ended my retirement speech with this slang phrase. It seemed to me the proper response from a New York State 2007 English Educator of the year – after 22 years in the classroom. Quite liberating to be sure.

    Overused: “amazing” – I’ve heard this expression used to describe everything from the mundane to the truly spectacular thereby weakening its power – alas.


  6. In Mumbai they use the word “a hero” which says do not act smart. When u do not respond then also it is used to shout.


  7. I don’t think I have a favorite but I don’t like “ill”, “illest”, “sick” or anything that has something negative or makes me feel like throwing up turned good.


  8. Living in Hawai’i for the past 8 years, some pidgin has seamlessly entered into my lexicon. “mean, eh?” comes to mind.

    But I love that I grew up in the inner city of Chicago and left there in ’95. So a lot of my slang is anachronistically tied to that era. I still use “Homie” and “Bet” quite often. I like to imagine some paleolinguist will record the way I talk, the last living member of a dead language! Say it with me Trugernanner “Aw, shucky ducky nah!”


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