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This one is not from It’s from the dark, twisted recesses of my own mind:

Describe the perfect crime. A crime that could take place somewhere you know, or at a company you’ve heard of, or even in the future or the past. Something where either it’d be impossible to get caught, or that somehow no one (who didn’t deserve it) would be hurt.

Bonus: by definition, is a perfect crime ever possible?

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  1. I will admit to having tried to dream up a few perfect crimes during my battle – but of course never thought of acting on them – they were just dreams of sweet revenge. Now we have joy and happiness coming to our world, thoughts of crime are a far distant memory!


    1. Love it. That IS a crime! Or company takeovers that raid pension funds – god forbid long term loyal employees who build a firm should reap financial benefits in retirement – oh, no, not unless they’re CEO’s. It’s amazing what terms people accept in their work lives. The topic does not fit in with my blog style, however.


      1. The old saying goes, “Figures never lie but liars can figure.” Never trust a company, large or small. They can keep their pensions and their corrupt business practices. Find where your talents lie, develop the skills to wisely use them, and get paid to pave your own path through life.


  2. Perfect crime, no such thing really as impossible to leave no trail, be it minute and virtually undetectable.

    Although I must say that these footballers and other sports stars getting £100,000 plus a week, when there are people like myself working for a charity and struggling to make ends meet, is a pretty impressive crime that no-one seems to batter an eyelid at.

    If they donated a months, wages it would mean the charity could afford to finish the new build, and pay its staff a wage more fitting for the hours and workload they have to put in.

    Rant over, but my point is valid and I know shared by many others.

    Thanks for reading
    Simon 🙂


  3. Gosto muito de ler, desde romances, policíais, mistério, etc.
    Mas não sei descrever um crime perfeito, até porque acho que não existe o crime perfeito. Ele só é perfeito por não conseguirem desvenda-lo.


  4. This one got “filed”. My suggestion on stimulating our creative juices about “law and order” is perhaps ask “which is your favorite “law and order” show and what do you like most about it? Include your favorite character[s]. Can be anyone of the Law and Order series, i.e., Law & Order NY, Law & Order LA, Law and Order UK, Law and Order Criminal Intent or Special Victims Unit. CIS/NCIS series.

    I wrote 4 quick posts: 1) about the 30,000 protestors in Wisconsin against the Gov’s bill to strip government employees of unionizing — protest is heading into its 4th day; 2) on the ramifications of a bill raised in South Dakota’s legislature that seeks to redefine justifiable homicide so as to include the murder of abortion doctors, clinics and their staff; 3) a growing double-standard on health care — some federal lawmakers want to repeal the new health care law, which is quite similar to what lawmakers have but they will not give it up – just want the rest of us to give it up; and 4) reprint of the Center for Medicare Advocacy’s press release regarding the ramifications of repealing the health care law on seniors.


  5. If I had the time I would research and write about the George W. Bush administration’s runup to the invasion of Iraq. I believe that has turned into the perfect crime, as no one has been held responsible for it and the resulting carnage (not to mention what it’s done to our treasury).


  6. I would agree with Rick, above, but my main focus would be the election and the Florida fiasco. That mayhem is criminal and has ‘history lesson’ written all over it. That was the day democracy died before our eyes- the Bush lock up with his R. brother/governer, the refusal to have a re-vote. The faulty, misleading, hand-punched ballot that did not represent the voters true selection for President. The majority of Repulicans on the Supreme Court who proved how tiny-minded they were, bi-partisan and selfishly driven in their politically motivated final decision. It was a national shame. We should have been like the Egyptians- in the street protesting to have it done right. But I whine on. That was a crime against every American. I hate the electoral system. It was invented before phones, computers, cars, national polls- we do not need it in the modern technological age. But I’m not going to write that on a blog that’s 70 percent special diet rcipes!


  7. The perfect crime is subjective. For me, doing a crime is just to fulfill one’s desire for something to be done. The perfect crime to me is something that you done that will fulfill your need to do something bad, but good to others. One example will be like, stealing someone’s mac when he is not looking, but you know that he is trying to find a way of getting rid of his mac. I know its retarded, but it is an act that is beneficial to all.


  8. A really interesting question, if you interest in viewing my answer,
    of what i believe to be “The Perfect Crime”
    Check out my blog 🙂
    Thanks for another thought provoking question 🙂


  9. I think I went a bit off tangent, but I liked doing this one. My take is the perfect crime is one too big to be tackled. Most criminals only seems to want what is just out of their reach. The real masters of crime are the ones that want the whole world. Thanks for the topic – I thought I wasn’t going to make a post today until I read it 🙂


  10. God, I must be getting thick.

    What is this supposed to mean? Write a 300 word crime story instead of a Daily Blog – is that what you want? if so, I will have a go.

    Do I just head it The Perfect Crime? and what’s the maximum wordcount and what’s the incentive. I can make it almost true! jenny


  11. I can think of one scenario that might fit the definition of a perfect crime: Say you are a poor mother who steals food in a store to feed your children. Stealing is by definition a crime. The shopkeeper catches you and lets you walk away with the food, or he pretends he doesn’t see you. No one is hurt.

    If she steals a second time because it was so easy the first time, is it still a perfect crime? I’m not sure.


  12. I can not get myself to describe the perfect crime. It is such an incongruous concept. I’ll accept the above scenario by Zol as a forgiven crime.