Can you do a challenge a day?

Oh, do I have a nice surprise for you.

On the Daily Challenge blog, not only are they participating in Post A day, which is awesome.  But the entire blog is about giving you challenges to do.

If you do one, or even think about doing one, guess what? It’s something you can blog about. Pow! Another day taken care of.

Give The Daily Challenge Blog a try, I challenge you (ha ha).

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  1. Hi Scott:

    I’m really glad to see WordPress doing a Post A Day. I found this yesterday, and will be tagging my posts from today forward.

    I’ve been doing a post a day since the middle of last summer, making the “challenge” part of this one a little less cumbersome.

    My biggest tip, if you want to use it as a post for others, is this: posting every day makes me look for inspiration in everyday life. It might come from something as mundane as a random comment from a barista in a coffee shop (, or many other similar things that I won’t link here.

    The point is, through posting every day, I’ve learned that I can turn just about anything into a blog post. It’s awesome, and I can’t wait to go along on this ride with others who are trying to do the same thing.

    I’ll check out the Daily Challenge Blog. Whether I’m up for TWO posts a day? We’ll see……



  2. Eu ainda não sei é para escrever aqui? Ou no meu blog?
    Se for no meu blog: eu posto conforme posso, mas não todos os dias.
    Até que tenho postado bem! Mas só posto quando tenho assunto, ou receitas.
    Abraços Mina!


  3. Posting each day has been very challenging and rewarding. I am posting artwork each day quick drawings or small paintings – I have set aside a little bit of time each day to complete, which I really look forward to. Typically I wouldn’t share most of these as I am creating them but this is very interesting to have feedback along the way… Hope I can keep it up.


    1. It’s funny, Dawn. When I started posting every day, I missed just one day – a Saturday – and got emails at 6am wondering whether I was dead. 🙂

      Good luck with both your posting and your artwork this year.


  4. But I don’t understand the challange. I believe I must post one ticket by day on my blog. I make it. It’s not true? I must post on an other blog?


  5. Pardon,pardon,pardon.Iknow ı’m late. I’going to write something today.I hope,I can tell in english what I think.


  6. Hey guys. If you like the postaday2011 and/or postaweek2011 challenge here’s the next challenge for you: writeamonth2011
    It’s about writing a short story (at least 2 pages) to a special topic. The topic you’ll find on my blog.
    have fun writing 😉
    love Kate