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Miley Cyrus, the 20-year-old singer who began her career as squeaky-clean star of the Hannah Montana television series, seems to have ditched that goody two-shoes image for good with her recent Video Music Awards (VMAs) performance. Cyrus performed with Robin Thicke wearing a nude bikini, made suggestive overtures to a foam finger, and caused legions to break down and Google twerking. Did Miley’s performance cross the line, are we making too much of it, or are we missing a chance to have a more important conversation about race and sex? You be the judge.

Get off my lawn! I have standards!

What’s the world coming to anyways with these young whippersnappers who have no self-respect, getting down with their bad self, on public display like a strumpet on the low street? Can’t a female singer use her voice to cultivate a following? Must they resort to waggling their netherbits in a man’s crotch to get attention? You’d never catch Anne Murray twerking! We need to start burning Miley .mp3s now.

This ain’t news. Ever heard of Elvis, that kid from Tupelo?

Miley’s getting a bad rap. She’s not the only rock n’ roller vilified for a performance. Elvis Presley scandalized the American public in ’50s with his raunchy hip movements — in fact, the cameramen were instructed to film Presley from the waist up only during is performance on the Ed Sullivan show in 1956. That was 57 years ago, people! Elvis was 21 years old, at the time.

We’re going to skip a few years in the history of music, though remember Madonna’s scandalous rocket bras? How about Janet Jackson’s great wardrobe malfunction of the 2004 Superbowl? (Some say that was planned. Conspiracy? Maybe.) The point is, we need to get over our prudish ways and move on. Silly happens!

Are we missing a teachable moment?

Controversy breeds opinions like poop breeds flies. It’s easy to watch Miley’s performance and dismiss her as a low-track streel, but are we missing a chance to have a larger discussion about race, sex, gender roles, and the evils of stereotyping? Are we unfairly dismissing Miley as a human being because of a few dance moves? What can we learn from this and how can and should we be discussing this with our friends, family, sons, and daughters so that we can all learn from it, instead of simply opining?

And now, over to you

What do you think? Did Miley’s performance happen on a slow news day? Do we all have more important things to think about? Does the general public just need a bit of context about the history of rock n’ roll? Did Miley’s performance simply go too far? Or, are we missing a chance to learn? Be sure to tag your entry with DPchallenge.


  1. Miley is acting, and the show is in need of free advertising, Miley is in need of advertising, her actions are not so much a display of her own persona, but a display of what the media thinks will get youtubes, facebook chatter, twitters, and any other kind of attention. To me this is a ploy to get attention to another show that wants better ratings. The VMA’s have the same issue, the Oscars’ as well, any kind of presentation show seems to find someone who will ‘do the dirty work of scandal’ to up the ratings is in. What happened was no sneak attack from Miley, it wasn’t an unplanned event that caught producers and directors off guard.

    I think this sort of thing is rather common place, its nothing new to find someone who will be the ‘talk of the town’ for a while for doing something scandalous while on stage. This is the important part, if its done off stage, the media profits only a little, if its done on stage the media profits increase and the show is watched for the ‘anticipation factor’ that something crazy might happen…and thats what its all about, ‘watching the show’.

    The media doesn’t give a hoot about the morality factor, otherwise they would have censored her immediately both on and off the stage. But, the show upon which such a moral travesty appeared, has been silent about judging Miley.

    Im surprised it wasn’t Miley and Selena Gomez doing lip locks like Madonna and Brittney. Remember the Disney persona is what every young woman is attempting to escape in shock-wood, and the fans love to have it so.

  2. I’m not going to post about this since I think there already well-written articles on this subject “Solidarity is for Miley” “(Black) Body as a (White) Wonderland”), but I honestly don’t think the problem lies solely in Miley being kind of childish.

    What we need to remember is an ENTIRE TEAM put together that performance and her image and I don’t think they are ignorant to what cultural images they are exploiting. Markets, (in this case the music industry) are always taking advantage of people, their customs, their backgrounds, by using/exploiting/manipulating images to make a dollar. And we the consumers give them that dollar. It’s always a question of whether the market is just or ethical and if we the consumers are taking part in it. I don’t want to overemphasize the racial aspect of the Miley incident nor do I want to over analyze gender/sexuality issues but these problems (the ones I stated above) are where my disgust takes root. I think the performance provides more of a catalyst for discussion. For me it has been helpful to really locate my disgust, judge Miley a little less, and look at the broader picture.

  3. I think Miley’s biggest problem is that she couldn’t pull the look off. She can’t dance well and her nude bikini wasn’t flattering. Put Rihanna or Lady Gaga is something like that and they will look amazing, and probably bust out some better dancing. No one would say anything because we’re used to that from them. Miley hasn’t been a child star for awhile now…she’s trying to grow up. So she made a bad wardrobe choice. She looked like an idiot when she was dancing. That’s her decision. It’s flash news, and people should be spending their energy discussing more intellectually stimulating news.

  4. You folks need to get a grip on the concept of “important.” The last one of these was … gasp … Facebook. I thought that was trivial, but this? This is a non-issue that no one will remember in a week.

  5. Good lord can you believe that 36 year old married man is on stage with a half naked 20 year old’s ass waving in his face as part of a well rehearsed performance of a song about how much hates having to distinguish between consensual and non-consensual sex for his wife and son to see?

    Oh sorry, wrong attitude. Go back to your mysogynistic slutshaming.

  6. I may post on this subject, but first, wanted to join the discussion. I am not a prude but parents and grandparents need to be on guard if allowing their Tweens and teens to view the show, as porno, lap dance was on display. Adults may opt for this…that’s fine! But do we really want our younger generation to think this is acceptable behavior? Especially since Hanna Montana has been welcomed into their homes. As for Miley… Her formerly cute, if average voice, cannot stand out there on its own merits, so sexual distraction (frankly not the least bit titillating) is all she can muster to compete with true talents of her generation. Finally, her father should be ashamed that he launched her adult image through creepy, nearly nude photos of him with his pubescent daughter. No wonder she doesn’t know who she is supposed to be.

  7. Can someone explain to me how to get my DPChallenge post in this list? I tagged my post with “DPChallenge” and I put a link to it in the comment section above, but I don’t see my post on the list below these comments. Any help would be much appreciated!

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