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Our blogs are platforms from which we share our experiences, opinions, and views with the online world. For Mind the Gap…

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Our blogs are platforms from which we share our experiences, opinions, and views with the online world. For Mind the Gap challenges, we want to hear what you think about a divisive issue. Each challenge will include a poll where you can cast your vote along with your fellow Daily Post participants. After you vote, tell us more about how you feel by expanding on the topic in a blog post. Be sure to visit other participants’ posts to get some healthy discussion going.

To participate, tag your posts with DPchallenge and leave a link to your post in the comments. Please be sure your post has been specifically written in response to this challenge; obvious attempts to link-bait will be deleted. We’ll keep an eye on the tag and highlight some of our favorites on Freshly Pressed each Friday.


There’s no shortage of contentious political events we could use for this week’s Mind the Gap challenge—it’s nearly impossible to be online for more than 0.2 seconds before seeing something about the upcoming U.S. presidential elections. (If you’ve figured out how to avoid it, please tell us!)

Instead, we thought we’d try another topic, something people don’t get quite so worked up about and that’s not U.S.-centric: kids.

Everyone loves kids, right? Right! Except when they don’t.

This week, we’re particularly interested in what you think about kids in adult-oriented places. I think most of us can agree that it’s not a good idea to drag little Sally to a bar at 1AM, but what about a museum? A fancy restaurant?

As always, we’re looking forward to reading your interesting, well-reasoned arguments—if you’re going to insult parents or condemn anyone under age 18, we’ll pass.

We hope that you visit fellow challenge participants’ posts for all challenges, and especially encourage you to do so for Mind the Gap. Let the debate begin!


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  1. Hey Daily Press Moderators!

    I thought I wrote a pretty good post and followed some Freshly Pressed guidelines. Commenters and likers of this post also went on over to my post and gave me some likes and comments. How did you guys pick this weeks posts for Freshly Pressed?!

  2. i’ve had a good time with my challenge and an even better time seeing variations on the theme. One particular article was seen through the eyes of an adult remembering the child’s perspective. (number 35 – ‘i was that kid.’
    Here’s a link to mine, not as creative but most opinionated:

  3. My post, “Baby on Board: Should Flights be Child-Free?” drew fire from friends on Facebook, who commented:

    “If people have a problem with kids on a plane or any other public transportation, then they should probably take the car”

    “Since you can’t predict how kids will act on an 18 hour flight, you’d have to assume that all kids will misbehave, so you would have to deny ALL kids. and since kids 2+ are paying full price, they have just as much rights as the fat guy snoring loudly next to you or the person with the annoying chihuahua”

    Agree, or disagree? Would love to hear others’ opinions.

  4. Здравейте приятели! Виждам как заедно се вълнуваме от тази важна тема и в мен се ражда надежда. Не мога да следя пълноценно дискусията, да прочета вашите блогове, защото нямам компютър в къщи.А темата е важна, много важна, ние трябва да стигнем заедно до общи мнения, а защо не и решения В моя блог има някакви предполагаеми отговори. Имам намерение да публикувам още разсъждения в художествена форма, където отново присъства моята искрена загриженост Да не се отказваме от темата, да мислим, да търсим дълбочината на явленията, за да остане след нас един по– добър свят

    1. Здравейте приятели! Аз се радвам, че темата за децата отново е на дневен ред . И мисля, че с нашето искрено вълнение сме длъжни да достигнем до общи мнения . В България казваме, че една птичка пролет не прави. Моля да ме извините, но в кратките си коментари ми се струва, че сме малко повърхностни. Ние нямаме време да прочетем блоговете, предлагам да бъдем по- обширни и задълбочени в коментарите си . Аз работя с деца от 4 до 18 години, преподавам пиано и имам много впечатления , които ме тревожат . Обичам много децата , това е най-важното условие ,за да практикувам тази професия вече 30 години В моята работа, в това индивидуално обучение на първо място като условие за успех е да установя специфичен контакт със всяко дете. В този процес аз често се натъжавам, защото не виждам присъствието на родителите в тяхното възпитание И смело твърдя, че с очите си виждам отрицателната роля на интернет ,на училището, на улицата, на нашата прекалено хаотична и безлика действителност, на цялото пространство в ефира Имам още какво да кажа. Ние трябва много сериозно да приемем тази тема ,21 век остава за тях .В България казваме- каквото посеем това ще жънем.

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