Love. Can you believe we’ve never done this theme? I won’t give you any hints here. Amaze us with your…

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Love. Can you believe we’ve never done this theme? I won’t give you any hints here. Amaze us with your own interpretation of LOVE. This photo is a testament to other people’s ideas of love: affixing a lock to a bridge in Paris with their love’s name and other information. 

In a new post specifically created for this challenge, share a picture which means LOVE to you!

I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

- Sara Rosso


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  1. Love to see people in love. Love intoxicates as the picture shows. Love can also be deadly as the bottle represent too. Love can be ugly especially when all the trust was gone. But overall. it is a wonderful picture to look at.

    In English it means “love locks in Figline”.
    Just a few days ago I published the photo above which shows how that craze of love locks is spreading along the river Arno (Tuscany, Italy) where it first started. Those locks appeared for the first time some years ago on the Old Bridge in Florence (Italy) Over time they became such a mess that authorities forbid appending of locks on the Old Bridge and if they catch you doing so, you’ll get a ticket fine.
    You have been warned!
    But if you move up the river just for 20 km to the charming little town Figline Valdarno where I live you are (still) welcome to leave your lock and throw the key into the river. and yes, it is the same river which flows through Florence and for sure it will keep the key to you love forever.

      1. Sara , Bonjour!! I’m not sure that all posts of the challenge are new ones,,,,certainly there are a lot that came from archives…..specially when there are more than one picture…For some themes I’m be lucky to have news shots, but always I’ve upload some of my collections…is possible to do that?..Thank you very much for clarification ..and logically congratulations for your suggestions!.

      2. @vatelechuza – the picture doesn’t necessarily have to be a new photo taken just for the challenge; rather the post needs to be published new for the challenge. Many are reaching into their photo archives to find a photo which responds to the theme and publishing in a new post.

      3. OK Sara, if I understand a photo ‘must’ be unique for each Theme? But the question is valid too because the same picture could be representative for different themes…is possible ?? Thanks for your answer.. Have a beautiful day!

      4. @vatelechuza – we leave the challenge open for a week, and the links posted here respond to each specific challenge.

        On your site, you’re welcome to respond to any challenge at any time, but links posted here should be on topic for that specific week, and should be a new post specific for this challenge.

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