Cut to the hot hot summer of 2012. We could see it coming in our rearview mirror: this bruise blooming,…

Photo by Krista Stevens

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Photo by Krista Stevens

Photo by Krista Stevens

Cut to the hot hot summer of 2012. We could see it coming in our rearview mirror: this bruise blooming, darkening the sky as it gained speed and intensity. It turned bright sunshine into strange green light as we raced down the highway in a bid to outrun a Canadian prairie thunderstorm.

In a post created specifically for this challenge, post a photograph that evokes FORESHADOW to you.

krista This challenge offers some fun opportunities to play — not only with the subject of your photo, but with light, color, and contrast to evoke foreshadow. Perhaps foreshadow is an open bottle of red wine and two wine glasses. Maybe it’s a diamond ring in small velvet box. Maybe it’s a flower bud about to burst into bloom, or the first leaf that turns color on your oak tree. What does foreshadow mean to you? Looking forward to seeing the creative ways in which you portray foreshadow in your posts.

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Looking for more inspiration?

Here’s some related past photo challenges to keep you inspired. NOTE: only photos depicting your interpretation of foreshadow are eligible for this challenge — this list is meant for fun and extra practice.


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    1. “Blue storm-clouds in hot heavens of mid-July
      Hung heavy, brooding over land and sea:
      Our hearts, a-tremble, throbbed in harmony
      With the wild, restless tone of air and sky…” – Emma Lazarus.
      The post for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadow — an original photo of storm clouds over Malibu Beach, California – can be viewed at:
      Hope you like it –,Happy Weekend!

  1. It’s always a bit of a challenge gauging how long you can stay out with your camera before the clouds break open and soak you and your expensive equipment. Usually, I cut it close, but make the safety of the car in time … every once in a while, I miscalculate. This time, was one of the good ones. The day was bright and sunny and I watched the clouds gather, shooting in sequence from sun to almost dark.

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