Writing 201: Learn more and register!

You’re developing a consistent writing habit — now, learn to become your own best editor.

If you’re looking for a way to take your writing to the next level, look no further — Blogging U.’s next offering starts on Monday, July 21.

Writing 201: Finding Your Story is a four-week, workshop-style course that will help you focus and hone your writing. It’s not about publishing every day or even having a daily task: it’s a self-directed course on the art of revision, dedicated to self-editing and rewriting, looking at our work with a magnifying glass, and improving it.

Interested? Learn more and sign up today.

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  1. How exciting! Just when I thought I would take a break. I updated my header. I had your skills in mind when I took the photo. There is a delay with the only device I can use; I took about twenty shots and this one was the only one I even considered for cropping, it is still blurred, albeit. Let me know if you see my photo here. Much love and happy blogging! – jcm3blog

    1. Unlike our other courses, this one doesn’t have daily assignments; each week, we’ll offer you some meaty information on some aspect of editing your work for you to use as you see fit. Follow the ‘learn more’ link to get all the details.

  2. I participated in Wiriting101. Acutally, I believe that this will be a great addition to what I have learnt from the previous course – so I am really looking forward for it.