Blogging 101, Day Twenty-Two: Try (Another) Blog Event

Today’s challenge: pick a blogging event from the Blog Event Listings to try for some instant community.

It’s time to leave the confines of Blogging 101 to seek other opportunities (blopportunities?). From weekly iPhoneography challenges to monthly flash-fiction events, blogger-hosted events are fun, free, spirited ways to get great feedback on your work, build your audience, and make friends.

Today’s challenge: pick a blogging event from the Blog Event Listings to try for some instant community.

Why do this?

  • Because events introduce you to a ready-made community, where it’s easier to find new fans and new favorite reads.
  • Because events and challenges are a great way to get inspired and motivated — others establish and host the event, so all you have to do is participate! No heavy lifting required.

Take a look through the event listings: you’ll find photography and visual art events, writing events, niche events (such as travel and food events), and one-time challenges. Find one that’s a perfect fit, or use this as an opportunity to try something new. The listings are continually updated with new events.

You can use the Reader to search — try “events” or “challenges,” or get more specific. Look for photo challenges, poetry events, recipe challenges — whatever your blogging angle is, someone’s running an event. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by options, try our weekly photo challenge.

If you find an event you think’d be great for other 101 bloggers, let us know in The Commons.

Happy blogging!

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  1. What a great idea! I’ve just signed up for Perfection Pending’s Manic Mondays challenge. I’ve linked a post to the site already. I just have to remember to do it now!

  2. I’ve never really though to look in the events, but I should really. As a writer, I know I could do more to reach out to fellow WP bloggers – I have always done that through commenting and the community threads but sometimes you need to do something a bit more practical

    1. Hi mgm I have found entering photo challenges (as I mainly have a photo blog) does give you more exposure to other readers and also you to their work as well. Great community feel and support as well. Who knows where you will end up as followers have followers have followers so you will reach a much wider audience than you think and showcase your work. Good luck.

    1. I wanted to participate on Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesday or Soundtrack Sundays but both are not active right now. :( I’m still looking for the right event for me…

      1. Hey, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to put my comment here. Hehe. By the way, that challenge is interesting, too. I just followed the blog though.

    2. haha! I didn’t see that one but I guess I didn’t look outside my genre.. Good luck with the “idiot” story. Thanks for reminding me to look outside my own comfortable box!

  3. I’ve been delayed with the assignments for the past two days now because if my crappy internet! Will try my best to do the past assignments tomorrow!

    As for this one, this is really interesting! I’ve always been looking for things to do with my blog to widen the community such as this one! Thank you for this! Will definitely do this on in the coming days!

    So everyone, how are ya’ll doing with your assignment?! :).

  4. I liked the “Happy Post Challenge” and checked it out, but the challenge hasn’t been updated since March, so it may not be the best idea…

    I’ll probably go with Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge and the Share Your World Challenge. I really like today’s assignment! :)

    1. Cee does have a few challenges going. I have opted for – One word photo challenge – which seems simple enough if you have the right coloured photo! Good luck with your challenge!

  5. Just signed up for SweetLittleSomething’s What Dreams Are Made Of. I could think of one I cannot ever forget. Time to get blogging! :D

    I think these blog events are such great ways to update blogs and garner traffic at the same time!

  6. This one is really taking me out of my wonderful, warm and cozy comfort zone. I’m afraid to start! Good grief, how can I be nervous about something I love to do? Well, the idea that it’s going to be VOTED on is my problem. I really don’t like rejection :) But–I think I’ve found something I can do, so here goes. Gulp.

  7. Maybe it is because I’m in the middle of getting my house ready to sell and moving across the country, but I barely have enough time for the upkeep on my blog, reading and commenting on those I follow and trying to put out content at least 3-4 times a week.

    I do my own photography to go along with my posts and the idea of one of these challenges just seems overwhelming. I haven’t been able to keep up with the 101 class. I know it is about community and all but how much time on average does everyone spend preparing content for their daily posts?

    1. to be fair most of us aren’t selling and moving. These challenged are cyclical, you can try it again when you have more free time.

    2. My effort ebbs and flows too, I don’t stress about not getting content up right away, or get it done consistently, I do have a life outside of the internet :)

  8. Ha! I did mine! Day 22 in the can.
    Am absolutely loving Bloggin U. 101. Thank you for these daily guided challenges and tutorials.

    I just published my latest post where I dive into the world of the Phoneography Challenge and even got a couple of new followers… just like the description of this assignment said it would.

    Building a little blog community. : )

    1. I did like your pics, pretty annoyed my phone is a “bad” phone at pitures. I have to lug around a camera with me. Impressed with the quality of your photos.

      1. Thanks Claudette.

        I always thought my android phone was mediocre at best but brushed it off as, “hey it’s a phone. What should I expect?” But my company switched phone plans and issued me an iPhone. I don’t know what kind of fairy dust Apple sprinkles on the glass of the iPhone but the difference is noticeable.

  9. This post’s idea is great! I’m still a bit new to blogging and I did not even know all these blogging events were out there! I plan to fully take advantage of some of the general blogging events and photo blogging challenges thank you!

  10. I love the idea of this challenge. I’m going to have to check back with the event listings since it seems most of the ones that appealed to me weren’t active challenges. Hopefully something will pop up soon!

      1. Hi Krista,

        Yeah I found the old ones in the spam. I got re connected yesterday when I unfollowed and followed again. Thanks. Next time I know where to look :)

  11. Hi fellow uni students. This is a great idea. I have been doing a couple of photo challenges that I happened upon – the Weekly photo challenge and Monochrome Madness. I didn’t realise there was an events list so have been pouring through it to see what I would select. There are a couple of photo challenges that I am interested in and below is the one that I selected for this assignment. Thanks again guys for opening my eyes to yet another feature in WordPress.

  12. Well i haven’t decided yet new on place.
    I realized how much I post and that it’s very consuming.
    I get so heavily wrapped up in it.
    I sort of lose sight of the rest of the world.
    Because I was in a group I started identifying that someone else was out there. I didn’t get to read everyone and I hadn’t a clue when this would end. and I had other big stuff stuff happening. and I hope I didn’t offend anyone. as i felt I had made some kind of blooper with Micheal unintentionally.
    I feel very close to you zero to heros ???,I’m crying, like high school graduation.I have to go back to learn to make a

  13. I’m a graduate of Blogging 101 (Round 1) and have since come up with my own blog event. Have to thank michelle w. for all the guidance she provided then. Even though my event is not listed in WP Event Listings, it’s been quite successful, with growing participants each week, 71 last week.

    I’m inviting all of Blogging 101 participants to come and join the fun. The guidelines can be found here:

  14. Todays’ assignment got my tired old brain really working.

    I thought at first I’d taken the easy option by going to the travel theme at

    I’ve participated in that event before. But this time it really got me thinking about all sorts of things! From the technical bits to the subject matter. Now for the extra fun bit: reading everybody else’s!

    If you want to check it out, here’s the link!

  15. Fab idea! It gives me an excuse to do Where’s My Backpack? travel themes!!!

  16. Absolutely love Blogging challenges, this is a great assignment! I have gone into the Weekly Photo Challenge for the past three weeks but this gives me the excuse to find more.

    In other worse news, I can’t believe Blogging 101 is nearly over. I know it’s not done yet but It’s been really nice getting too know all of you. Happy Blogging today, TPJ x

  17. Michelle, we’ve gotten about 10 new subscribers to yeah write in the hours this post has been published. Thank you for keeping the spotlight on our weekly writing challenge. Our two communities are such good fits for each other!