Blogging 101, Day Twenty-Three: Make Some Social Calls

Today’s task: visit five other participants in the blogging event you chose yesterday. Leave at least two comments.

The human connections are what makes blogs different from plain ol’ websites. Seeing a friendly and/or provocative comment and engaging in discussion expands your thinking and motivates your blogging. Plus, part of the point of events is finding kindred spirits!

Today’s task: visit five other participants in the blogging event you chose yesterday. Leave at least two comments.

Why do this?

  • Because reaching out to other event participants is a great way to make connections with like-minded bloggers.
  • Because commenting thoughtfully has big traffic (and inspiration, and community) benefits.

You’ve been publishing a lot the last few days, so it’s a good time to take a break for reading and commenting. Are we harping on the importance of reading and commenting? Yes. If you want to develop good blogging habits and grow your audience, commenting is key for both. It’s easy to churn out posts; it’s harder to grow a readership.

Need a commenting refresher? Refer to Day Eleven’s assignment.

Head back to the blog hosting the challenge you’ve decided to participate in, and start clicking around. (It’s okay if you haven’t posted your entry yet!) Many of you have comments on your own blogs now — which were most meaningful? Why? Think about what touches and motivates you as a blogger, and how you can share that with someone else.

If you haven’t found an event you’d like to join, no problem. Spend some time commenting anyway. Catch up with the blogs you follow, leave a few comments, and try to leave one or two on new blogs. If you’d prefer to write a post, stretch yourself by including an unexpected image in the post and using the image caption to tie it in.

Off you go! To chat, The Commons is always open.

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    1. We tweeze spam daily, though given the volume, we can miss the odd one. If you see anything, please feel welcome to reach out.

  1. Hey everyone. I’m new to WordPress. It would really help you everyone would follow me and read my blog. Comment or like if you like what you see. Thanks.

    1. It’s very hard to read your text because it is dark and so is the background image. You might want to consider a lighter text color or a theme that has a light-colored background to the text and allows for your own background image above and on either side.

      As for your content, from what I read it seems like you want to expand the definition of beauty beyond physical appearance. I’m wary of that because it oversimplifies talking about the positive qualities people, particularly women, possess. I think it’s better to limit “beauty” to physical appearance, encourage people to explore it in their own way that does not limit one to the unattainable standards set by the mainstream media, and say that it’s no more important than any individual decides it is for herself. But that’s just my opinion; it’s your blog so write whatever you want. :-)

    2. I agree with what the previous commenters have said about the background color being too dark and making it difficult to read the text. Secondly, I find it a little ironic that your blog is about inner beauty and focusing on what makes a person beautiful, yet your blog screams superficial/self absorbed with all the pictures you have of yourself. I think you should remove the background pics of yourself……just my two cents.

      1. Thank you but I don’t think my pictures have anything do with MY blog. Its MY blog so I posted pictures of ME. I am a confident person. I love myself as one should. My blog is supposed to help motivate people and help raise their self-esteem. I wasn’t being superficial or self absorbed. I just want everyone to love themselves.

      2. Yes, it is your blog and your prerogative to do whatever you please. At the same token, you asked for opinions and I gave you mine. Happy blogging to you!

    3. Your background image must be replaced, as readers can’t read your content. If you are absolutely committed to the image, you can pay to customize your font. Perhaps white would be a better choice. I was looking forward to reading your blog. However, quickly disappointed as I can’t read it. Always play around with your theme and changes before committing to them. And check readers compatibility on different devices as well. Welcome to the blogosphere, roll your sleeves up and dive in.

  2. I love chatting to the other participants and bloggers. It’s been a real eye opener on the quality of my work. I received so much feedback after my last post about hearing about my Dad’s cancer diagnosis and today I posted about making Icli Kofte.

    You guys have been amazingly supportive, I can’t thank you enough.

    I have really joyed the assignments and tine spent.

  3. This is the hardest part of my blogging experience here at WordPress – building community. Maybe it’s because I have a long history of remaking community every time I move (that’s the military spouse part of me). Or maybe it’s just because I love writing more than I love commenting. But I know it’s worth it. Almost every comment I leave generates interest in my blog. So I’ve written myself a reminder that every day I need to take some time to read other blogs and To.Comment.On.Them.

  4. Done. And it was so much fun. I also realized that this is the first time I stepped out of this group its bloggers and posted a comment anywhere. We’re growing up and getting ready to face the world :)

  5. I joined the Weekly Photo Challenge yesterday and I’m really enjoying these community building days – they are the foundation to any successful blog! With that said I would love people to take the time to read my latest post where I’ve tried to include a few elements from a few of these challenges.
    Its a countdown of my essentials for surviving summer!
    Many thanks and I look forward to feedback!

  6. Hello everyone!
    I’m almost new member here and I’d like to be the one of you, the one of the world called „blogging“.
    Unfortunately, maybe you could not understand my articles because they are writed in macedonian, my language, but with a little help, I would write them in english, so we could follow each other.
    * Also, I would like to say that my native language is not english, so I apologize for my unintentional mistakes.
    I hope you will contact me.
    With all my respect,

  7. Hi guys,

    I love engaging. It makes my day to learn new blogs and what people are doing out there. I love visiting new blogs everyday through readers and engage. I share my opinion about the post, their site and sometimes personal share where appropriate. Its fun to always learn something new everyday.

    I will try to engage with as many people I can today. Also if you guys want to visit my blog, please do. Would love to share your opinion. In return will visit your blog and will leave mine too. Lets engage blogger friends.




  8. I find blogging started as a challenge to keep my writing skills sharp and regularly used. I stayed for the sense of community. All the best to you (and everyone below and above me in the comments) on their writing!

  9. Thanks for the tips. We are new to blogging and enjoying it so far. Being on a grand adventure, we find ourselves a little overwhelmed trying to churn out all the post to keep family and friends updated. Please check is out any thoughts and insight would be greatly appreciated.

  10. Thanks! Your thoughts about what touches and motivates us as bloggers resonated. I want to share those revelations with someone else.

  11. All sorted! I joined Ailsa’s “Where’s My Backpack – Travel Themes” challenges…post be up soon with who I visited!