Blogging 101, Day Thirty: Pat Yourselves on the Back!

Today’s assignment: visit and congratulate five other Zero to Hero bloggers, and set a new goal for the next 30 days.

Can it be? Has it been 30 days already?

What a month! You’ve created your blog from the ground up: personalized it, built a growing network, and published posts and pages. For our final day together, let’s extend your reach even more, and then set a concrete goal for the next 30 days.

Today’s assignment: visit and congratulate five other Blogging 101 bloggers, and set a goal for the next 30 days.

Why do this?

  • Because everyone likes acknowledgement of a job well done.
  • Because your blog is a work in progress, and having a sense of where you’d like to take it will keep you motivated and engaged.

Remember: there’s also a blogroll of all your co-bloggers on The Commons.

Start your blogging day off with a few kudos: visit the zerotohero topic in the Reader to find other participants, and congratulate them on a job well-done. If you have some favorites you’ve been following all month, be sure to include them! The other bloggers will appreciate the acknowledgement, and you’ll make some new connections who’ll stay with you post-Blogging 101.

Next, think about where you want to go over the next month. What is your main goal? To publish twice a week? Double your follower count? Get feedback on your poetry? Finish a piece of long fiction? Learn CSS? It’s time to pull everything together: think about the brand you’ve started creating, what you’ve already put out there, and why you started blogging in the first place. Given all that, what’s next for you?

While you’re mulling your goal, think about how these 30 days have gone. What was the most fun? The most rewarding? The most challenging? Your goal might be different from what you’d originally thought — the serendipity of blogging means we’re always heading in unexpected new directions as we interact with the learn from others.

You’re now free to move about the blogospheric cabin! Feel free to write a post about this experience, what you might need to reach this next goal, and what’s next on the horizon.


That’s a wrap! On behalf of Lisa, Pam, Krista, and everyone at The Daily Post, thanks for sticking with the challenge!.

We’ve had a great time and have really enjoyed watching your blogs and relationships develop. We hope it was also a happy and helpful experience for you. We’ll be announcing the next course, a write-every-day challenge, later this week. I hope we’ll see you there, as well as around The Daily Post!

Editor’s note: Assignment posts will remain accessible here on The Daily Post so you can continue to refer to them. The Commons will remain open for conversation for one more week, through Wednesday, May 21; after that, you’ll be able to read and refer to your comments there, but you’ll no longer be able to publish new ones. If you’d like to continue chatting with bloggers and getting feedback, we invite you to visit the Community Pool here each Sunday: it’s an open thread where any blogger can seek (or offer!) support and critique.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on how the challenge went so we can make it even better next time, so we’ll be sending you a short survey in the next few days.

Happy blogging!

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  1. Congratulations to everyone that participated in the zero to hero challenge!
    My blog has gone from being dull and plain to having widgets and all this shmancy tech stuff, and from having almost no followers to having a loyal following now!:-) Thank you to everyone that provided me with feedback and support throughout the entire challenge and congratulations once again to everyone!:-)

    1. Congratulations….to you! Not so mysterious, all that tech stuff, eh? Thanks for sticking with the challenge all the way through. To your success!

  2. Thanks so much for this course! I’ve really enjoyed it and got a lot out of it. I have to admit I’m kind of glad it’s over though – I’m an Aussie and the new challenges come out after midnight here. Looking forward to an early night tomorrow!

    I have no idea what I’ll have as my next goal…right now, I’m focussing on my Facebook page and developing content for that.

    1. Thank you for sacrificing sleep for your blog! :D So glad you’ve got some ideas to continue you on with. Sleep well!

  3. Congratulations to all but most importantly, I want to thank Michelle W and Krista for taking the time to write out these assignments, answer our questions, visit our blogs and encourage us to keep going. I have learned a lot over the last thirty days and I am very happy with the results. I have also met other bloggers that I truly enjoy, so thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! :) <3

    1. Forgive me, I did not realize that Lisa and Pam were staff here also. I just thought that they were enthusiastic commenters! Thank you both as well, sincerely!

    2. You’re welcome, Easter! We’ve had a great time working on the challenges. In fact, the whole editorial team spent a good part of last week working on a new course geared to helping participants build a writing habit. Michelle will be posting more about it soon. Thanks so much for all the encouragement you’ve given your fellow bloggers along the way — you’re what makes our community great!

      1. What a very kind compliment.. thank you Krista. I truly like encouraging others and learning from them as well. It is always scary to be the “new” person, or in this case, blogger. I enjoyed growing my blog and seeing everyone else do so as well.
        Can’t wait for the next course.
        You guys are such a great team!

  4. Thank you very, very much for this course! As a new blogger, this has definitely helped me a lot throughout the past few weeks! Though I have not been able to do some of the previous assignments, I really gotta say that everything has helped me develop my blog’s look and feel! Congratulations to all the other course-takers as well! We did it! :). Now on to do this final assignment!

    1. Love love love the title of your blog, work it! :) I think I missed a few assignments but then I move to my own pace and beat you know. Congrats on getting through, starting a blog and being fabulous :)

      1. I just now came to know about it. Can I take this course now. Please reply. I am new to blogging and don’t have any followers to mention, yet.

      2. We’re just finishing yup (yesterday was the last day) though you’re welcome to do the course again when we re-run it in July.

  5. I would like to add my appreciation to our instructors, for their techy-smartness AND their patience! I have enjoyed getting to visit with many of you and hope the relationships continue. There have been times when this past 30 days has been ridiculously challenging; other times I could actually smile and feel pretty good about all I have learned. I am looking forward to moving on, learning more, and building the blog of my dreams.

    1. I am looking forward to moving on, learning more, and building the blog of my dreams.

      What a great sentiment on which to end the course. Thanks for all the effort you put in! We’re always here for you.

  6. I have had a great time in Blogging 101. I saved all of the assignments though so I am going to be working on my problem areas. Still can’t get the pages and how to post to them specifically. Very frustrated. I am so glad that I took this class though. I have found so many interesting people and have gotten so much support. I am behind on my assignments, but I am going to be sure I do today’s assignment.

    1. That is something I have had trouble with as well! I wonder if it simply isn’t possible, and you just have to do a gallery or type directly onto the page instead. In any case I always enjoy your posts and congrats to making it all the way!

    2. You can’t post directly onto a page — posts always go onto your blog page. You can use shortcodes to pull certain posts onto a page, but you can’t post to a page automatically. To get content onto a page, you have to edit that specific page and add whatever you’d like to add. Does that make sense?

  7. Congratulations! We did it! This has been a great learning experience for me and I’ve loved being able to find some wonderful blogs. I’ve learned a lot! Thank you to those who gave me advice and read my posts! It’s been really encouraging.

    I’m working on getting a blogging routine together for the next 30 days and beyond! Thanks for this opportunity!

    1. Congrats to you as well! I don’t know why I wasn’t following your blog, I certainly thought I was, but now I am for real! Keep up the great work :)

  8. The dreaded day has come…graduation day. I’ve had so much fun getting to know everyone and learning about blogging. Thank you so much to our amazing facilitators who have created fun, meaningful assigments for us to complete and tirelessly answered all of our questions.

    Here is my latest post called : Zayum! Your wenis is hella soft. It is glossary explaining all of the crazy words I hear my middle school students using.

  9. Thanks for doing this course! I learned a lot about setting goals, making a calendar, meet a bunch of great bloggers and even improved my blog site! thank you so much!! Looking forward to the next course and learning even more!!

  10. I’m sure other folks will chime in, but on behalf of all of us, you’re very, very welcome!

    For myself, this month has been a ton of fun — it’s incredible to see all the new friendships you’ve made, and to watch your blogs bloom. Really, the pleasure has been all mine, and I’m just go glad so many of you’ve found this a valuable experience.

    Now, keep it up!

  11. Oh my gosh, how can I have just discovered this “class”?! I’m now 30 days behind! I don’t know anything about blogging. Oh, well, since my blog is about quitting drinking, that’s really what I had to focus on these last few weeks. How can I find these posts from the beginning so I can start from there?

      1. I think the best part of 101 is that we have the ability to jump in or out depending on our schedules, preferences, etc. We can even redo assignments again and again! :)

    1. I also very much enjoy your blog. I like how it is sort of minimalist, like I am reading a private journal of yours or something. Addiction is a topic that is near to my heart, and I look forward to reading more of your posts!

  12. I know you love your jobs. I can tell by the way you all execute, respond, and encourage. Thank you Michelle, Lisa, Pat & Krista.

    1. Since there was not an area for commenting on your main blog, I wanted to say that I loved your purpose of the blog and the presentation. Congratulations on making it through Blogging U 101!

    2. There’s no such thing as a “wrong” way to participate. We understand and respect that the course has to fit into your life. Thanks so much for diving in as your time allowed!

  13. To Michelle, Lisa, Pam and Krista, if I could give you all a bottle of champagne in person for what you have taught us all on this wonderful course, believe me I would. Thank you so much for guiding us though the world of blogging. I know there is a lot more ahead of us but you guys have got us all off the ground and into the wonderful world that is blogging.

    Finally, congratulations to all my fellow blogging 101 students for being part of the course and for the wonderful blogs you have all started. I only wish I could have said hello to all of you during the last 30 days, but alas with 1400 of us on this course, that was going to be impossible.

    The very best of luck to everyone on their road to sucessful blogging and beyond.

    1. I would so totally raise my glass of champagne to you and your fellow bloggers to toast your current and future success!

  14. Congrats to everyone who participated in the 30 days of blogging 101! Being new to blogging, this series helped me so much: from knowing how to navigate and adding features to my page to personalizing and making my posts more attractive (at least I hope so!)
    Good luck and hope to keep in touch with you all :)
    Feel free to visit and check out my newest recipe, xo

  15. Ohmygoodness thank you for this incredible opportunity! Congratulations to all of us Blogging 101-ers. It’s been a joy to watch my own personal progression as well as my classmates. We should all be proud of ourselves. And thank you, again, Krista, Lisa, Pam and everyone else at WordPress. You rock!

    1. Lol better late than never! I am a fellow psych major insanely fascinated by the nature of people. Welcome to the blogosphere and I look forward to reading your entries :)

  16. Thanks for a productive, educational, and fun 30 days! I’ve been blogging for two years, but there sure is a lot I don’t know. I know a little bit more now :)

  17. Thanks for the great guidance and advice! I must admit that I have to go back and reference because I haven’t been as diligent a I should have. My blog is up and running but now I need to figure out how to get more followers and likes. I’m thinking I was just not paying attention. And congrats to all of my fellow blogging 101 members! Much luck to everyone.

  18. Before I go off and congratulate individual bloggers, I want to go ahead and say good job to everyone here first! This was quite an experience, and I am really looking forward to the next course, with the writing every day challenges. At times I found 101 to be exciting, challenging, probing, thoughtful, fun, and engaging. I grew to know many fellow bloggers and connected with the blogosphere on a deep and personal level. Sometimes, it was an endeavor to get the energy to do an assignment, so I know that everyone here worked very hard to get to where they are today. Congrats to you all! I look forward to continuing to read your work. :D

    1. At times I found 101 to be exciting, challenging, probing, thoughtful, fun, and engaging.


      Wow, that's awesome to hear — thank you for your kind words.

  19. :( I am.. totally.. still doing ZtoH… I’m just going to take extended time. So, expect me to visit at least five of you, at some point in the future, congratulating you! Hurrah for all who have managed this in a more timely manner than me!

  20. Congratulations everyone:)! I think all of us did a great job, hands down! This was more productive than I ever imagined it would be. Michelle W., Krista, Lisa…. you guys are amazing!

  21. I am late on this also but I look forward to working on it with everyone, though I am a bit behind ;) Congratulations to everyone that has made it through, great job! Thank you to the creators of these assignments, such a blessing to those of us that are new to blogging!! Much love :)

  22. I have learned a lot! Thank you!
    Getting new visitors is exciting and one of my favorite parts of blogging. I like the instant feedback and I am looking forward to figuring out how to get more comments on my blog. Visit me, say “Hi,” and I will look you up as well. Good luck everyone!

    1. Isn’t it great to connect with others? We’ve really enjoyed the chance to meet and work with a bunch of super people in the challenge.

  23. This can’t be so! Wasn’t it just day 1 yesterday? It has been soo much fun for the most part and challenging, but the challenges were never impossible to get through. I will miss clicking onto this page every day (although I am a tad bit behind). Thanks to everyone behind blogging 101 and to all the bloggers I have come across on my journey! :) Now I will go ahead and congratulate some fellow bloggers!

  24. Yes a big congrats! I’ve flipped through here and there and met some great new bloggers – my fav being the teachers who are actually writers and hilarious writers at that! And the parents who are clueless but trying.

    Thanks everyone who checked me out too! I put everything I had into some of the posts I did this month knowing so many were reading. I’ll be checking out as many of you as I can tonight; working on finishing some custom menus now that I have a good amount of content and the school year :)

    1. My husband is a school principal and I’ve been trying to get him to start a blog to share all the things they’re doing and about his pedagogy. You’d think I’d have a bit of pull. So far, no dice. I’ll show him your site.

  25. We’ve paid our dues, time after time. We’ve blog a few sentences, and got our posts out on time. A few mistakes, we all made a few. We’ve had our share of likes on our posts and now we’ve come through! (And we need just blog on and on and on and on)

    We… are bloggers my friends! And we’ll keep on bloggin ’til the end. We are the bloggers! We are the bloggers! No time for tweeters, ’cause we are the bloggers of the world!


    Can’t believe that might be my last comment song for y’all! It’s been a freaking slice and I’ve so enjoyed connecting with many of you! I do hope y’all continue to swing by my self-hosted world over at when you get the chance as I know I’ll continue to stalk you here in reader!

    Everyone has done fantastic work and I really look forward to watching us all continue to evolve in the blogosphere!

    1. Queen – what better way to say how great we all are :)
      Congratulations on finishing Blogging 101. May you blog in happiness for as long as you desire.

  26. Thank you so much for this opportunity and congratulations to all of my fellow bloggers! This was such a wonderful experience. I hope everyone finds great success in their blogging career. Hope to see all of you around :).

  27. Fantastic time and I have learned a lot of new things. I have transformed my blog for a few times and I have met some really nice bloggers and I have got some great feedback. Thank you to those who made this possible and also thank you to all of you who joined this with me. I still have some assignments left, I will try to finish them this week…
    I have had a great time, I will definitely take part in 201 next time:-)


      1. Well I think this is a great way to learn, interact and to get motivation to actually do something:) Maybe not right now, but soon….

  28. I haven’t followed all of these but will be going back to do the ones I missed out on, the ones I have read have been extremely helpful. Check out my blog :)

  29. Thank you to our Daily Post “Instructors” and to all who commented and visited during the challenge. I learned quite a bit that will help me continue on my blogging journey. And now off to complete the assignment… :)

  30. Congratulations to all bloggers that engaged in the blogging 101 series, you stayed with program, designed some real great sites, posted some interesting and creative blogs. There’s no feeling like a job well done (pat urselves :) :) ) I have some catching up to do but It was a great experience with youall

  31. Thanks to the team at Daily Post for putting together this exercise and giving support throughout the program. I still have some questions but I think I have improved because of this. Thanks for the lively discussions and suggestions. My blog is still a wip, but with my own space, time, and lessons learned it should do well. The best of success to all bloggers, I’ll b c’ing u and reading your work.

  32. I have met so many wonderful people, and their blogs, through this course. It has been so beneficial to me, making me think in a different way, doing things I didn’t think I could do, confirming that some of the decisions I had already made about my were good.
    It’s been fun, with very supportive, interesting and interested teachers and eager learners with great comments.
    I’m wishing all of you a fantastic, successful, happy blogging life. Hopefully I’ll be reading more about of you all soon.

    1. It’s been fun, with very supportive, interesting and interested teachers and eager learners with great comments.

      Huzzah! This has been so much fun to work on. Glad you’ve enjoyed the course!

  33. This has been amazing! In one month I went from 12 followers to almost 100! The 101 challenge has helped me a lot & I can not wait for next year. :) I want to thank the Editors for being extra nice & helpful. I am sad this is coming to an end but I am glad I learned all this new stuff. Here is the link to my blog:
    Positive feedback & comments are welcomed! :) Have a happy reading!