New Dawn

How often do you get to (or have to) be awake for sunrise? Tell us about what happened the last time you were up so early (or late…).

Recommended Reading: I Thought My Father Was God

Today’s recommendation: a collection of true short stories compiled by one of my favorite writers, Paul Auster, for NPR’s National Story Project.

What the Heck is Bloglovin’, and Do I Need It?

Necessary tool, or one more username and password to forget? The what, why, and how of bloglovin’.

Community Pool

Feedback, camaraderie, and free popsicles! (Free popsicles: not included.)

“If this is a deterioration in my brain, then more, please.”

Wise words from Andrew Sullivan on the rewards and challenges of blogging.

Attention bloggers: starting 9/1, the Community Pool will open its gates on Mondays; Weekly Writing Challenges will make their appearance on Tuesdays.