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    1. Hi laugraeva,

      That is a neat post. Have you considered maybe having a section in the post or a separate post with a form where people who want to be pen pals can give you their address?

      1. Wow! You’ve done pretty darn well in such little time!
        Hmm well, I don’t know what the etiquette is for pen-pal making, so I guess we can start with a/s/l ?

      2. ME? Oh thank you. I’m just another girl who is interested in discovering other’s stories and maybe inspiring them with my own.

        I’m 17, Female, and Georgia.
        You, beautiful?

      3. haha, you’re too kind to me.
        I guess I’m the youngin here then.
        Berkshire as in England? MY dear friend cole lives there if that’s the case.
        Just the truth.
        Would you like my email, so we don’t awkwardly converse in comments.

    2. I love the site; very entertaining. Especially the bucket list – I must get myself one of those! Plus, I agree with you…who doesn’t love a hand-written letter. Let’s go old school!

      Take care

      1. Aw thank you! Yeah lots of people have said about the Bucket List – I do like the gradual crossing off and adding on onto the page! :)

  1. Hi there, I’ll be honest: I did not come here for the feedback; your opinions are yours and I’m happy with my blog. I came for the exposure, and I’m sure if a lot of you were honest, you could admit the same.
    Here is my blog, it’s a bit funny and you should read it. It might make you smile, and who doesn’t like to smile??


    1. Alleluia!

      Finally, someone had the courage required to post their truth here in the community pool. In fact there are bloggers who promote each every one of their posts here every week after week, and have been doing so for months on end, always under the guise of seeking feedback. That pattern is one that makes long time bloggers like me LOL. :D

      Congrats! for being honest about your motivation for posting here which is, of course, blog promotion.

      P.S. I did read your post but your brand of humor doesn’t appeal to me.That being said, best wishes for happy blogging. :)

    2. Hi Marcus (and everyone),
      I appreciate your honesty, but I think it’s worth mentioning that we routinely remove comments that are nothing but pure plugs, and really discourage multiple links to the same post.
      It’s also worth noting that the bloggers who receive the most attention and the most replies — and, presumably, the most readers — are those who try to engage beyond a mere invitation to read one’s blog.

      1. Thanks for the fair warning, Ben. I promise I’ll not abuse the system too much and that I’ll make more of an effort to mask my intentions behind the guise of seeking feedback.
        Yes, I have seen the fruits of reader engagement, but I was too busy wasting my time playing minecraft on this occasion. Oh, and I think getting freshly pressed helps, grateful if you could put in a good word for me. ;)

        All the best

  2. Hi everyone!
    I’ve recently changed the theme on my blog, so happy to hear what you think about that :-)
    A lot of my posts recently have been a lot more personal than teachery, so not sure how good they are! I am happy to have feedback on anything you like!
    Looking forward to seeing all the great things you guys are up to!
    Sare –

    1. I like the theme a lot.. It’s very warm and welcoming.. :)
      I loved your post about long distance relationships.. As someone who has done that twice, I was practically nodding my head yes to every word.. I swear those cliches annoyed me every time.
      You’ve got a great blog.. I will go through more of your posts soon :) Say hi to a new follower :)

      1. For some reason I wasn’t told that people had replied on here! Annoying!
        Thanks for the feedback lovely – it’s hard and I do it every 10 weeks, it’s just frustrating and sucks so much as it means I’m on my own where I live!
        I will check you out as well! x

    2. I love your header, it really stands out. It makes me want to read more. Your widgets on the side really let me explore, especially the one that says,”Who do you think you are?” It’s funny and already tells me lots about you. I love your bubbly and loopy personality. Thank you for being yourself and writing about the things you love.

      1. What a lovely comment you wrote! Thanks so much :-)
        I’m glad you’re enjoying and I will check you out too!
        (I am definitely a bit loopy, but you have to be to be a teacher!)
        Sare x

    3. I think your layout looks fantastic! I also enjoyed your most recent post – loved the snark. Those quotes are indeed a bit rubbish. And I say this as someone who did long distance for two years successfully. I say if something makes you feel strongly, go ahead and write about it! People seem to enjoy posts that come from a place of passion. :)

    4. As for the layout of the blog I think it looks nice, the background is a nice subtle shade which doesn’t hurt the eyes, the font is a nice size and it is easy to read, you have an about page too (about page = brownie points). The header is great for the relevance of the blog too.

      On a personal level I think I would be more drawn to personal posts than teacher related ones, but that is more a personal thing.

      1. Thanks for your feedback! :)
        When I started I was swaying more to just teacher ones – but over the past few weeks I’ve used it a little more for personal touches. I guess it doesn’t really matter as long as it’s okay for me! x

    5. Like your blog! It’s very much what I’m hoping to achieve with mine, but I’m always afraid I’ll offend someone (not that you have). Sometimes I think the rants inside my head would make good blog posts (kind of like your “What if Facebook never existed”), but I fear people won’t “get it.” Maybe I’m just being too cautious! Anywho – keep it up!

      1. Haha I say go for it! People are honest enough to share their opinion and if your followers don’t like it you’ll know not to do it again! :) x

  3. Hello Everybody.
    I would love for anyone interested to check out my blog to do so. I’m looking for a contributor along side me. At, I write about all four major sports and any other big sporting news.


      1. you can change it when you make posts! it’s just above where you add the tags for your posts :-) and you can go back and change old ones x

    1. Hi! I am not the biggest fan of this theme, but that is kind of my personal preference. Things are readable though and easy to navigate. Also love the owl favicon!

    2. I think the layout looks quite nice. I have just one small suggestion – it may be good to move your follow via email widget up toward the top, perhaps above the instagram widget, just so it’s easier for people to find. It may help you gain more email followers. :)

      1. Thank you for the idea, I will definitely do that. You’re probably right. The only reason the instagram widget is up there is because there are some very meaningful words on those pictures. Once again, thank you. :)

    3. Hi, I like the layout and appearance etc. I was hoping to find in your About some info showing that you have some experience in the field of guidance/motivation or something related though. oh well we’re all allowed to express ourselves for sure.

  4. Good morning – - I rarely ask for help but I have a list here….would love feedback if number ten on the list is too much of a departure from the rest? Basically is it too much of a “mood mixer?” The post in question is the very top one on my blog, written last night. Thank you to anyone with feedback!

    1. I have been scrolling through your blog for the past couple of minutes. I have to say this is one of the best blogs I have ever read. Thank you for being yourself and voicing out your opinions. SPEAK OUT! :) I don’t wear make-up and I don’t care about those ads, but you are right. From a young age, make-up wasn’t meaningful to me. It’s one thing to wear eyeliner and mascara, but it’s one thing to wear too much makeup. Ads don’t help one bit. Love your blog. Keep rocking

    2. Really like the blog layout. Things are easy to read and navigate. I also like the pattern you’re using in the background, it provides a nice contrast.

      1. Howdy….I’m new to this and kind of feeling exposed this morning- writing about embarrassing stuff has that affect! If you get a chance to check me out, I’d appreciate any pointers or tips you guys might have. Thanks!

    3. I like — a lot! The content is great; I also love the color.

      The only thing I might say is that I’m reading it on an iPad, and I think the left column (with your writing) is a little too narrow for my own personal tastes. It would be great if it were wider and could fit more text on each line.

      Again, though, that’s just my own personal taste — and the content itself is great.

    1. The Daily Post runs some great tutorials and programs for helping to increase readers, comments. I haven’t personally gone through them but I have checked it out and a lot of the stuff being taught was things I was already doing. (If I had time I would totally enlist, lol).

      1. *But I’m also not necessarily RIGHT. I mean, I got the White Stripes one wrong and it was right in the title…I just didn’t pay attention. haha

    2. Hi alamodernmom, I love your Blog and your posts especially the ones where you review all of your samples. I wouldn’t change anything and you’ve got yourself a new follower!!

  5. Hi fellow bloggers, :)

    I have a WordPress site that I started a few days ago, and I have to admit, the views are not going up, I had today 2 visitors and I only have 19 views!
    However, it’s not all about the views on any WordPress site, it’s about the visitors and I would love people to like some pages, and even posts on my blog and maybe follow the blog! Please be aware that my blog is about Bin Weevils; On my blog, I have got a great header and I am a grahpic designer, if you follow my blog and like some pages, I would do the same! :)

    1. If you’ve only been at it a few days, give it time. One piece of advice I might mention, rather than say you will visit someone after they have visited you, just go visit them first.

  6. Hi all! I’m here for a bit of feedback. My most recent post ( on being a solo female traveler with a significant other very quickly became my second most viewed post of all time, and I’m trying to figure out why it was relatively so popular. It’d be nice to repeat the success, after all! If you wouldn’t mind taking a look and letting me know if you liked it and why, I would appreciate it. Thanks!

    1. Relationship tags I think tend to get a bit more traffic. Also, your post was well thought out, personal but not overly so and speaks to a point that I think several other bloggers would agree with. (In other words, it is a great post).

      1. Thanks so much for looking! Interesting about relationship tags… something to keep in mind. I’m glad you thought I struck a balance between being personal but not over-sharing because I was hesitant about that. Thanks again!

    2. I really love your blog … well-written, well-designed, and I like your attitude. I’m not a big on travelling and I was still interested in what you had to say.
      In my opinion, I wouldn’t spend time trying to figure out why something is popular. If something hit once without you trying, you’ll be able to do it again without trying.

    3. Hi, Well yes I really liked the post. It was well written and flowed easily making it a good read. I also was personally interested in the topic so that of course helped. I really liked the quote from your boyfriend being added, it was a nice personal touch. I don’t know if that helps but just keep doing your thing thing and you will get many more highly viewed posts i’m sure.

    4. Hey Leah, I really liked that post of yours and like others here, think it was very well-written. The topic was something a lot of women can relate to (the topic you touch upon relates in a way to gender-stereotypes, equality, etc.), and would be interested in, even if they may not be interested in travel per se. Perhaps that’s why it was more popular than your other posts. I, on the other hand, share a passion for traveling, and liked a lot of your other posts too.

      1. Thanks for reading and thinking about it! You’re probably right that the post’s popularity may be partly because it combined a couple of popular topics. Something to keep in mind. Thanks!

    1. I really enjoyed your blog. The layout is fantastic but I do think that putting categories on your site would make it even more appealing then it already is.

    2. Hi Glenn

      I think sometimes then best blogs don’t really have an agenda on what’s posted, Blogging is a personal things really so it may not appeal to everyone, but as long as it appeals to you that should be ok.

      I couldn’t find an about page on your blog though, I always look for and read those (it could be I was not looking properly). I personally am not a bit fan of the theme, not sure why, it may be the purple, but that is a purely personal thing on my behalf.

      I think you are overusing tags, I read an article once that wordpress put out about the optimal number of tags to use, I seem to have the number 5 in my head but I maybe wrong there, anyway all of your posts are listed under uncategorised. I personally found tags hard to deal with so went for categories in the end with a small number of tags (based on music posts).

      1. It’s actually a combined total of 15 categories and tags. All reasons for non-appearance of posts on Topics pages can be found here >

        The rule of thumb is to assign to your posts the least, not the most, combined number of only relevant categories and tags that accurately describe the individual post content.

        For tips on tagging see >

      2. Thanks for the input! I do have an about page, but after looking at it, it’s not showing up for some reason. Could be the theme, I’m not sure. I keep flip-flopping between themes, because I can’t make up my mind which ones I like better. When I get home this evening, I’ll work on finding one that will show the “About Me” page :-).

        As far as tags, I was thinking the same thing, although I had someone tell me once I should have around 10-15 tags per post, but I don’t know if they knew what they were talking about or not.

        I’ll work on adding categories, although I’m not quite sure how to do it. But hey, it’s a learning process. Thanks so much!

      3. Hi Glenn,
        Once you’ve created your about page, you can make sure it appears in your site’s main navigation by creating a custom menu:
        You can learn about categories (and how to add them) here:

        Keep in mind, when tagging your posts, that no post should have more than a total of 15 tags and categories, or it will become invisible in the Reader.

        Good luck with your blog!

      4. I am always changing themes, every couple of month’s ill look into swapping with another, got to keep it fresh huh :)

        It was confirmed to me yesterday by a person called timethief that there shuol dbe a max of 15 tags/categories in total, but the fewer, more relevant the better.

        What I found with tags is that there were potentially so many I could list and because I wanted it uniform all throughout my blog it would start stressing me out, I guess I have a little OCD on neatness, so I dumped all my tags and started using categories.

        I am not sure if there is a difference between tags and categories in terms of being found via searches etc but I tend to only use tags for (mainly) my music posts the category being music, the tag being the artist.

        But ultimately go what works with you. As for the about page yes it could be the theme that stripped it out, but if you like your theme you may be able to add it in as a side menu or upper menu item.

    1. I think your layout looks quite good! My one suggestion would be to add a small “about” widget that quickly explains what readers will find in your blog. That way it’s easier for them to know exactly what to expect without having to dig around a bit more. I got this same suggestion myself awhile ago, and it made sense to me. :)

    2. I like the theme, I’ve used this one in the past myself, nice and clean. I like the header image too. I was a little disappointed on the about page, sometimes you can glean so much information about a blog and get an inkling of if you may well connect with it from the about page. Font is a nice size.

      I was a bit thrown by the previous articles being laid out as they are, I was expecting a continuous scroll and I wonder if people look back further than your latest post, because of that extra click (you know how fickle people can be on clicking). Ill certainly read through some more of your posts when I get a mo.

      1. Hmmm… Both are excellent points. I know my about page needs work. I set it up a long time ago before I even knew I’d be continuing with the blog. I’ll definitely work on that.

  7. HEY!!

    My blog is comprised of many illustrations (I’m a cartoonist), writings (I’m a writer), writings I illustrate, photographs (I’m a bit of a photographer), etc.

    Today though, I posted links to not one, not two, but THREE videos I produced and feature in (bit of a Director). One is about cooking bacon and feeding it to your cat, the second is how to blow up a melon, and the third is me playing guitar (I’m also a bit of a musician).

    Surely that modest summary will contain at least ONE reason for you to check me out! :)

    Here’s today’s post:

    It is the 122nd post on my blog, in ALMOST as many days. I’m also pretty prolific and stuff.

    - The Offensive Playbook

    1. OH!

      I forgot to mention that I put a little contest on my blog in this last post — first person to tell me what song I / we are covering in the second video there gets an original piece of artwork in the mail from me.

      …should something like that interest you.

      You’d have to click “Comics” on the right of my page to scroll through the many, many illustrations I’ve posted.

      1. :D

        Come now! Surely you can figure this out, Lauren! If you don’t know the song, perhaps you know a music lunatic who’ll know it in an instant?

        There ARE clues if you look for them. Mua ha ha! I’m confident you can win.

      2. Neither o those bands are grunge!

        …also, we are spamming this thread, so pretty please with sugar on top, comment on my post with the videos with as many guesses as you like…no matter how random, as you have been doing. Heh heh. :D

  8. Hi there fellow bloggers, I’m looking for feedback on my blog, is it clear and easy to access? I am only new to WordPress and it basically gives my thoughts on books I’m reading, I specialize in children’s literature and Young Adult books. If you are interested give me some feedback and follow if you like what you see.
    Thanks so much!

    1. I like the simplicity but it would be nice if there was a way to access your past posts besides scrolling down. It would make it easier for people to explore you blog. Well, there’s my two cents :)

      1. Oh I am such a Muppet lol. I just changed my team, that’s what I was wondering about. Does it show too many posts. Is it inviting or interesting. Yep, I should have mentioned what I wanted feedback on. As I said, I am a Muppet sometimes :-)

      2. Actually I really like the theme and all of the different posts showing at once, I wish I could have my Blog looking like that! What theme is it?

  9. Hi Everyone!… Please check out my blog… KBanksStories….. Its still a fairly new blog…less than one month active…… Any suggestions you could give me would be great

    1. Your writing is very personal and revealing. With each post I feel like I’m getting to know piece by piece, which isn’t a bad thing. Keep up the good work!

  10. Hi everyone. I recently bought a WordPress upgrade to be able to customize the look and colour scheme on my blog. I’ve also worked on organizing my menu better, to hopefully make it easier for people to find relevant content. I’d love to get your views on the look (is it attractive? what do you like/ hate about it?), layout (does a simple front page work for the travel theme of the blog?) and the menu (is it useful/ friendly)? Thanks!

    1. I think your blog looks really great! The only problem I see is that if you visit more countries, your menu might get a little too large! :) I think it is fine at the moment, but three lines might get to be a bit much. I wouldn’t worry for now though – you can always create a “countries” drop-down menu and list countries that way in the future.

      1. Hi Leah. Thanks for the thoughtful feedback! Really appreciate it. You are right about the potential issue. I was thinking I would categorize countries by continents at the appropriate time. Thanks again, for checking out my blog :-)

  11. Hi! I’m looking for feedback on the overall look of blog. Does it professional without being too fussy? What needs to be fixed? And if someone could look over my food section and menu section I would really appreciate some feedback! Thanks so much :)

    1. I read the prologue to Crash Course and I thought it was pretty good. Your descriptions are succinct yet very revealing. The only problem I had is with the blog it’s self. There is a lot of empty space on the right and it just makes the site feel empty. Other than that good job!

  12. Hi Fellow Bloggers

    I love travelling, used to maintain a travel journal recently thought why not start writing down my travel tales and share it with other people, who world love to read these tales, or people who loves travelling as much as I do or to get more idea about beautiful world around and tick of items from my bucket list.

    I would request you guys to have a look at my blog and let me know if I am sharing my travel stories in a right way. Is my method of writing ok? Do I need to put in more detail? Are the pictures OK?

    Here is the link to my blog –

    I also want to help people in planning their trip, so recently added one more page as Planning Tips to my blog. I am also aiming to help people planning their itinerary. Because that is what I do when I plan a trip, what places I can visit, different activities I can try, where to stay, what to carry etc.

    Please do provide your feedback. I would love more people to join on my journey.


  13. I’m back baby! I’ve also just given my blog a makeover and would love to know what people think?

    Should i ditch the cartoons? How easy is it to navigate? Lots of questions and I appreciate you taking the time to have a look.


    1. Nice I love watching horror films but I’m a super scared person whwn alone or when it’s dark so hard to explain why I do this hahaha. Followed your amazing blog btw hope you dont mind. :D

      1. Aw thank you as well. Those words , you deserve them :D Its nice to have people reply to my simplest comments :D thank you very much again. I’ll try all your horror movie listings. :) My netflix account should be used wisely hahaha . :) Nice to know that now I dont need to always search what horror movie to watch at random.

  14. Hi guys :) Can I get some feedback on my blog – I don’t really have a niche so I write about anything and everything. Is there anything you would change?

    1. Good luck with the new blog! The layout looks good so far. I think you chose a nice theme (I’m a fan of black and white). I just have a few suggestions about your widgets. Since your landing page is your most recent posts, I don’t think the Recent Posts widget is necessary. Also, if you’re going to keep the Categories widget, it would be good to start categorizing your posts. Finally, I would suggest adding the Follow this Blog via Email widget and also a small text widget that quickly explains what readers can expect from the blog. That way they won’t have to dig around as much. Widgets definitely took me a little while to organize, so I hope this helps you! :)

    1. Hi Jennifer, good luck with your study abroad preparations! I grew up in a small town in the rural USA and went to St. Petersburg to study abroad, so I can empathize. Looking forward to seeing how you like it!

      I have a couple layout suggestions for you as you start out, which would be to add some widgets and an about page to fill out your blog and provide readers with more info. WordPress has a lot of good info about doing both. :)

      1. Leah..your articles are good. And i love travelling too.. I like it better when im alone. Exploring every and any place i like without worrying about anything. I like to follow you. But i dont know how to. You may help me. :-)

      2. Thanks so much for the kind words! If you’re signed into WordPress, at the very top of my blog you should see a black strip with a “follow” button towards the left. If you click that, then my posts will show up in your reader. This instruction works for other WordPress blogs you’d like to follow too! Or, if you’d rather get emails whenever I publish a new post, go here and scroll down just a bit. On the right, under “Keep Looking” there’s a button you can click to subscribe. :)

      3. Hi Leah! thanks for the reply :) Wow, the USA and Russia are both places I would love to visit. Do you have blog posts about your time abroad?
        Thanks a lot for the suggestions! Will get on with that now!

      4. No problem! Let me know if you’d like any additional feedback once you’ve made changes. :) I didn’t keep a public blog during my time studying abroad, but I’ve posted a bit about my experiences years later in my current blog. If you look here under Russia and Germany (I did a summer program there too), you can read a bit about my time. I’m also off to Russia again in three weeks, so I’ll definitely be updating about that in the coming months. Thanks for the interest!

    2. Hi jennifer.. your first sentence is true for me too.. Word press is so hard to handle. Why cant to make it more simpler for people like us.. haha

    3. i would love to be a pen friend of you if you would like. :) also I followed your blog hope you dont mind. kindly check mine too if you have time. have a nice day . :)

    4. @Manda Ricks
      The reply blink is not accessible below your post here.
      Invest more time into locating and on commenting on blogs with similar content. Identifying who your target audience is, what they already know, what they need to know, where they are found, and the best way to deliver your message to them is critical to success. How to identify your blog’s target audience

      Please also search the support forum tag “increase traffic” for even more help.

    1. I dont have much tips to give you. All I can say is be yourself and dont think about the followers. Just express yourself and things will follow. Blog constantly if you are just starting I would say blog straight everyday for 30 days. Then when you get the hang of it you can either continue with your daily spree of art or just have a goal every week like number of posts you wanna do. :D And to help you instantly I will follow your blog. :) Hope to be friends with you. Good luck with your followers.

    2. I’ve found that engagement is key. Of course, practicing writing is important too; however, people know to find your blog when you visit other blogs and leave comments. Good luck!

    3. I have just started blogging, but have set up a Facebook page I always post my content to and also Twitter. It’s amazing how much social media will help with follows! Good luck.

  15. Hello my fellow bloggers. I commented my link earlier, but I should have been more specific. I want to refine my blog and make it something helpful and funny to read. Let me know your opinions of it. I’m still quite young, but if I want to be a journalist, I need to know how to write. Thank you!