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      1. Exactly. It’s a major problem in our world today. Many stories are about the little guys rising up and doing good, but those are just stories; we need to depend on the big people doing the big things.

    1. I love it, original thoughts, and indeed, the twist is needed, and maybe it will inspire to something greater? The responsibility you talk about is a big one, and I feel it is difficult for people to talk about in real life. People think the responsibility is very scary. Your book can be something inspiring there too! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Well hello there Mara, sorry I couldn’t meet here sooner :) I thought your post was great as usual, about the response aspect, maybe because it wasn’t as sardonic as usual? I know that’s what I love most about all your posts :)

      1. Haha :-D You should’ve seen the corn now! It’s very high already and very creepy! I should try to shoot another video if I’m brave enough to overcome my irrational fear of corn and go near it… I won’t tell if you won’t :-)

    2. Hi. Nice post. I both enjoyed and identified with it. I hate corn fields for similar reasons. Some advice: don’t watch, the original, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, or, Jeepers Creepers. I did but I like to scare myself:)

      1. Ah, another fellow suffer who’s scared by corn! I feel with you as much as you feel with me :-) OK, now that you told me not to watch the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, I got a sudden craving to watch it!

    3. Ha! You have my undying sympathy. Although cornfields make me think of the Twilight Zone, and imagining the horrors wished into the cornfield by a twisted 6-year-old.

      I think it might just have been the holiday that kept responses down. Cornfields are creepy.

      1. Thank you! You are my hero — I came over to your blog and first thing I saw was a collection of kitchen knives of self-defence! I approve. Happy blogging and beware of the corn ;-)

    4. Nice. I don’t know why, but I always seem to get the Corn series mixed up with Village of the Damned. VoD gave me SERIOUS nightmares, oh my gosh I haven’t watched it in years, but even just the idea of one of the scenes in particular now … ick.

      1. The Village of the Damned? Haven’t seen this one, need to put it on my to-watch list of scary movies! You’re now officially responsible for any nightmares I should suffer from watching it! :-D

      2. Nooo… don’t blame me :) I have thought about this since my original comment and re-read the plot of CotC and the storyline is similar. Freaky kids running rampant etc. I think I only ever saw the original though… I didn’t realise it went on and on like those Saw movies haha. There’s even an actor from Glee in one of the later ones lol.
        I half (only half mind you) feel like watching VoD again to remember why it freaked me out so much, but most of me is strongly rejecting the idea haha.

    1. Hey.. I like your blog.. It’s interesting..
      As for tips, Just remember that if your tags and categories put together are more than 15, it doesn’t show up on search or in your followers’ “reader” :)

    2. I like the layout – is your favourite doctor Matt Smith?
      This might not help that much but posting late afternoon/early evening always nudges up the stats (in my experience anyway).

    3. The blog is very interesting and layout is nice.

      For increase in traffic make wide use of social media, twitter, Facebook, linkedin, google plus. I particularly like Stumble upon. Good tags also help.

    4. Your layout looks good. Another thing you can do to increase traffic is to visit and comment on other blogs.

      Have you considered adding video clips?

    5. I look at blogs through my smart phone most of the time. And your site works perfectly with my phone. And for a doctor who theme its great. I 💜 doctor who. I really liked your review on the ark in space.

    6. Hello there. I don’t personally like your blog layout, as i am very much a fan of the two column look. If this layout has the option to put widgets in the side, I would take that option. If a google search leads people to your blog, more often than not they will be directed to your home page, and having side widgets like posts by month and recent posts and the like can make the blog more visually appealing and much easier to navigate. That being said, i do like the content of the blog. =]

    7. Hi. Your blog looks great. As you specialise in a subject, getting followers shouldn’t be a big problem. You’ve got my attention. I love Dr. Who. Well done.

    8. I like your layout, and i was just wondering how you got those pictures of different characters at the too of your blog from left to right?


    1. Hm, the camouflage post is funnier to me and has more pictures, which I love — but other than that, there’s nothing wrong with the other post either :-)

    2. Oh geez, I think they’re both good! The second one may be slightly better written, but the silly photos in the first one were truly amusing. Honestly, I think it would be good to keep writing both types of posts to mix things up a bit. :)

      1. Aw thanks! Yes that’s why I asked for the comparison to be honest! I think I shall continue to keep it mixed as you say, but always try to make it amusing! Haha.
        Just checked out your blog – your writing is amazing! Sounds really good in my brain :)

    1. Sigh, I think many people (myself included) can empathize with that post. Overall, I think you did a good job dealing with the topic! Good post!

      One very small criticism I have is when you would add punctuation after a space, like this ! I personally don’t love that because I think it makes sentences visually run together a bit more, but that’s a very small thing and if you prefer that, no problem. :)

      A suggestion for a future post would be to describe how you felt when the old man groped you. How exactly did you react and why? I think of this because at the end of the article you agreed with your dad that you should have shouted, but at the moment you didn’t. Personally, I’ve dealt with a lot of harassment – sometimes I’ve stood up for myself and other times I’ve remained quiet. I think examining your own reaction and how you felt would be a topic many readers could personally relate to. So, if you want to do more posts on this topic, that’d be something I’d like to read! :)

      1. Thank you. I always keep going back and forth with the space for punctuations. I can never seem to make up my mind on that. :)
        I will consider writing about that at some point. It’s just so awkward to talk about it.. :) Thanks again :)

      2. Haha, yeah. I think it matters less when it is at the end of a paragraph or when you’re using two like ?! but when it is in the middle of two sentences it makes it a little harder on my eyes. :)

        Yeah, it is super awkward… which is almost why I think it deserves to be examined, since a lot of people really struggle with this internally! But eh, whatever you feel comfortable with. I always feel a bit better reading stuff like that and knowing other people feel the same, at least.

    2. I would have slapped him and screamed aloud,let everyone know what he did. But considering I do karate, much more than a slap. What a sad world full of so many perverts :(
      Great post, though. I completely agree with you.

  1. Hey guys, I am find that I get alot of visits to My about page and was wondering if you could offer some feedback! I am thinking of changing it but need to know your thoughts. What makes you decide to read a blog, does it need to be more funny? Is it too long? I appreciate your comments

    1. It’s natural that you’d get a lot of views for your About page, that’s what makes me decide whether to pursue a blog or not :-) Your About looks fine to me, but I would divide the text into several paragraphs to make it easier on the eye. It’s great that there’s a photo of you and your darling :-)

    2. I really liked your blog and found a post I could relate to… sent you a comment :)
      I loved the colour, but am completely biased because my fave colour is purple.

      1. Thanks, I was thinking the same thing :) and thank you for the follow! I will be happy to check out your blog once I am off work :)

    1. Hey! Overall I think it looks good. My one suggestion would be to make the contrast between some of the letters and the colors in the background photos a bit stronger. It was a bit tough for my eyes to read “accomplice” quickly.

      I think the Best Of page looks nice! It’s a useful page to have,

    2. I really like the background and header, I can see what Leah is saying, the “C” and the “P” are the ones I noticed, but the others seemed pretty much okay.

  2. Hello every one

    I wrote a blog on ‘Coke Studio’, the hit music show in Pakistan and South Asia. The show has produced some great hits over past six seasons. The program focuses on a fusion of the diverse musical influences in Pakistan, including eastern classical, folk, qawwali, bhangra, Sufi and contemporary hip hop, rock and pop music. Recently it went to collaboration with musicians from Italy, Turkey, Serbia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Morroco.

    I selected five of my best songS. It ll also introduce to beautiful music of Pakistan.

    ll appreciate your feedback and comments on it.

    Many thanks. Happy Blogging !!

      1. I think this post is well done. It is a topic I know almost nothing about, and your post clearly gave me clear information in an interesting, yet straightforward way. I’m listening to some of the songs now!

      2. Thank you for taking out time and reading the post. Really appreciate your feedback.

        I know language ll be problem but I hope you enjoy the music :). English translation of lyrics is available on coke studio website.

    1. Oh dear, a lot of posts already for a new blog :-) I’m not too sure about the background colour of your blog — it makes the text a bit hard on the eye. But it may be just me!

    2. Hi! I think the layout looks good. I am a fan of the black and white. :)

      I do have a couple of suggestions. On your top widget describing yourself, you should capitalize the second sentence. You want to make sure your capitalization, grammar, etc is correct, especially in these key places that many people will read first. Also, I think you may have too many widgets. The top one is important, and I think it is good to have the twitter and facebook ones for example, but I would think carefully about which ones you think are most important and stick to 5-6 so it is not overwhelming. Also, instead of the top widget you have to follow the blog on WordPress, I would instead use the subscribe via email widget. If someone in on WordPress, they should see a follow button on the top of the page anyway. The subscribe via email widget is important for those who don’t use WordPress.

      Hope this helps! You are off to a good start!

    3. I think this blog is awesome. I love history facts. New follower. Also like that yuppie blog works on smart phone. Its how I read wordpress blogs

    1. Great! I love six-word stories and I’m hoping to see more of them :-) It’s true that I enjoy your everyday life posts too, such as about school…

      1. Thanks for your review. I have changed the theme of blog do you have few seconds to review it again as I m using it from tab and don’t have idea how it looks on mobile.
        Thanks again

    1. I like how you write!
      Personally not so fond of your blog theme (background and so forth) – it’s very big!
      Following you regardless!

      1. Thanks, yup the theme is going! I’m finding all the ones I like cost haha! But will look to change to a better one. Thanks :)

    2. I love to read about people’s college experience; your blog would be interesting to me, but oddly, the theme you picked has so large fonts that it’s quite uncomfortable for me to read — I prefer to be able to see a larger portion of the text at once. But this could be just me!

      1. No I totally agree! I am having a serious battle with what themes I like and those I don’t. I must have expensive taste because all the ones I like cost! Haha. I’ll look to change it though!

      2. I have expensive taste too :-) Maybe you’d like the Heminway Rewritten theme, for example, it’s similar to your present one but a bit more condensed. But if you’re OK with your theme, stick with it by all means!

    3. I don’t know if you’ve already changed the theme, or if it just looks good on my iPad, but I like it. It’s easy to read, and not overly busy and distracting. And you have my undying sympathy on working in retail. I don’t miss that at all!

      1. In the process of fiddling around but yeah I changed it from what I had before, I much prefer it, still not happy with it though!
        Oh I know, all fun and games! Dreading tomorrow’s chaos!
        Thanks for the feedback :)

  3. I write my blog in the hope of helping teenagers and all learners in general cope with the detrimental consequences of bullying and hopefully help them stand up for themselves. It’s in the form of a story, give it a shot and I promise you won’t be bored :) I’ve recently taken a great liking to writing poetry so I’ll be posting a few of my creations, look out for them!
    Please feel free to offer constructive criticism, thanks :)

  4. Hello All! I could use some help. I noticed that my tags have not been showing up, and I then learned that a while back when I was clicking through my dashboard I accidentally flagged my blog as “mature.” It absolutely is not. I’m so embarrassed! Facepalm. Does anyone know how this can be undone or how long it takes?

    I write about books and philosophy. Here’s a post inspired by the book Divergent (any feedback is appreciated…I’m toying with the idea of changing the layout and font):

    My apologies for anyone seeking out particularly saucy content on my blog. You’ll be disappointed.

    1. Nicely written. We obviously have similar tastes because we are using the same theme :) Funnily enough I also recently wrote about the Divergent series, mine does have spoilers as it is a review. Whilst I enjoyed the series generally I found a few points of disappointment, if you are interested please feel free to check it out :)

    1. Hi, I checked out your blog and I have to say that I enjoyed it, the red was a little to hard for me to read but that’s just me and I understand the concept of using that color, the overall theme was really good showing all the monsters. Outside of too many spoiler alerts that gave away too much of the movie I thought your writing was to the point and glad I read this during the day time as it would probably give me nightmares if I had read this at night.

      only sad part is there are really no good horror movies coming out any more that compare to some of the classics you have posted, so maybe you can suggest something.

      1. Thank you so much! I am trying to avoid giving out spoilers but it’s so hard. I am working on that though. I agree with you though, there really isn’t that many good horror movies out anymore. I did hear that Deliver Us From Evil and You’re Next were very good movies. I still have to watch them, but have heard many good things about them.

      2. I will have to look both those movies up or just wait for your review to come out :)

    2. The whole layout was much too busy for me. I’ve always had trouble focusing on things. While it may work for the casual viewer, your blog is headache inducing for the people out there like me. Your overall content, though, is quite good. I would also recommend you warn readers against spoilers, and you shy away from summarizing in your posts. As in, rather than a summary of events, you might try to spend more time giving your exact perceptions of it. Or you could do both. Just a thought. =]

      1. Thank you! I am trying to work on not spoiling some parts of movies for people, it’s just so hard because I love talking about movies. I like your idea on doing both and I will give it a try. What was too busy for you? Was it the coloring of the text or something else?

      2. I have a similar problem! xD It’s the mix of the red text and the background that really threw me off. The background on it’s own is lovely, but when the red text rolled up it was too much. It looks nice, just hurts my eyes by sort of forcing me to focus on the color of the words over the actual words. I have such poor eyesight that my eyes don’t really naturally focus when I’m not wearing glasses, so when I am wearing glasses stuff like that just throws me. I’d probably be fine if the red wasn’t such a bright shade.

      3. I figured the red text would cause some problems. People told me to try it and it looked good and really makes you feel like you’re on a horror page. Which is why I like it so much. You’re right though the red text can sometimes be hard to read.

      4. Oh, I agree. It creates a very nice affect. If you get more complaints on it, you could just make it a shade or two darker. Otherwise, I’m fine if I just turn down the screen brightness all the way. Just a thing to consider. =]

    3. The red did strain my eyes a little bit, but I get that it is for effect. I really liked the background and I totally agree with you about Hemlock Grove!

  5. Hey fellow writers! I am looking for a way to monetize my blog (aren’t we all?) and am looking for any wisdom or advice on how to be paid for writing? I try to write content that helps others gain different perspectives on life, love, happiness, and empathy. Any ideas on how or where to market that? (Responses here or on my blog post are welcome) Here is an example of my writing:

    1. i really enjoyed this post ! :)
      You definitely have a new follower in me!
      Unfortunately, I don’t know anything about getting paid for writing – I’m a new blogger and don’t really know what I’m doing!
      Sare x

    2. Nice blog! In order to monetize your blog using wordpress, you have to pay for a domain. It’s about $18 a year, I think. So, instead of, you could be After that, you can apply for WordAds ( They’ll run ads on your blog, and you’ll get paid monthly through paypal (or each time you earn $100, if you make less than $100 on your blog in a month) based on traffic. Hope it helps!

    3. Last year we ran a couple of posts on the topic of monetization on the Daily Post, which might have some useful information for you:
      This one is about monetizing your blog more broadly:
      This post is more specifically about WordAds,’s advertising program:

      You might also want to explore affiliate links, which is another avenue for bloggers to think about when it comes to monetizing:

    1. I don’t think it’s too serious. Not every blog has to be funny (though that’s not to say that if you think of a joke you shouldn’t include it!).

      One tip I would have would be to try to spur discussions with readers by asking a couple of relevant questions at the end of your posts. Your posts tend to be short (which is just fine!), so I think having some discussion in the comments would help hold people’s attention for even longer. :)

  6. Happy Sunday everyone! I am trying to find my identity as a blogger right now. I started about three weeks ago and inspiration has been my goal. To inspire and be inspired that is. I would like some criticism, and I can take a little harshness. If anything, I respond to some tough constructive criticism really well. That is who I am. So, here you go!

    There are two if you would like to look at both. THANKS!

  7. Hello! I am somewhat new to WordPress and I haven’t been able to figure out how to create pages and place different posts in those pages. For example, I’ve written poetry and would like to make a poetry page with a thread of those types of posts, but don’t know how. Any additional suggestions, comments, or tips would be appreciated!! Thank you!

    1. To create a new page, go to your dashboard > pages > add new and you can write whatever you want as a page. Under appearance > menus you can organize pages.

      If you wanted, you could create a poetry page and include a link to each poetry post. Or, you could also make a category page. Under appearance > menus click categories, and you can select a category. When this is added to your menu and someone clicks it, then all posts in that category will be displayed. If you label each poetry post with the category “poetry” that would work too.

      Hope this helps!

      1. Thank you for your suggestions! I’m working with a very uncooperative machine so that may be part of my issue. I’ll keep experimenting! Thank you!!

    2. I wanted to do what you are talking about, but again didn’t know how. I asked a few people and they said you can’t actually pull posts to automatically go on that page like we’re both after!
      Instead, I’ve put my post in different catagories and made a little category wideget down the side so it’s like a little index/key to all posts under that one…
      Don’t know if that helps, and if you figure it out I’d love to know!
      Sare x

      1. Thank you for your response! It would be really helpful to automatically pull similar posts in one spot! I’ll keep experimenting and see what I can do. My page may look very interesting the next couple of weeks… :)

    3. Hi Katie (and everyone),
      You might want to check out a post I’ve written here on The Daily Post on pages, which gives info on some of the stuff you use them for:
      If you look at the “Archive page” section, you’ll see a couple of options — Category pages and the Display Posts Shortcode — that allow you to bring together specific types of posts into a designated page. It’s a great way to showcase different types of content on your blog.

  8. Hey Y’all!

    I just changed themes, and I would like some feedback on the readability and functionality of my blog.

    My hyperlinks do not show in a different color with this new theme, and I’m going to change that with CSS once if figure out how to do that.


    1. Well, I love the Big Brother theme, but to me your take on it looks a bit dark. The dark background is OK, but the dark right sidebar is perhaps a bit too much. But if you like it, absolutely keep it this way, it’s surely a question of taste…

    2. I think it looks good! My one suggestion would be to make the test on the right sidebar contrast just a bit more with the background. It is readable now, but I think it could be a bit easier still. I do quite like the background texture you chose!

    3. I like the theme, and I even like the grey sidebar. But I agree that the contrast between the text and the background could be increased. I can read it fine now, though — it doesn’t need too much tweaking, in my opinion. I don’t know if it just looks good on my iPad, though — I’d wait to see what others say about it.

      I’d leave more feedback for you, but for some reason I suddenly have a mad urge to start planning a trip to Barcelona. :)

      1. Ha! Thanks. It was just amazing. I’m going to work on the text color. I’m glad you guys responded because you all touched on what was bothering me. I know my layout is dark for a education blog, but I use a lot of images and video so I don’t want a busy layout. I hate that cliparty look.

        My last layout was white. I liked that layout better on the computer, and I like this layout much better on mobile.

    4. I’m loving the new theme lovely, but it is a tad dark like the others are saying! Your posts are full of fun and laughter – so reflect it in your theme!
      I wish I was as clever as you and knew how to change things around to make them work – for now I’ll have to go for your bog standard default, free, themes!
      Sare x

      1. Aw, thanks Sare. You are just the sweetest. I hope everybody checks out your awesome blog.

        I’m going to fiddle with this theme for a week or so. It is a little buggy. I guess that is because it is still new. I want to break away from the bright “teacher look”. I’m such a rebel. ;)

    5. I like the theme and the slight transparency of the side bar, the only thing I would suggest is the change the colour of the text in the side bar. Currently it is a similar grey shade which makes it difficult on the eyes, perhaps try a darker grey or a contrasting shade?

  9. I really wish some more people would participate in my Blog A Day… I’d LOVE to get to know my fellow bloggers better through their own personal stories.

    1. I love the idea – but just a quick note on the page about it, it might have been easier if you’d bullet pointed the different days and what they initial or split it up a bit…. I did read it, but it instantly put me off that it was such a big chunk of writing.
      I’ve followed and possibly will take part :) I’m always looking for a good bit of inspiration.
      Sare x

      1. I added a space in the top menu for it and then a sidebar widget. I’m fairly new to WordPress, so I imagine it’ll look a bit better once I have the chance to play around with it some more. But thanks for the input!! And I’d love any participation!! Like I said… it’ll give us all a chance to get to know each other better.

    1. Everything is really easy to read, and that’s good. But I would recommend choosing an actual title for the blog that tells us a bit more about what the blog is about – it doesn’t have to be the same as your user name or website url. I would also recommend avoiding a two column sidebar – the archives and pages and such are all sort of in a clump and it is not visually appealing.

    1. I wouldn’t say one is more fun that the other – depends on the topic! Some things are hard to write as lists, after all. :) These two lists look good though. One suggestion would be to not let them get too long – perhaps limit them at ten so people don’t lose interest. Not that you need to let go of good ideas though! For example, maybe you could have split the stop feeling guilty post into part one and part two. It would bring people back to your blog again if they enjoyed the first half. :)

    2. I agree with Leah – it very much depends on the post. But lists are nice to read. Because you use pictures in your lists, a list with more than 10 items looks even longer than it actually is. So I would second the idea of doing longer lists in parts OR adding more space to your posts. Even changing the color scheme can make lists more fun to read, like they do with the lists that buzzfedd makes. They can go up to 40 items, but they’re entertaining, have a nice color scheme, and use space. Here’s an example:

      When using lists, it’s also cool to play with text size as well, making the headings have a larger text size. One way to do use is by using the header text formatting in html – words (without the spaces) creates words. So that’s something you could use as well.

      1. Thanks J.R. I loved the list of lists you linked in your comment. And yes you can show me how to play with text sizes :) I would appreciate that.

    3. I write with both. Depending on the topic I am writing about that day I decide what will work better. Sometimes lists are just punchier and allow you to get you your point without faffing about with the writing too much :) I like lists and I like articles :)

  10. Hello fellow bloggers!

    I’d like to know if you all feel the same way or if I’m just on my own here about what it’s like listening to music. Is the post interesting? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

    Thanks for any comments or advice that you could give. Happy blogging!

  11. Hey guys, so my blog only has a few posts currently that focus on humor, but there are a few pieces that I want to post regarding more serious topics. Should I? Here’s my link so you can get a take on it:

    1. I say go for the serious topics, if you feel the urge to write about them! I honestly think it is good to mix up the mood. :)

      One aside – I would suggest making your blog posts a bit easier to locate if your about page is going to be your blog’s landing page. Maybe in your menu you could add a “blog” link that easily brings someone to all of your posts.

    2. Go for the serious topics! Depending on the topics you choose, you could also take a slightly humorous take on things, or sprinkle some humor in with the serious post. Taking that approach could very well add a unique sort of flavor to your blog that people might really enjoy. =]

    1. Hello there. You can make your blog title different from your user name so it looks just a bit more professional. For example, you could call it May Gordon or May Gorden talks Make-up – something like that so when people see your blog title, they are drawn to click on it. I would also recommend you add a ‘recent posts’ widget to the side bar and considering your blog background. You want it to be relevant to make up, since that’s your niche, and the space thing, while cool, may give the wrong idea. Even if it doesn’t, it seems much darker than the overall feel of your blog. Just a thought. =]

      1. Thank you so much for that ideas i will be be changing the format of my blog soon! i’m still not too sure what my back-ground photo should be, but, I’m thinking! i apprechiate the time you’ve spent looking at my blog :D I’m kinda new to this as you might of seen, its a little different to “blogger” thank you once again! :)

  12. Hi, everyone. I have a weird habit of making up conversations with my dog, just for a laugh. I thought they were kind of funny, and I was writing about him a lot on my first blog, So Many Feebs, so I started a new blog devoted my dog and his issues. Could you give me some feedback — what works, what doesn’t? I’m particularly wondering about whether I’m just being self-indulgent on a topic nobody else would enjoy reading about. I’m also wondering about the theme. I like the color scheme, but I’m not sure if the font works.

    Thanks so much!

      1. Thanks so much! I’m glad it’s something other people can relate to, rather than leaving people wondering if I’ve gone off the deep end. :)

    1. Hehe. I love it! Honestly can’t think of any actual crticism. (I should say in fairness that I’m reading it on my phone so I don’t know what it would look like on a screen.)

      As for being self-indulged, who cares? It’s your blog – ‘scuse me, Iggy’s blog – and there are certainly a lot of us animal lovers that get a kick out of these things. If people don’t like it, no-one is forcing them to read it! 😊

    2. Hmm, wait. There is one thing I just realized…you can only follow the blog by email. I already get way too many emails so it would be great if you had a Follow button so it would just show up in the WordPress Reader.

  13. Hi everyone! I have a travel blog and I mostly have been writing essays and posting photos about places I’ve been. Recently, I’ve written a few more personal posts that are focused less on a place and more about me and my plans. For example, see my most recent post or my Liebster Award post . These posts have been surprisingly popular and have gotten more views than average. My question is do you think I should do more of these kinds of posts or is the mix I have right now fine?

    Thanks for looking! By the way, I’m off to Siberia, the Baltics, and Finland soon. I’ve been to Russia and Finland already, but if anyone has some recommendations for traveling around the Baltic countries I’d be happy to hear. :)

  14. Hi everybody, I am really nervous to even ask for your feedback because at this point my confidence is kind of dead. My new Blog is going nowhere as far as getting any readers/followers at all!! Could you please take a peek and possible offer me some ideas?

    1. Just keep writing! From your posts so far, I don’t quite get the sense of what your blog is about or your voice. I think that will come with more writing and more posts.

      The diet post was the most difficult to follow, but I think it’s only because it is one big long paragraph. Perhaps, try to play around with the rhythm of your writing. Experiment with sentence lengths, break your thoughts into smaller paragraphs, things like that.

      As far as getting readers, that’s definitely not where I shine so I can’t help you there.

      Great work and keep writing. You’ll only improve with each new post.

    2. It takes time. The best advice I could give you is to read other blogs and share your thoughts. Blog hopping is a good way to meet new people and it should help finding new readers.

      Happy blogging!

    3. The one thing that a lot of new people to blogging don’t do is to mingle or blog hop. Great content and format is only half the effort – you have to pursue your target audience by following and commenting on blogs that share your interests. It takes time, good luck! :)

  15. I would greatly appreciate some comments and help with something I have struggled with since launching. That is, how can I make my blog more visually appealing. I do not like the layout and feel very limited by the WP offering. Maybe I am just a novice, maybe I am part right?

    I purchased the custom Theme package for $99 to help things a bit. All I have used is the video press from that package. The rest was a waste.

    Any tips, advise, and/or he really appreciated!

    1. Hi, I’m probably not a great person to offer suggestions because I am really new to blogging and I’ve never grown a vegetable in my life! however as an objective opinion I did find the blog a little simplistic, both in appearance and the writing style., if that makes sense. Perhaps that’s the style you are hoping for. Otherwise everything seemed well thought out and the content well informed.

    2. I like your theme. It is one I haven’t come across of any other blog as yet.

      I spent a lot of time tweaking my blog. I wasn’t happy with the layout etc. I found the layout selection to be limited, however I have learned love mine. I guess you have to take time to play around with different themes until you find the right one for you.

    3. Hi there,
      I really liked your theme and LOVED your header, it is really great and right on point to represent yourself and your blog. The background is good too, but the lefthand side seems a little bit out of focus compared to the right hand side. If you have a slightly clearer pic you might want to change it up, only because it was a teeny bit visually distracting for me. I am going to go follow you now because we have just build some massive garden beds and I need all the help I can get :)

  16. Hi everyone… I’ve been blogging on WordPress since 2008(?)… Was freshly pressed a couple of times (still no idea how or why) but disabled all of my work due to a stalking X. :/

    Just got married 6/21 (for the last time) and we started a blog about our adventures and dreams.

    I’ve been exploring different tools (category pages) to showcase our two main objectives – our bus conversion project and our dream of having a canoe family (we’ll explain that more on the blog).

    Eventually we plan on being nomadic and running our business on the road, our blog will be one form of communication about what we are doing.

    I am really struggling with theme and layout. Not sure that what we picked is right for us. Would you mind taking a look and we are open to suggestions. We’ve just started but I think there are enough posts for you to get a gist of our style and tone.

    Thank you in advance for your feedback!

    Molly & Fred
    Molly & Fred’s Excellent Adventures | You only have one life…live it!

    1. Hi Molly and Fred, I love the idea of your life plans and the Blog to go along with them! Somehow I felt a little as if the Blog theme was too plain for your wonderful colourful family and ambitions. Just a suggestion. Happy travels.

      1. Thanks! I feel that way too… Hoping someone may be able to assist my creative juices and make a recommendation for a theme. We aren’t opposed to paying for one but want to make sure we like it before taking the plunge.

    2. Hi! I have a few (pretty nit-picky) suggestions. Figuring out a theme etc can be tough…

      I love the header! The immediate visual appeal of the blog is good. A few tweaks I would make (if you can with that theme – or just to keep in mind if you decide to change) would be to make the title a bit larger (since the blog title is smaller than the post titles) and to make the tagline a darker color, since I find it a bit hard to read against the background.

      I would also fiddle with your widgets a bit. For example, can you add a title to the authors widget, so people easily know what it is? I’m also not sure if the recent posts widget is necessary since your landing page is your recent posts.

      Other than those few small things, I think you’re definitely on the right track though! :) Good luck tweaking everything!

      1. Thanks! Definitely great suggestions and not at all nit-picky. I’ll see if I can customize with this theme.

    3. Hi, I love your header pic. It just looks like one of those magical candid moments that happened to be captured on film.
      The only thing I would suggest is similar to Amanda, I feel like your colourful life would be better represented by a colour other than grey :)

  17. I have a question for this blog controller. Who controls Freshly Pressed? Why is there so much obsession with gay people? The fact is there are only a few countries of the world that recognize gay as anything but a perverse and/or illegal activity, so don’t say because it is popular, that is totally false. Who is paying to perpetuate this kind of activity, i.e. for so many media controllers to say it is popular, when in fact it is not? This is my community pool question for the day.

    1. The fact is that more than a few countries recognize gay people for what they are – human beings. Seventeen countries legally recognize same-sex marriages and two others have regional or court provisions to this effect. Even more countries recognize civil unions or have other protections, and the number is growing.

      Recognizing reality is not an obsession. Gay people exist.

      Denying people basic human rights and protections simply because you disagree with their activities (consensual relationships which aren’t harming anyone!) is what is perverse.

      1. It is a fight to make sinful behavior a norm, not anything else. Equalizing sinful behavior to non-sinful behavior is not possible. Behavior can be legalized but it cannot be made not sinful.Look at Las Vegas, NV where prostitution is legalized, i does not remove the sin. It is an unfortunate turn from righteous behavior to sin.
        Gay union legalization movement is the first time in this country that we have had parades to promote sin., The media has taken up this banner and I search for the source. Unfortunately, you did ot answer my question.

    2. As the moderator of this page, I’d like to stress to everyone that the Community Pool is reserved specifically for bloggers to provide feedback to each other on their posts, layout, and any other blogging-related questions they have. It is not a forum for other discussions, however interesting or important.

      Since you already posed your question, though, I could at least give it the courtesy of a response. Freshly Pressed is curated by the editors of (I’m proud to be one myself), with contributions from other staff members as well as suggestions from the community. Nobody on our team has ever been paid to select any particular post, or to focus on any specific topic.

      Freshly Pressed showcases the best writing we find on that deals with both timely and timeless topics. Human rights and equality in general, and gay rights in particular, happen to be both. I suspect that they will continue to be important topics as long as bigotry continues to be as “popular” as you describe, so I’d be surprised not to see more related posts in the future. You’re of course welcome to skip those, and/or to offer a dissenting view on your own blog.

      1. Here goes…..1st paragragph….spelling mistake….”thought”, you left out the last “t”.

        Paragraph 2 , “simply there to take as many classes with my best friend Jaclyn” might sound better as “simply there to take as many classes as my best friend Jaclyn.” You would have to play around with it to get a good flow…..I’m not an expert.

    1. I love the title of your blog as well as your background photo. I enjoyed your first post as well. Keep ‘em coming and keep getting feedback. :-)

    2. I forgot to mention, you might consider adding a “contact me” page to your site if you wish. Also, if you like your blog name, you can purchase the url very cheaply for when you are ready to take that next step. I just bought my url for $1.17 :-).

  18. Hello all, I’ve just finished editing all the little things on my blog (design, layout, functionality), what do you guys think? Any suggestions? And as a side note, what are your thoughts on creating a Facebook page for my blog?

    Hope y’all had a great weekend! -Michael

    1. Hey! I think your blog looks really great. You chose a nice layout and everything I look for when I first land upon a blog is there. My only really nit-picky suggestion would be for your About page – when you start a sentence with a number, you should spell it out.

      As far as a Facebook page goes, if you think you have ample supplementary content for your blog to post there (relevant articles, shorter blurbs, etc) and you have enough time to maintain it, I suppose it couldn’t hurt! But I wouldn’t create one if you think it would detract from the time you need to work on your actual blog or other pages. :)

      1. Hey thanks so much for all the feedback! Those are all good points for the potential Facebook presence. I’ll definitely take them into account!

    2. That’s a nice and different kind of layout to what I am used to seeing that you have there. Quite visually pleasing and not too much white space, the white space that is there is effective.

  19. Salut! Happy Sunday if it is Sunday where you are; if not, I hope you’re enjoying whichever day it might be. :-)

    Yesterday I posted a poem I quickly typed up. You can find it here:

    Normally it takes me days, sometimes weeks to finish a poem satisfactorily. This one I just came up with in about half an hour, so I’m not sure it’s my best. It’s not sitting well with me but I can’t put a finger on what’s lacking.

    If you feel so inclined, I would love any and all feedback. You can reply to this comment or leave a reply on the original post itself. Either way works. Thanks so much!

    1. I tried to “like” your poem but couldn’t find the button on your page…

      I’m new to wordpress, but if you point me in the right direction I’d like it.
      I would.

      1. The ‘like’ button should appear in the upper left corner of the screen. There should be a black horizontal menu with the options to ‘like’ a post, ‘reblog’ a post, or ‘follow’ a blog. The ‘like’ option doesn’t appear for me, but I’m assuming that’s because I can’t like my own blog posts. I’m not that arrogant. :-P

        I hope this helps.

  20. Hey all! If you crave food whether you’re pregnant, non-pregnant, or none of the above, check out my blog:

    My latest post is the month of July and how America loves to eat during this month. I also have older posts which I transferred here from my old blogger site to wordpress. It’s a bunch of reviews and events in NYC. Any feedback or comments appreciated.

    Thanks, gracias, danke, arigatou!

    1. Hi. Your blog looks good. Interesting posts. I’m no expert, but lets be honest, who is. I have followed on twitter. What to write? Absolutely anything goes;] Well done and good luck.

  21. Hey everyone! I’ve been blogging for probably five months now but I’m debating what and if I should make pages for. My blog is about my travel experiences, so I’ve debated making pages for each location, but I’m not sure how that would look and if it would flow well.

    Here’s the link to my blog:

    Also, if you have any suggestions on how to gain followers (that are truly interested) please send advice my way! Thank you so much!!

    1. Hi travelguided, great blog! though personally I would use a different theme – not sure that one’s suitable for a travel blog. That’s just me though.

      The best way to gain new followers is to do for others what you are asking them to do for you. Subscribe to similar blogs, read their content and comment: build a rapport. Finally, be patient and they will come :)

    2. Hi! I’m a travel blogger and actually had that debate myself for a little while. Especially given that you already have a categories widget, it might be repetitive to have a new page for every location. Eventually, I settled for making one places page – . I’ve received good feedback regarding it. I’ve also seen similar pages on other travel blogs and I find them handy. It’s nice to be able to reference any travel destination from just one page. The one downside is that I have to manually update it whenever I publish a new post, but that just takes a minute.

      A couple of other small suggestions would be to move your subscribe widget closer to the top and consider adding a little “about” widget that briefly describes your blog so people know immediately what it’s about without having to look. I’m also not sure if you need a recent posts widget since your landing page is your recent posts.

      Your blog really does look good, though! I think the header image you chose is really nice and fitting. :)

    3. Hi Kaley. I would tend to agree with Leah on the ‘About Me’ section – It’s nice to understand the voice behind the blog and your motivation. My own blog has some travel posts which people seem to enjoy.

      Reason being, they chart my own colourful experiences. Things not found in a Lonely Planet Guide. Don’t be afraid to blog about these as they are sometimes the source of humour for others, e.g. Your dirty, cheap hostel in Barcelona. Just my own thoughts – If people want to understand the city they will consult a guide. But the ‘warts and all’ behind the scenes view that you could share, could be infinitely more interesting.

      Love your photos by the way!
      Buen Suerte!